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Yes another post about Power Auras Classic.  I recently got into this addon for my prot warrior alt for which it is awesome.  A few people commented about using it on my main (priest).  I looked at other priests set ups and I just couldn’t see the value of it for a Disc priest.  Sure there are a lot of things I could track (Renewed Hope, Borrowed Time, even Weakened Soul on my current target), but none of them really add any value to my healing ability.

However since joining Questionable Content I have been mainly raiding in my off-spec, which is Holy.  I have to say Holy is growing on me and I am beginning to understand why holy priests get nervous every time Blizzard mentions changing Circle of Healing.  Anyway as feebis and derevka suggested Power Auras Classic is very, very useful for tracking Surge of Light procs.  I’ve gone from accidentally using them to using pretty much every single one, to the point of throwing them at the main tank, even when everyone is at full health, just because I hate to waste a free instant heal.

Turkelife's Holy POWA

In my setup the Surge of Light procs appear as a white medical plus symbol to the left of my toon along with a time above it displaying the number of seconds remaining on the proc.  Extremely useful information.  Incidentally i’ve mainly gone for symbols beside my toon, instead of classic auras around her, as I find the symbols much easier to see in the chaos of combat.  Generally I colour code them too.

She has a second symbol, below the SoL proc one, which is a white swirl of sorts.  This appears when I have three stacks of Serendipity.  There is also a timer below this symbol letting me know how long this buff has remaining.  In practice I find tracking serendipity buffs only slightly useful.  Rarely does the presence (or absence) of Serendipity alter my decision to cast/not cast Prayer of Healing.  Usually if I need PoH I need it regardless of its cast time. In fact I might end up disabling this one.  Not sure yet.

The third and so far final aura I have set up are smallish yellow wings which appear around Turkelife when she is in combat and Guardian Spirit is off cool down. I have the Glyph of Guardian Spirit and in most fights, rather than saving GS for crucial moments I largely cast it when it comes off cool down, usually on one of the tanks.  I am finding a couple of advantages to this.  Firstly that I can usually cast GS as the MT pulls, this generates basically no threat, magnifies the heals on the tank at the start of a pull when they often take some damage spikes, and provides a safety net in case of unusually large spikes or their healer not quite being on the ball.  Secondly I actually use this awesome spell a lot.  Without the glyph i save it and use it occasionally in boss fights, perhaps half a dozen times a night.  With the glyph I sometimes use it half a dozen times in a single boss fight.

So the short version is if your a holy priest, get Power Auras Classic and set it up to maximise your use of use of Surge of Light procs, and you might find a few other uses for it too. 😉

Incidentally I use this addon on most of my toons.  For example on my druid I use it to track Clearcasting procs from Omen of Clarity.

Get it, use it, love it.

Gobble gobble.


3 Responses to Harping on about the /POWA

  1. feebis says:

    Glad you’re liking powa auras, it’s such a useful tool.

    I like your idea about guardian spirit. It’s definitely something I under use when I’m running the GS glyph. I’ll have to try it out.

  2. Recently added this mod, and already like it a lot. I’ve got a special symbol for DK Unholy Blight to show when it’s up; a 30% health, low mana, and high energy, rage, and runepower warning.

    Awesome stuff. Working on a set of warnings for special buffs and power-ups at the moment.

  3. enoss says:

    for me the key powa’s are the CoH and PoM cooldowns. when they are off cooldown I pop an icon under my feet, one for each.

    I find it WAY easier to keep those two spells always in play.

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