Tanking is scary


Well I finally did it.  I’ve been preparing for about six months and I finally took the plunge.  I tanked a PUG!

I’m currently raiding a couple of nights a week (mostly) and the rest of my time i’m mainly working on alts.  Moowall is my 72 warrior who I have been enjoying leveling as protection spec no end.  He has recently made it to Northrend for the finally push.  I had forgotten how much slower 70-80 is compared to the earlier levels, even with rested xp and heirloom shoulders…

Anyway I recently bought dual-spec and played a while as Arms.  It was fun for a change but a bit slower than prot (maybe I was doing it wrong).  Sure it killed things a little quicker, but there was more downtime eating/bandaging. I will definitely have to give it another run to DPS @ 80.

So I moved back to protection and smashing things really hard with a shield.  One of the beauties of prot is the sheer volume of stuns you output.  50% chance of stun on Revenge, Concussion blow every 30s, Shockwave every 15s.  Casters especially have it bad with Shield Bash and Spell Reflection making it extremely hard to get off more than a single spell, if any.

The other thing i’ve been enjoying about Moowall is being a jeweler.  Its easy to level and quite fun and every stack of Cobalt is like a Christmas present waiting to be opened.  Plus I make some reasonable money selling the by-products of leveling it (cut gems).

So was was grinding away driving a catapult around the beach in Borean Tundra blowing things up when LFG lights up a request for a tank for Utgarde Keep.  OMG! Hard core! Utgarde Keep!  I umm and ahh for about 3 seconds then think, “Fuck it!” and send a tell saying im interested.  Before I know it i’m getting a summon and trying to remember the stuff i’ve read about threat generation and pulling in instances.

You see I’ve never, ever tanked anything more complicated than a group quest. 🙂  So off we go.  I mark, because its easy to do and it instills confidence 🙂  I don’t have Heroic Throw yet so i’m pulling by charging.  Frost mage dies every second pull and almost dies once or twice more except for good healing and my keyboard frenzy.

Now I know what that ratter-tat-tat noice is in the background when I hear tanks on vent.  Its them mashing their key for Heroic Strike.  As some more famous tank said it sounds like a woodpecker attacking my keyboard.

We kill the final boss more easily than i expected.  I even managed to run out of Smashes and its all over faster than I remember.  I guess we had good DPS. 🙂  Threat didn’t seem to be an issue at any stage although I only know because other than the trigger happy frost happy mage no one pulled agro.  I know he got agro as he was casting Frostbolt before I pulled a few times.

I had Omen up but never saw it.  I was spamming everything, but especially Thunder Clap and Shockwave to try and generate Aoe threat.  I guess it was working because towards the end the DPS were feeling comfortable enough to start doing AoE after a couple of single target casts.  I must read-up on how-to-tank again, now it might actually happen.

The scariest bit?  The second boss when I say, “ok we’ll burn the mage then the warrior, ok?” and the healer goes, “whatever you say, you’re the tank”.  I almost ran screaming from the keyboard right then and there… OMG i’m the tank!


3 Responses to Tanking is scary

  1. stuntyone says:

    Tanking IS scary, but you will learn more about every encounter as a tank than in any other role … but it’s scary so I dps when I can instead. Also what gets me is that a pug will follow your lead even when they know your doing it wrong, then oh so helpfully point it out after you wipe -.-

    The Incompetent Warrior.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah. I remember first healing heroics at 70 for the first time and being intimidated then. This is pretty much the same gig.

  3. Abi says:

    I had tanked previously in TBC a little but it had been over a year ago. I respecced my Druid to tank a Nexus PuG at 72 a little bit ago and was pretty intimidated. I told them in advance that I was mostly kitty geared and might take more damage than normal so the healer was prepared. We made it through with no wipes but as soon as Keri went in to AMG BIG RED DRAGON mode I dropped like a rock. It was pretty hilarious but I still had a lot of fun. As long as it’s a learning experience and not something that makes me want to rip my hair out, I’m in good shape.

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