A quickie

Just a quickie.  I have made updates to the priest gear lists over the last few days.

  • Holy priest gear list for 3.1 – I have added a number of new items here.  Mainly some PvP gear to the off-hands list and a number of items from Algalon, including quests and hard mode drops.  Also daemia commented over on xeonio’s blog about Faces of Doom not being scored correctly.  This off hand just scrapes in at number 10 in the Holy list now.
  • Discipline priest gear list for 3.1 – As for Holy new pvp and Algalon related gear has been added to the list.  For both gear lists I also fixed some of the ‘who drops it’ information.  My token info was pretty broken for some entries.
  • My Healing priest trinkets in 3.1 has also been updated with some new trinkets.  I’ve recently added the Meteorite Crystal and Majestic Dragon Figurine to the rankings.

A number of other bloggers have posted some quality articles recently. Two that I have bookmarked for future reference are:

New raid reset starts tonight!  I’m hoping we can finally get Mimiron in 25s.  We got to 2%/5%/0% but lacked the DPS (too many dead) to kill that last 7% before it became 1%/3%/50% 😦

Good luck all.


3 Responses to A quickie

  1. feebis says:

    Not sure how you position but I’ve found holy nova (glyphed), to be pretty effective in healing up my group in Ph2 of Mimiron when you’re being smashed by all those rockets and PoH takes 10 years to cast.

    Good luck!

  2. BobTurkey says:

    I’ve found glyphed Holy Nova to be less useful than glyphed PoH. It effects my group only and is less healing per second and healing per mana than glyphed PoH.

    We just assign a couple of groups to each of the raid healers and I just PoH each once as needed. Smart heals (CoH/chain heal) seem to cover the rest.

  3. feebis says:

    Yeah, I guess it depends on your posistioning. My guild had like 2 groups stacked on my (I did not like this). So I was getting smashed.

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