Gearing your protection warrior for heroics (and beyond)


As you may have read previously I am slowly leveling a protection warrior alt.  Moowall is now level 75 and finishing up questing in Dragonblight.  He’s tanked a few instances and has good survivability and ok threat generation.  The threat generation is mostly keyboard error I think as I am still learning multi-mob tanking.

Anyway, as usual I have put together a list of gear I am targeting for my toon.  In this instance it is initially to get to 535-540 defence and tank heroics, but it it includes some easy upgrades to go beyond that.

Firstly I am aiming for about these numbers to be comfortable tanking heroics.  I expect i’ll be a bit less than this at the start, but my targets are (unbuffed) 21k armor, 21k health and 32% dodge+parry.  I didn’t come up with these numbers, but I can’t remember which web source I got them from either.  So take them with a grain of salt.

Here are my rough stat priorities:

  • 164 Expertise rating > 263 Hit rating > Str > Stam > the rest
  • Dodge > Parry

Reputation-wise there is a lot of good stuff from the Wyrmrest Accord initially with both Argent Crusade and Ebon Blade having some nice upgrades, but generally at revered or higher.  So here is my rough priority list for working on reputation: Wyrmrest Accord > Argent Crusade > Ebon Blade.  Revered is mostly sufficient if you are in a hurry.

Just a couple more things before I regurgitate my gear list, i’m a jewel crafter, so my list is biased in that direction.  If JC isn’t your thing you will either have to substitute your own ideas or buy a few more items off the auction house.  Also because this is my third 80, and I use the auction house a fair bit, it is biased towards the excellent gear I can buy from the AH for 400-600 gold a slot.

At this stage i’m mainly expecting him to be tanking heroics, with the occassional fill-in role as OT in the easier raids.  He will also be only hitting 80 about the time 3.2 arrives, thus there is lots of high end emblem gear included.

Anyway my target gear list is:

This is mainly based on this stat weight/LootRank, which is a modified version of one I found on the TankSpot forums (I think).

You might be lucky to get Zeliek’s Gauntlets off the AH for a decent price.  Its in the list because I already have them in the bank for him.  Likewise for Bracers of Dalaran’s Parapets.


  • Meta – Effulgent Skyflare Diamond (+32 stam and -2% spell damage)
  • Other gems – I haven’t got a fixed plan here.  Being a JC I will be mixing and matching a lot, but this will be primarily defence rating > stamina at the start I expect.


For more ideas check out Kungaloosh’s post on a similar subject.



3 Responses to Gearing your protection warrior for heroics (and beyond)

  1. Abi says:

    I’m still shocked at how much traffic this posts generates to my blog considering it’s really the only Warrior post I’ve made. Traffic is traffic I suppose!

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Try posting about shaman gear/builds. They love attention. 🙂

  3. zusterke says:

    Thanks Bob 🙂 Will be using this list for my warrior (lvl 74 and going steady!)

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