How to baby moonkin?


This isn’t a comprehensive guide or anything, but does include a lesson learned the slightly more expensive way.  As I recently mentioned i’ve started a baby druid and I am aiming to level him as Balance.  It’s been a while since I leveled a mana user and Turkelife, my priest main, was the last one at least 12 months ago.  I quickly rediscovered the annoying thing about leveling mana users… mana, or rather lack of it.

At higher levels these toons have strong mana regen both inside and outside the five second rule based on their gear.  They also get a number of mana management talents which either further increase mana regen (e.g. Meditation for priests and Intensity for druids), provide a lump sum mana return (Hymn of Hope for priest and Innervate for druids), or clear casting effects which provide free spell casts (Surge of Light for priests and Omen of Clarity for druids).

But at the start they have nothing.  My druid (Turketree) had 19 MP5 outside the five second rule and a grand total of zero mana regen inside the five second rule while in his teen levels.  This means about every second pull he needs to drink 😦 This can be a bit frustrating when your trying to level a druid and your play time is not limitless.

There are a number of ways players deal with this: a) they buy a lot of water and drink it, b) if they are a priest they buy/make a good wand and wand things to death for their first 30 or so levels, or c) if they are a druid they bear form and melee stuff.  I believe leveling as feral (bear/cat forms) is the norm for druids.

I, as I often do, wanted to do something a bit different so i’m leveling as Balance.  To deal with the mana issues I flipped and flopped around with my talents, respecing several times.  Eventually I am aiming for something like this.  Initially I started up the Balance tree and ran into the the mana regen issue I just described.  Then I respeced and took the resto talents, but they don’t help until level 19 when I finally reach Omen of Clarity.  So then I Googled and found only a few suitable posts about leveling as Balance, which seemed to say going straight up Balance was the way to go.  So I respeced back there.  A couple more levels of drinking and frustration and I finally returned to the resto tree.

Finally at 23 I ended up with this build.  The mana issues started to fix themselves very swiftly even from level 19 when I took Omen of Clarity.  I was healing Wailing Caverns (love that instance) with a PUG when I hit 19 and it was easy to tell the difference as soon as i did.  I immediately started drinking about half as much.  You wouldn’t think it from the talent description but it made a huge difference.  A free Regrowth most pulls was both a big heal and a big mana saving.

So long-story-short, if you’re planning on leveling as Balance take the mana regen talents from the resto tree first and just live with the fact you’ll be getting Moonkin form at level 54 instead of 40.

Gobble gobble.


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  1. emptyay says:

    I RAF’d my druid to 44, and then i had a couple bars to hit 45, which my RAF buddy had already hit, so I went to Tanaris to grind out those last few bars.

    I quickly hit the mana problems, which are also probably based on the fact that I like put points in Balance without really paying attention, just to be a Moonkin ASAP.

    Anyway, long story short I quickly found that Entangling Roots > Insect Swarm > Watch for a bit > Starfire > Moonfire > Rinse > Repeat was a pretty easy way to conserve mana and never get hit.

    I’d go OOM once, sometimes twice between Innervates.


  2. Abi says:

    I have a 70 Alli moonkin and 72 Horde moonkin so I have a bit of experience leveling our lazor owl friends. Hopefully this helps a little.

    I really had no mana issues after 30 since you’ll be getting lots of cloth gear with +int. If you are, maybe you’re overdoing it.

    Are you using Insect Swarm and Moonfire? If you are, I’d stop using Moonfire altogether. IS is low enough in mana cost that it’s OK if it never runs its full duration but Moonfire isn’t mana friendly enough for wasted DPS.

    If you are using Entangling Roots I’d also stop. 9 times out of 10 your next spell that hits the rooted target will break the root resulting in wasted mana. Use it for CC only like when you need to pull more than one thing but for nothing else.

    My rotation that I -still- use leveling in Northrend that I’ve used every since I’ve trained in Starfire is..

    IS -> Starfire until it’s dead. Done lol.

    Starfire is mana friendly, crits like a dumptruck and once you get closer to outlands and build your crit up you’ll be 2-3 shotting most mobs.

    Taking out the spells that aren’t needed should really allow you to skip the mana regen talents and grab Moonkin form at 40.

    If you’d like some moonkin blogs/pages to check out.. (moonkin’s “” style forum)

  3. BobTurkey says:

    No you can’t get Insect Swarm until 30. I’m currently using Moonfire instead.

    No I can’t see the point of using Entangling Roots.

    I might respec at 30+ and take Insect Swarm and try your method. Sounds a bit boring though 😉

    Thanks for the links and the advice.

    Gobble gobble.

  4. Abi says:

    Lol well yeah, it’s not the most in-depth combat in the world but it sure beats drinking every other kill.

  5. altsareus says:

    kind of changing subjects from your post. how bad was it to lvl your priest (low lvls)…its one of the few classes that i cant seem to just sit down and play past lvl 10! ><

  6. BobTurkey says:

    @altsareus – It wasn’t bad but it was harder than leveling a more DPS focused class. The first 30 levels are much easier if you get a good wand or two. Also healing instances is good practice and faster leveling for a priest.

    In hindsight i’d level a priest mostly through instances if possible, but i’ve also leveled a number of Horde alts…

    Some slightly useful stuff here too:

    Gobble gobble.

  7. altsareus says:

    thanks for the information…i knew that you had a blog somewhere about it but i couldnt find it. haha
    it also helps to have the buffs from the fire festival. you would think that that +30 stam buff would scale with lvl but hey im not complaining…the boa shoulders (+10% xp) and trinket (+2% mana after kill) might help alittle too. =P
    keep up the good work.

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