The value of priest tier 8 set bonuses


I’ve noticed a few people searching for stuff about tier 8 bonuses and ending up at my blog, so ever aiming to please I present you this. /emote does a drum roll

Discipline priests really got the good loving when it came to tier 8 gear set bonuses.  Although both flavours of healing priests get some use out of the +10% critical for Prayer of Healing the 4 piece bonus is very favourable to discipline priests.

For reference here are the set bonuses:

  • 2 piece – Increases the critical heal chance of your Prayer of Healing by 10%
  • 4 piece – Casting Power Word: Shield also grants you 250 spell power for 5s.

The 2 piece bonus is quite hard to quantify and would have relatively small value. PoH use also varies quite a bit between players.  Due to the effect of Divine Aegis this small value will be slightly larger for discipline priests.  Pulling a number from the air i’d say the 2 piece bonus maybe equivalent to 5 MP5.  This is my gut feeling and i’d love someone to do the maths with some reasonable assumptions and prove me wrong.

The 4 piece bonus would have greater value, at least for discipline.  Using my previous stat weights the MP5 equivalence of this bonus is:

  1. Bonus spell power X spell power stat weighting value = 250SP * 0.6 = 150 MP5
  2. Requires 4 pieces to get it so 150MP5 / 4 pieces = 37.5 MP5 per piece
  3. Pluck an uptime out of the air, say 70% (for discipline) and you discover the 4 piece bonus is worth 37.5 MP5 x 70% = 26.25 MP5.

A value of 26.5 MP5 is quite significant and if you look at my discipline gear list for 3.1 you will see that this pushes tier 8.5 pieces up to being clearly best-in-slot for any of their slots, except gloves, and pushes the tier 8 pieces up to the top four ranks for all slots.  So if your a discipline priest 4 piece tier 8 (or 8.5) gear is very valuable to you.

The story for holy priests is quite different.  In most circumstances casting Power Word: Shield is a poor use of the global cool down for them.  For holy priests the uptime is going to be more like 5% or less and therefore the 4 piece tier 8 bonus has very little value for them.

If you are using a more throughput based stat weighting then the value of the 4 piece bonus is going to be even more than that I’ve stated above.

So, in summary, if you are a discipline priest the 2 piece bonus is nice and the 4 piece is freakin’ awesome!  If your a holy priest the 2 piece bonus is also nice, but the 4 piece bonus is pretty useless.

The turkey has spoken. 😉  Gobble gobble.


4 Responses to The value of priest tier 8 set bonuses

  1. feebis says:

    A good summary 😀

    I like my 2 set bonus as a holy priest, it gives my PoH about 40% crit. But I’d find it very hard to effectively leverage my 4 set bonus especially given that we always have a disc priest in the raid.

  2. nthunn says:

    BobTurkey, (or anyone who reads this) I was wondering if you might know of a similar blog related to t7.5 bonuses. I’ve been searching for something for hours…

    I’m currently wearing some fairly nice pre-ulduar gear (i.e. Leggings of Mortal Arrogance, Hood of Rationality) but I’ve got the t7.5 helm and pants in my bank. I’d like to know, or read, about where the 2/4-piece t7.5 bonuses stand and if I should replace these items that rank higher individually.


  3. BobTurkey says:

    @nthunn – I don’t know of anyone who has done something similar for T7.5 bonuses. My opinion is that they are both close to worthless.

    The 2 piece T7/T7.5 bonus is not bad (extra jump for PoM), but not something worth going out of your way to get. The 4 piece T7/T7.5 bonus is pretty useless except if you perhaps only do 5-mans (in which case you’d be unlikely to be wearing this gear). Greater Heal just isn’t that widely used outside 5 mans.

    Short story is, I’d be sticking with the nice pants and helm you already have on.

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