Insightful Earthsiege vs Ember Skyflare Diamond

29 July 2009


In the comments on my gems for priests in 3.2 post I was asked about meta gems for priests.  Specificially which was better Insightful Earthsiege Diamond or Ember Skyflare Diamond?

Here are the calculations for determining which is better.

Insightful Earthsiege Diamond

  • +21 Int = 24 MP5 for Discipline and 17 MP5 for Holy
  • about +80 MP5 from proc effect = 80 MP5 for both Discipline and Holy priests
  • Total stat weight = 104 MP5 for Discipline and 97 for Holy

Ember Skyflare Diamond

  • +25 SP = 50 MP5 for both Discipline and Holy priests
  • +2% Int only grants about 30 Int for Disc and 24 Int for Holy. So equivalent to 34 MP5 stat weight for Discipline and 20 MP5 for Holy.
  • Total stat weight = 84 for Discipline and 70 for Holy

So the Insightful is still far better than the Ember.  This applies to both 3.1 and 3.2.

For the Ember to better than the Insightful, with these stat weightings, Discipline priests would need about 2420 fully buffed Intellect and Holy would need 2925 fully buffed.

Gobble gobble.

Edit:  BTW the numbers are based on these stat weightings.



27 July 2009


Its easy to forget about the adventure that is pugging.  You get some gear, you join a guild and you start living in the guild’s little world.  You chat to the same people, you raid with the same people, and you become a bit isolated from the pugging wilderness.

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Priest gems for 3.2

25 July 2009


Well I guess now i’ve published my theorycrafting/stat weights for 3.2 I might as well push the other 3.2 posts out too. 🙂

As you can probably guess this is my suggested list of gems for healing priests for 3.2. It is aimed at the tier 8.5+ geared priests as it is heavily spell power focused. Less well geared priests could probably safely use these although I do have a 3.1 version of this post published also.

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Priest theorycrafting for 3.2

23 July 2009


I’m going to go out on a limb and put this up now, even though 3.2 might not break for a couple of months and things might change.   I’m mainly putting it up now because I am moving to a more throughput bias for tier 8.5+ priests and you might like to start applying this to gear you collect in preparation for 3.2.

Previously for 3.1 I did a mass of work theorycrafting a set of stat weights for healing priests. This is the updated version for 3.2. To prevent having to post another six or seven post series explaining all the detail I am just going to post the summary (at this point). The formula are all the same with the exception of Replenishment, which has been simplified. For the detail of how these calculations were made refer to that older post.

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Priest gems in 3.1

21 July 2009


A few times recently I realised that I’ve never really discussed gemming for priests yet.  So with out further ad do here are my suggestions for gemming in 3.1. Note that this will become mostly redundant in 3.2 with the release of epic gems.

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On the road again

19 July 2009


Turkelife’s a free agent again.  😦

If you’ve been keeping up with your reading, you’d know that a couple of months back she joined Questionable Content (QC) after Dead or Alive (DoA) faded away with real life issues.  She met some great llamas in QC, but now she’s on the move again.
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The backflip (Discipline in Ulduar)

17 July 2009


OK so I was wrong.  I’m referring to this post a couple of weeks back.

For those too lazy to go and read it basically it was saying that I found Holy spec to be more useful than Discipline in 25 man raiding (Ulduar).  Not just better, but better to such an extent that I couldn’t find a use for even the first Discipline speced priest in a 25 man raid (forget attempting to argue for two).

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