Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms


My pre-raid questing activity has finally flowered into the Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms achievement.  Now just Kalimdor to go for the big one.  I figured while it was fresh I might rattle of a few random points to help others doing this.

Turn on low level quest tracking on your mini-map – this automatically deactivates each time you log off and each time you enter a raid group.

Methodically start at one end of the continent and work your way along.  This will make it easier to keep track of which areas you have done and which you haven’t.  Complete your explorer achievements as you go.  This will also help you find some of the less obvious quests such as those started at Captain Grayson at the lighthouse in south-western Westfall.

Do as many quests in an area as you can. It does not matter if you miss the odd one though as there are extras.  For example Vulture’s Vigor in Blasted Lands is one of the more annoying quests to do and I ended up skipping it.  I have at least nine extra quests on completing the Loremaster of Eastern Provinces and I am sure there are more I missed.  You can get some tips on extra quests by reading the comments tab of the map area on WowHead.

You do not need to do any PvP quests, these are bonuses.  I’m not really into PvP and only completed a couple of the easier PvP quests.

You do not need to do any quests which go into instances, these are bonuses also.  Quests which you hand in inside the instance do not count towards your total.  Quests which you complete inside the instance but hand in outside the instance count for which ever continent you hand the quest in on.

Edit: this isn’t 100% true.  The cross continent quests seem a bit random as to which Loremaster achievement they count for.

You can pick up some bonus quests by handing in 60 wool/silk/mageweave/runecloth for reputation at each capital city (of your faction).

You can not complete quests while in a raid group.  You can accept new quests and hand in completed quests, but you can not gather quest items or kill quest mobs while in a raid group.  Well you can kill them but they don’t count to your quest tally.

So, yeah, some tips.  I hope they are useful.

Just Loremaster of Kalimdor to go for me!


7 Responses to Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms

  1. Middea says:

    I started at Northern Kalimdor…. Ughhhh! Guess I should get around to doing that again. 604/700. ick.
    Then Icecrown and Dragonblight and I’m done. If I get started… Questing is evil

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Northrend was cake, outlands was probably the hardest, and Eastern Kingdoms was pretty easy but longish. Kalimdor is probably like Eastern Kingdoms but requiring an additional 150 quests…

  3. Kitts says:

    Grats Bob! Personally, I have no patience for those achievements. Rather would level alts. 🙂

  4. Abi says:

    I was dead set on getting this achievement but my hectic raid schedule got in the way. Now that it’s calmed downed a little I’ve started it back up but it’s taking a lot longer than I thought lol. Just because you’re 65 levels above the quest doesn’t mean the drop rates are any better >.>

    Hillsbrad Skulls anyone?

  5. BobTurkey says:

    Its taken me about 9 months to do Northrend, Outlands and Eastern Kingdoms, but I mainly do it in the 45 minutes or so waiting for the raid to start.

    Thx Kitts.

  6. Lereth says:

    Congratulations and good luck! I completed loremaster (and yes, seeker and explorer too) a couple months ago. That is all I did for many months, and I was so glad when it was over. I do miss some of the questing now though. So, do they still have the bug where you have to do 740 quests for alliance loremaster of EK? That was really frustrating, but not difficult. I ended up having to run Scholomance to finish off the last few quests there.


  7. BobTurkey says:

    Heh heh, no idea Lereth, i’m horde 🙂

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