On the road again


Turkelife’s a free agent again.  😦

If you’ve been keeping up with your reading, you’d know that a couple of months back she joined Questionable Content (QC) after Dead or Alive (DoA) faded away with real life issues.  She met some great llamas in QC, but now she’s on the move again.

Last night the powers that be in QC (*waves at Immoral, Som-llama and Wild-llama) announced that there would be no more 25 man raiding organised in the near future and that they were going to become a PvP guild instead ;-).  In the last few weeks we had had a fair bit of trouble getting a full 25 man guild run together as the summer boss ran rampart in the guild.  This is quite ironic really as its not even summer down here in greater Australia (*waves at New Zealanders) where most of the guild come from.

Raiding was becoming a chore as the raid leaders kept having to spend time organising PUGs to fill gaps ever single week.  Fair enough.  It was becoming a bit frustrating turning up to raid which were then called off because only twenty raiders were online.

Part of the change came about because QC is a guild breeding like llamas with average baby production of one new child per month since I joined!  I hope its not contagious. 🙂  Good luck all you new parents.

So it is with some sadness I say farewell to QC.  No more will Rofl-llama entertain the raid and confuse new raiders with his fake Fish Feasts.  No more will he drive the uninitiated new guildies to distraction with his random comments.

*waves at Rofl-llama

No more will the implacable Wild-llama recite his 20 minute pre-Mimiron monologue.  It was delivered in a calm and unhurried manner no many how times he’d said it before.  At least he can watch the cricket now.

*waves at Wild-llama

No more with Az-llama keep me entertained during downtime with innuendo and a flurry of sexy emotes.

*waves at Az-llama

A special farewell to Som-llama, the indestructible pvp priest, and healer voted most likely to die in raid three time running 🙂  Spec for Lightwell I say!

*waves at Som-llama

Farewell QC and good luck with the next challenge.

Gobble gobble.

PS Anyone looking for a a healing priest?

Note: Real names have been changed to protect the innocent make this post more entertaining (fail?).


3 Responses to On the road again

  1. Abi says:

    Not unless you’re interested in transferring servers 😉

    Our guild is on Yogg in 10 man and still rebuilding for 25s. We’re almost there and have experience up to Thorim in 25.

    Raid days are still being thrown around but they’re looking at 2 weeknights and 2 weekend days with optional raids in between (yes, raids will most likely be available 7 nights a week). Raid times usually start around 8pm central US time until 12 midnight central US, sometimes going longer if its “progression night”.

    Dunno how seriously you expected to get a comment like that but we’re really looking for a solid Holy Priest. We have a Disc Priest who always raids and a Holy Priest who is still up in the air but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks Abi. I’m flattered. 🙂

    I’m not sure what I was expecting actually. Sadly that would mean your raids start at 11am here and run until 3pm. Ideal, except the whole having to work for money thing 😉

    Good luck with getting your priests sorted though.

    I’ve found a guild, but only run one night with them so far. Progression is ideal, but I think I already hate one of the players… more to tell sometime i’m sure.

    Gobble gobble.

  3. Abi says:

    Ah, right, I forgot you weren’t in the states. Good luck wherever you go!

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