Priest gems in 3.1


A few times recently I realised that I’ve never really discussed gemming for priests yet.  So with out further ad do here are my suggestions for gemming in 3.1. Note that this will become mostly redundant in 3.2 with the release of epic gems.

Firstly the reds.

  1. Runed Scarlet Ruby (+19 spell power)
  2. Luminous Monarch Topaz (+9 SP, +8 Intellect)

For the first six or so months of Wrath Runed Scarlet Rubies were pretty expensive (100-150 gold each) as they are best-in-slot gems for red slots for most casters.  So initially I was using the much cheaper Luminous Monarch Topaz. In recent times on my server the Runed Scarlet Rubies have come down to about 50 gold or so and I am now starting to use these.  The topaz are also good for around the tier 7 gearing level where you are still building up your mana store and regen.  By tier 8 mana is no longer an issue and you might as well go for spell power in every red slot.

For the yellow slots use:

  1. Luminous Monarch Topaz (+9 SP, +8 Int)
  2. Brilliant Autumn’s Glow (+16 Int)

Holy priests and well geared discipline priests are better served using the topaz.  Less geared discipline priests will get more value from the autumn glows.

Finally the blues:

  1. Dazzling Forest Emerald (+8 Int, +3 MP5)
  2. Purified Twilight Opal (+9 SP +8 Spi)

These are the weakest gem slots for priests and you should consider using red gems instead and ignoring the socket bonus if blues aren’t needed.  Personally I pretty much religiously follow socket colours.  Discipline priests are best to use Dazzling Forest Emerald, while Holy priests should probably go the Purified Twilight Opal.  Don’t forget the requirements of your Insightful Earthsiege Diamond, which reminds me…

Meta gem – there is only useful option here currently and it is the Insightful Earthsiege Diamond.

Short and sweet.


4 Responses to Priest gems in 3.1

  1. discpriest123 says:

    I agree with you that gems with regen stats on them (int, spirit, mp5) have lost a lot of their lustre in WotLK.

    Therefore, I like to use Potent Monarch Topaz (orange, 9 spell power and 8 crit rating) in yellow slots. Disc loves crit and it’s not too bad for Holy too. For blue slots, Purified is of course great for holy, while for Disc I sometimes use spell power/mp5, or crit/mp5. I figure the mp5 will be nice in 3.2 at least.

  2. xeonio says:

    @Bob & Discpriest: How many healers are y’all running in your 25 mans?

  3. BobTurkey says:

    I’ve just changed guilds, but in my previous one mainly six.

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