Wow 3.4 to include automated questing

Breaking news is that as of version 3.4 users will no longer have to manually quest.  The current questing system will be replaced by the following process:

  1. User navigates to a yellow exclamation mark on the map and accepts the quest from the quest giver
  2. User then optionally completes quest as currently implemented or clicks the “Begin quest” button associated with the quest
  3. Clicking Begin Quest displays a hour glass timer for a period of time, variable by quest, after which the user is prompted with the quest completion dialog to receive their reward.

Quest mobs will be randomly, instantly slain in the appropriate area and quest items previously requiring collection will random spawn and de-spawn.

WoW developers are on the record as having said, “this questing thing is just too challenging so we wanted to make it easier for the casual player”.


Yes its a joke post, but this isn’t.

Gobble gobble.


4 Responses to Wow 3.4 to include automated questing

  1. wantedpriest says:

    Dude – please don’t give them any ideas!



  2. 3.2 = no more Carbonite = means 6 MB of unnecessary add-ons! 😀

  3. BobTurkey says:

    @Vess – I think you’re over estimating my influence 😉

    @kitts – I suppose my point-of-view is that if you want that level of help then install an add-on like Carbonite. Having it as default seeems a bit cheesy. Then again i’ve leveled at least 3 horde toons so the questing side is wearing a bit thin for me anyway.

  4. @Bob – Leveling so many characters, could probably just hit num lock and close your eyes to do stuff. 🙂

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