Priest theorycrafting for 3.2


I’m going to go out on a limb and put this up now, even though 3.2 might not break for a couple of months and things might change.   I’m mainly putting it up now because I am moving to a more throughput bias for tier 8.5+ priests and you might like to start applying this to gear you collect in preparation for 3.2.

Previously for 3.1 I did a mass of work theorycrafting a set of stat weights for healing priests. This is the updated version for 3.2. To prevent having to post another six or seven post series explaining all the detail I am just going to post the summary (at this point). The formula are all the same with the exception of Replenishment, which has been simplified. For the detail of how these calculations were made refer to that older post.

So I am using pretty much the same model as previously, however I have changed some of the assumptions. As at tier 8.5 priests have more intellect, spirit and spell power generally I have increased the base levels for these in the model. I have also included some of the standard buffs any raiding priest is likely to have. This includes Inner Fire (+174 SP), Prayer of Spirit (+80 spirit), Gift of the Wild (+37 to all attributes), Dalaran Brilliance (+60 intellect) and Blessing of Kings (+10% all attributes).

Also, in my experience in Ulduar (i.e. T8 and T8.5 content levels) mana regen is relatively less important than for priests starting Naxxramas (T7 and T7.5 content). This is because the levels of mana regen stats such as intellect, spirit and MP5 on the gear at this level is sufficient to give a reasonable mana regen. To this end I have increased the throughput:mana regen (spell power:MP5) ratio from the 0.6 I used previously to 2.0. Above tier 8.5 gearing level spell power is the only stat which scales well and continues to give strong additive benefits.

It is important to note that at tier 7.5 and below you are better to use the stat weights in my older posts. This is because a fresh level 80 healing priest needs stats in order something like this:

MP5 > Intellect > Spirit > SP > Crit > Haste

At tier 9 your stat priority is going to be more like:

SP >> Haste > Crit > Intellect > Spirit > MP5.

Assumptions are generally the same as my previous post with the following exceptions:

  • Mana regeneration is based on the caster spending 90% of their fight time inside the 5 second rule (up from 80% previously).
  • Stats, where required, are based on Turkelife’s approximate stats at time of writing. This is about a T8.5 gearing level:
    • Discipline
      • Intellect 1488.5 (1100 base and including talents and buffs mentioned above)
      • Spirit 991.5 (750 base)
      • Spell power 2374 (2200 base)
    • Holy
      • Intellect 1197 (1000 base)
      • Spirit 1098.76 (850 base)
      • Spell power 2649 (2200 base)
  • Fight length is 8 minutes (up from 6 minutes)
  • Surge of Light procs are assumed to be used 90% of the time (up from 70%)
  • Replenishment now gives 1% total mana over 5s, instead of 0.25% per second
  • Inspiration now gives 10% physical damage reduction, instead of about 5% via armour increases previously

Stat weights

Here they are broken down into their components.


  • Discipline = 1.00
  • Holy = 1.00


  • Discipline = 0.4138
    • MP5 value from mana regen = 0.4138
  • Holy = 1.0278
    • MP5 value from mana regen = 0.3675
    • MP5 value from Holy Concentration = 0.0827
    • MP5 value from Spiritual Guidance = 0.5775


  • Discipline = 1.1483
    • MP5 value from mana regen = 0.1494
    • MP5 value from maximum mana = 0.1976
    • MP5 value from Replenishment = 0.1518
    • MP5 value from Shadowfiend = 0.0790
    • MP5 value from Rapture = 0.1581
    • MP5 value from critical healing = 0.2016
    • MP5 value from Divine Aegis = 0.1815
    • MP5 value from Inspiration = 0.0291
  • Holy = 0.8403
    • MP5 value from mana regen = 0.1606
    • MP5 value from Holy Concentration = 0.0361
    • MP5 value from maximum mana = 0.1718
    • MP5 value from Replenishment = 0.132
    • MP5 value from Shadowfiend = 0.0687
    • MP5 value from critical healing = 0.1855
    • MP5 value from Surge of Light = 0.0614
    • MP5 value from Inspiration = 0.0240

Spell Power

  • Discipline = 2.0
  • Holy = 2.0

Critical Rating

  • Discipline = 1.1851
    • MP5 value from critical healing = 0.5798
    • MP5 value from Divine Aegis = 0.5218
    • MP5 value from Inspiration = 0.0836
  • Holy = 0.8959
    • MP5 value from critical healing = 0.6135
    • MP5 value from Surge of Light = 0.2029
    • MP5 value from Inspiration = 0.0794


  • Discipline = 0.2
  • Holy = 0.2

Haste Rating

  • Discipline = 1.0713
    • MP5 value from hasted healing = 1.0713
  • Holy = 1.1337
    • MP5 value from hasted healing = 1.1337


Source Disc Holy
MP5 1.0000 1.0000
Spirit 0.4138 1.0278
Intellect 1.1483 0.8403
Spell Power 2.0000 2.0000
Critical rating 1.1851 0.8959
Stamina 0.2000 0.2000
Haste rating 1.0713 1.1337

Pawn values

Pawn values for these are:

( Pawn: v1: "Discipline32": Stamina=0.2, Intellect=1.1483, Spirit=0.4138, RedSocket=46, CritRating=1.1851, MetaSocket=104.1137, HasteRating=1.0713, BlueSocket=28.1381, YellowSocket=35.4827, SpellPower=2, Mp5=1)

( Pawn: v1: "Holy32": Stamina=0.2, Intellect=0.8403, Spirit=1.0278, RedSocket=46, CritRating=0.8959, MetaSocket=97.6467, HasteRating=1.1337, BlueSocket=34.2779, YellowSocket=32.4032, SpellPower=2, Mp5=1)

Note that the gem values are derived from the best-in-slot gems for each socket. These are Insightful Earthsiege Diamond (meta), Luminous Flawless Ametrine (yellow), Runed Cardinal Ruby (red) and Purified Dreadstone (blue). The Insightful Earthsiege Diamond value assumes the equip effect of this gem grats 80 MP5. Therefore it adds 80 to the value of the meta gem.

How much MP5 are abilities worth a T8.5 gearing level?

  • Replenishment about 170-210 MP5
  • Shadowfiend about 90-110 MP5
  • Rapture about 215 MP5
  • Holy Concentration about 75 MP5
  • Divine Aegis about 600 MP5 at 25% crit!
  • Surge of light about 232 MP5 at 25% crit
  • Inspiration about 90 MP5 at 25% crit

Some notable changes in this 3.2 version are:

  • The tripling of the spell power to MP5 ratio from 0.6 to 2.0 results in the value of throughput stats (critical rating and haste rating) increasing roughly in proportion. This also increases the value of spirit to holy priests.
  • As the fight duration is now 8 minutes instead of 6 minutes (Ulduar fights are generally longer) the contribution of intellect has diminished slightly. This is because total mana pool now has to last longer (i.e. you get less MP5 from the same mana pool). This also diminishes the value of Shadowfiend, assuming it is still only used once per fight.

I will do gear lists at some stage to include new 3.2 gear. Thanks for reading and your constructive comments.

Gobble gobble.


49 Responses to Priest theorycrafting for 3.2

  1. shmilybug says:

    I can’t seem to get the Pawn values to import. Is anyone else having that problem?

    Thanks for all the great work.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Hmm, try again. I think there was something funky happening with the character encoding of the double inverted commas.

  3. shmilybug says:

    That fixed it. Thank you very much again for the valuable information and all the time you spend putting this together.



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  6. hanzi23 says:

    Hey Bob !!!

    Thx for the answer about the meta gems… Once there are numbers backing up your claim, it seems way much clearer… thx again

    I’m playing on a french server and my fellow priest collegues thank you for your hard work! I’ve been translating them all your theorycrafting and they say their numbers have positively evolved…

    Tough they seem to agree with the numbers, there are still personal preferences which die hard! As a tailor and an enchanter, which upgrade is better for the cloak (3.2 weights)? +23 haste or lightweave embroidery (taking into account the next up in tailoring and the internal cd, if there is one)? Same question for the +18 spirit or +12 crit/+12 hit for the boots?

    I’d say the embroidery and the +18 spirit are better, but it’s a guess based on my own calculations (which don’t compare to yours).

    Sorry for the long reply and thx for the answer!

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  8. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks for the thanks 🙂

    Well healing priests will get most value out of
    Darkglow Embroidery ( Shadow priests I have no idea, but i’m sure knows the answer.

    On boots i’d put Enchant Boots – Tuskarr’s Vitality ( for pretty much any class/spec combo. The run speed increase is very handy.

    +18 spirit isn’t too bad for holy priests, but you’ll get more use out of the run speed increase. The +12 cirt/+12 hit i’d never recommend for a healing priest.

    Hope that helps.

  9. hanzi23 says:

    Hello… Me again 🙂

    I’m sorry, but those enchant choices left me confused. I don’t really agree, especially with the Tuskarr’s one… Anyway, thanks for your time…

  10. hanzi23 says:

    What I don’t understand is why you don’t follow the same rules as your stats weights, making the +18 spirit on boots the clear choice. An small increase in run speed is not worth it…

    As for the cloak, I can understand the choice if you lack mana regeneration, but again the numbers do not agree with this.

    I’d like to see the numbers if you have them (if you don’t, don’t bother doing them)…


  11. BobTurkey says:

    OK there are a number of issues here. Firstly I was a bit lazy and was still thinking of my 3.1 stat weights. I’ll move my brain to 3.2 numbers.

    OK, next, I can’t provide meaningful numbers on the boot enchants. If you go purely on the stats then yes +18 spirit is much better than Tuskarr’s Vitality, even if you are a Disc priest. However my experience is that having the small run speed increase is very useful for moving out of bad stuff and staying near moving raiders and the like. I prefer the movement increase.

    OK the cloak. Firstly I didn’t realised they’d changed Lightweave again so it now adds SP instead of inflicting holy damage. My bad.

    Some 3.2 numbers:

    Lightweave – 45s internal cool down and lasts 15s. I’ll add 5s to the cool down (making it 50s) to allow for it to proc and times when your not casting. 15/50 = 30% up time. Grants 295 SP in 3.2 so stat weight is: 295 x 0.3 x 2 (SP stat weight) = 177. Thats huge!

    Darkglow – 300 mana return with 60s internal cool down. MP5 = 300/(60 + 5)*5 = 23 MP5. Stat weight is 23 * 1 (MP5 stat weight) = 23. I thought this number was closer to 37 for some reason.

    +23 haste = 23 x 1.1337 (haste stat weight) = 26

    So looking at those numbers Lightweave is by far the best choice for your cloak. Thanks for bringing this up. Time for an enchanting in 3.2 post 🙂

  12. Yunk says:

    almost everyone recommends Tuskarr’s for boots, on most class forums. Part of the problem is none of the boot enchants are so very awesome so it’s a good one to make a tradeoff on.

    The second reason is with all the movement required in fights, the extra run speed and little bit of stam can make the difference between a hit that kills you and one that doens’t, or a tick of damage and 2 ticks of damage. It gives a little extra edge to the player who is the bomb so they are a little less likely to get everyone killed.

    It’s a defensive enchantment. It’s not a throughput increasing one.

    Sure you can yell “L2P!” at everyone in your raid but that doesn’t really work very well.

  13. Yunk says:

    I thought darkglow would be increased for 3.2? It wasn’t?

  14. hanzi23 says:

    Hi Yunk,

    In deed, Tuskarr’s can be a life saver; several fellow priests have confirmed this; though I’ve never felt the need to use it, I agree it may come in handy.

    Concerning Darkglow, wowhead says it can restore 400 mana points (up from 300).
    I guess Bob has still some work to do 🙂
    What about a post where you sum it all up?

    Towards the end of Ulduar I was aiming for Intel as my primary stat. Now the “numbers” suggest more spellpower and haste. What did push the numbers from a combo intel/crit to a new one of spellpower/haste?

  15. Yunk says:

    Yeah I need it 🙂 I guess I am slow or something. But I never died to Heigan since I got it, and it helps me outrun eyebeams on kologarn, I think.
    My ping increased to 200 since I switched from comcast to DSL, but I hate giving comcast any more money heh 🙂

  16. BobTurkey says:

    Oh they buffed Darkglow too? I don’t remember reading about these buffs in the patch notes. *shrugs*

    Darkglow – 400 mana return with 60s internal cool down. MP5 = 400/(60 + 5)*5 = 31 MP5. Stat weight is 31 * 1 (MP5 stat weight) = 31.

    re: “Towards the end of Ulduar I was aiming for Intel as my primary stat. Now the “numbers” suggest more spellpower and haste. What did push the numbers from a combo intel/crit to a new one of spellpower/haste?”

    Its more of a move from mana regen to throughput.

    The reasons for this was that in my personal experience I was getting significantly dimishing returns from more regen. My inside-5-second-rule regen is about 340-360 unbuffed. I very rarely have mana issues of any sort except when battle rezed. So if mana regen is unnecessary then I might as well focus on throughput.

    To tell you the truth the changing emphasis doesn’t make significant difference to your ability to heal and it doesn’t significantly effect the gear listings.

  17. hanzi23 says:

    In deed…

    I was really focused on those numbers, gemming and choosing my gear according to the lootrank list. It was a mistake, maybe…

    Now I’m trying to balance those numbers: int/spirit and haste/crit, but the main stat I’m after is clearly spellpower. Even if the first encouter in the Colliseum is kind of weak, there are huge spike of damage and I’m glad I chose to invest in spellpower. To early to say if the next fights are going to be mana heavy.

    Anyway thanks guys for your input; love to chat about those things 🙂

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  19. azzigoth says:

    Bob, any chance you’d suggest a pawn scale for a shadow priest using your elevated 3.2 spell power levels? I like to compare gear against your holy32.

  20. BobTurkey says:

    Hi azzigoth. The short answer is no.

    The long answer is that I don’t really know much about shadow priests. I do have one set up for my Pawn, which i’m pretty sure I would have found on So try there?

    Thats got the weightings for shadow priests. Were you trying to compare them directly against my holy ones? That won’t work without a little bit of math. That is to normalise the values, probably to spell power = 2.0.

    Gobble gobble.

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  22. bridermoon says:

    Hi bob, I wondered about the values of Spell power.

    With 2200 SP unbuffed, i unterstand your 2374 in disc spec (inner fire). That ok for me… But what about the holy value?

    I start from 2200, I add the inner fire (+174), I add the buffs (+80 +37, modified by king’s blessing and my +5% spirit bonus –> 134.6 / 4 = 33.6 SP), and I also add the original value of spirit modified by king’s blessing : 850 * 0.1 /4 = 21.25.

    I finally end up with 2200 +174 +33.6+21.25 = 2428.9

    Did I miss something? It seems to me that you counted twice the value given from spirit (because unbuffed, you already have your amount counted) : if i add 850/4, I end up with 2640, which is the value you have.

    Of course it doesn’t modify the rest of your guide, but but I thought i understood the mechanics until i found that value 🙂

    btw: Excellent guide, useful, and even if i won’t be using your last advice since i lack of mana a lot (Am i the only one? -_-) i prefere tokeep my 25k unbuffed manapool in holy instead of gemming SP (which would probably induce overhealing…)

    *please forgive my wierd sentences since I’m not a native ,)*

  23. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah you did. Here:

    “and my +5% spirit bonus –> 134.6 / 4 = 33.6 SP”

    I doubt you only have 134.6 spirit, more likely 1346!

    Firstly spirit, base = 850
    Spirit guardian modifier = +5%
    Kings modifier = +10%
    Prayer of Spirit = +80
    Mark of the Wild or similar druid buff = +37

    Total Spirit = (850*(1+0.05)*(1+0.1)) +80 +37
    Total Spirit = 982 +80 +37 = 1099

    For holy base SP 2200.
    Inner Fire +174 = 2374
    Spiritual Guidance +275 (1099/4) = 2649

    re: gearing for regen vs gearing for SP – personally i’ve started gearing for SP and i’m geared about T8.5. I’ve gained about 200 base SP. I’ve gone from very rarely using shadow fiend/hymn of hope to using them sometimes.

    I am Disc almost exclusively ATM and I do notice that my fellow Holy priests seem to have more mana issues. This may partially be due to the difference between Rapture, which generates about 215 MP5, and Holy Concentration, which only generates about 80 MP5. But this as the cause for the Disc vs Holy mana regen difference is only a guess.

    Gobble gobble.

  24. zusterke says:

    Quality theorycrafting posts get a red flag in my RSS reader. Those are the posts I’m taking a small break for to read and comment. It seems this one ended on my ‘todo’ list, to make sure I’d make enough time to read it in depth. Alas! I went on a vacation and has been lingering in my todo list ever since. Sorry for my late response Bob! I do not consider your theorycraft any less important because of my late reply 😉

    First of all, this is very interesting work. Great job. I hope you’ll forgive me I’ll make some notes.

    Your change in ratio throughput:regen is enourmous. Going from 0.7 to 1.4 would signify an 80% shift. Going from 0.6 to 2.0 is a serious shift in weight (more than 160% by the looks of it). I’m not going to object this at all but I do wonder on what you based the quantity of this shift on. Was it instinct, or guts telling you to go that far?
    Anyways, while I fully understand the reason behind it, my first reaction was “wait a sec… won’t your list then promote throughput items with haste, crit, sp and intellect instead of spirit?”. Odly enough, the answer is no. The reason is your incredibly high value of spell power. This effectively makes you favor spirit items through spiritual guidance.

    In fact, looking at your weights, you value spirit more for its throughput than its regen power. This struck me as peculiar and I investigated your lootlist with care. I was amused to see the lootrank top list isn’t dramatically different from my list of preferred items 🙂

    Still, something strikes me as odd. According to my calculations, intellect should give about 92% of the regen power of MP5 for your holy priest. Taking into account the throughput and maximum mana, it should outscore MP5. It doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, since rarely a player must chose between intellect and mp5 but I do classify intellect as better. Even more so if you want to promote throughput. Sadly I cannot completely pinpoint the exact difference since we split up our calculations differently but it seems I estimate the regen higher.

    1 intellect, on your holy priest, gives:
    – 0,185 MP5 from mana regen with 90% fsr, 30% hc uptime (I upgraded this one a bit from 3.1) (notably higher than your score)
    – 0,132 MP5 from replenishment, assuming 80% Replennishment
    – 0,138 MP5 from shadowfiend (higher than your score)
    The total is 0,470731543 mp5 per point of intellect which, times 2 to calculate stat weight, becomes 0,941463086 mp5.

    That’s regen alone, so it scores a tad less than mp5 but the crit value you give it should make it outscore mp5 then. I’m going to trace this back to your calculations in your first post. I must have missed something 😉

    PS: Does the druid buff stack with AI and DS now? I thought it didn’t 😦

  25. bridermoon says:

    Hey once again, here was the point I didn’t get :

    ”Spiritual Guidance +275 (1099/4) = 2649”

    I personnally thought that the 2200 Base spell power was already modified by your base spirit. that’s why when I calculated, I only added the spell power given by buffs!

    That’s why I found the 2200 BS unbuff value extremely low as a holy priest 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your quick answer.

    nb: zusterke got me a really stupid question : None of you calculate the mp5 value of shadowfiend while casting hymn of hope?

    I might try to use it as soon as I reach 65% of my manapool, but i usually wait for a calm moment and cast both, assuming that it will give me more mana (around 45% i’d say). I have no clue for now of the efficiency of that 😀

  26. BobTurkey says:

    Your welcome.

    I must admit I try and use hymn+shadowfiend for a full mana bar. Some fights the shadowfiend is killed or I am forced to stop channelling the hymn, but it usually works. If you added this combo to the stat weights it would increase the benefit of intellect somewhat.

    Gobble gobble.

  27. BobTurkey says:

    @zusterke – All responses are welcome if they are constructive 😉 Thanks for the great feedback!

    Yeah the swing from 0.6 to 2.0 SP:MP5 ratio is huge. Initially I was using a 1.5 ratio. This just didn’t seem throughput focused enough so I ended up at 2.0. Part of it is gut feeeling and part of it is indifference!

    Indifference? Yes indifference. The difference in gear lists between a 1.5 and 2.0 or even a 2.5 ratio isn’t that astronomical. There are some differences, but generally you are jsut rearranging the ordering of the limited pool of available drops. (Most uses of difference in a single a paragraph ever!)

    For Holy priests who are throughput focused spirit really starts to shine. Not only do you get the regen component (reduced as it is from ye good olde days) but you also get a big boos via Spiritual Guidance. Holy priests and spirit get a further boost, compared to Discipline, as their special mana return talent (Holy Concentration) is based on regen not mana pool (Rapture).

    Holy and Spirit gets more from mana regen than throughput? No this is not the case.

    Holy = 1.0278
    * MP5 value from mana regen = 0.3675 <– regen
    * MP5 value from Holy Concentration = 0.0827 <– regen
    * MP5 value from Spiritual Guidance = 0.5775 <– throughput

    Regen = 0.4502 vs Throughput = 0.5775

    re: Intellect vs MP5 – 1 Int is not as good as 1 MP5, but due to item budgets you always get a lot more Intellect than MP5. So on a value for money type basis Intellect is better.

    Let me know if I missed something. We are probably calculating things differently. About half mine changed between the initial 3.1 post and its current (final) state.

    As far as i'm aware druid buffs have always stacked with single Int/Spirit/Stam buffs. I could be wrong though.

    Gobble gobble.

  28. zusterke says:

    Re: Intellect vs MP5. Ooops, missed to take that into account in your stat weights. You’re right! All is fine then 🙂

    I understand your point about the weight shift. The limited drop pool allows greater shifts indeed! There’s quite some room to work with.

    @bridermoon: you’re absolutely right but I wouldn’t stop there. Imagine the fight takes 400s and you cast a fiend after 1 minute and 5 minutes later. The amount of regen it then gives is much higher. Then imagine the first being cast simulateously with Bloodlust (for increased effect) and the last one with hymn of hope. Then the shaman pops his mana tide totem while HoH is up. Your mana return from int would blow out of proportion.

    This is a very effective method of regaining mana, whether you stack intellect or not. However, I do not base myself on that for my regen. Why? Because it would shift my regen model in favor of intellect to a point where I would stack almost only intellect. It’s a valid choice but you create a dependency on those tricks to make your regen work. Picture the fight going bad and you have to pop the fiend before bloodlust, or without HoH, or the replenishment source dying.. you will end up with less regen as planned. A less streamlined fight just might cost you your regen and thus a healer for the fight. It’s because of this dependency that I wouldn’t rely on it in my regen model. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to get HoH+fiend+Totem combo’s but it means I’ll last without them.

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  30. ankiofdraka says:

    Does your rating of haste take into account the GCD bottoming out at 1s pretty easily for disc when Borrowed Time is up?

    I’m concerned that if you use those ratings you’ll end up with more haste than you can actually make productive use of if you’re casting a lot of Shield and Flash?

  31. ankiofdraka says:

    I’ve been valuing haste at around half that because, in doing so, I get my GCD down to almost exactly 1s when borrowed time is active. (and for me, it’s active almost constantly)

  32. BobTurkey says:

    No i didn’t take the GCD or Borrowed Time into account. When you hit the 1s GCD cap then more haste is obviously far less useful (only effects cast speed).

    Personally I have about 15% unbuffed haste (inc talents), so with the 25% from Borrowed Time and another 5% or so from raid buffs i’m still not quite at the GCD haste cap.

    Provided you don’t go overboard stacking haste to the exclusion of other stats (especially crit for discipline), then I don’t think it is that great an issue.

    An interesting experiment would be to use your haste number and generate a gear list and compare it to mine. I think you’d find they would be very, very similar.

    Gobble gobble.

  33. guajolotestyle says:

    This is the first site I’ve found that confirms my gear choices as disc. I run with similar throughput stat weightings, although I favor more int for shield spams and max regen from fiend, hymn, rapture, replenishment etc.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the only drawback from having zero spirit/mp5 would be more downtime between pulls because I have to drink. It’s too bad the ilvl 245/258 gear has less crit/haste alternatives to spirit/mp5.

    Here’s my armory:

  34. ankiofdraka says:

    As it turns out BobTurkey, you are absolutely correct, it doesn’t affect the gear choices very much at all (the only thing that shifted was another option for cloaks came up when I used your haste values instead of mine).

    Your post also lead me to digging Greater Heal out and trying it some more, since it would not hit the GCD haste cap (well, It could but that’d be a LOT of haste). Turns out that, with my haste values, When I get borrowed time and Flash Heal dips below 1sec cast, Greater Heal is down below 1.5 seconds cast time…

    That ends up taking GHeal from 33% more Heal/sec to 50% more Heal/sec, which could do devilishly wonderful things for my ability to heal tanks in trouble.

    So, it’s given me some very good food for thought, thank you. 🙂

  35. BobTurkey says:

    @guajolotestyle – Your character is Turkeybubble?!? Cool!

    Interesting idea. So you are thinking that regular use of max mana pool regen tools like Fiend+Hymn would be enough to spam cast? It might work.

    @ankiodraka – Your welcome. On the occassion I am tank healing I use more GH also. GH crits make nice Divine Aegis shields.

    Gobble gobble.

  36. stonevulture says:

    Bob – you’ve increased Holy Concentration’s contribution to Spirit from 0.0664 in 3.1 to 0.0827 in 3.2. You’ve explicitly stated that you increased your base Int and Spi values from 3.1 to a more T8.5-ish level, but did you also increase your assumption about the raid-buffed crit chance of 25%? If not, at T8.5 gearing, shouldn’t this assumption be higher, thus leading to more HC uptime and even more weight for Spirit as a Holy Priest?

  37. BobTurkey says:

    Yes it should. My raid buffed crit is always at least 30% and usually closer to 40%. However until I can find some good numbers on Holy Concentration uptime with higher crit I have nothing to change this too.

    Let me know if you are aware of any such data. I’m raiding purely as discipline ATM so I can’t easily access this information.

    Gobble gobble.

  38. oni60 says:

    I’m a disc priest in Taiwan(the country in East Asia) WOW, your article is very useful to me. May I translate your article(included Priest theorycrafting, Gear list, Trinket and Gems..) to Chinese and post it to one of the Taiwan biggest WOW Forum(a BBS system which called PTT)? I think lots of Taiwanese player will get help from your priest article.

    Thanks for all the great work.
    (p.s. excuse me to my poor English)

  39. BobTurkey says:

    @oni60 – Go for it. Just link back here crediting this as the original.

    Your english is fine.

  40. […] you are into healy priest theorycrafting and you only read one thing (other than my stuff of course) check out this comment and the associated spreadsheet. I’d thought of doing a […]

  41. Stonevulture says:

    35% raid buffed crit = 48.4% Holy Concentration uptime.

  42. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks Stonevulture. I had seen that but i’ve forgotten all my math that was more complicated than algebra so I kinda ignored it.

    I think i’ll probably use this when I do priest theorycrafting for 3.3 as i’ll need a complete update then anyway.

    The difference between 25% crit = 45% uptime and 35% crit = 48.4% is fairly small anyway and will only slightly influence the model.

    Thanks again.

  43. […] for some more and searching on elitist jerks i found this post with updated scale for patch 3.2 link Gonna try and update this post with the new scale values Edit 2 […]

  44. […] Thanks to Bobturkey for some great work on stat weighting here […]

  45. […] an itemization for druids anywhere. Well, I can, but it’s not nearly as useful as any of the priest ones. With the priests I get a gear score I can tweak and make work. With druids it’s Spellpower […]

  46. […] mainly stacking spell power, intellect and crit rating.  Why?  Well I did some maths and it told me […]

  47. Arrelliana says:

    Hey Bob, Long time reader of your blog and faithfully checking your numbers. I would like to see where we are headed as far as stat weighting for 3.3 if the same spellpower to regen ratio is going to hold up or are we going to see some of the fights requiring higher regen (the green dragon fight). I have been actively PTR testing and would love to get some dialogue going with you.

  48. BobTurkey says:

    Hi Arrelliana,

    At this point in time I’m expecting the spellpower to MP5 ratio to remain 2:1. I’ve not seen any of the new fights on the PTR but i’m not expecting them to cause significant change to this ratio.

    There may be a fight or two where it is worth swapping out throughput trinkets for regen focused ones, and/or eating MP5 food and/or perhaps balancing groups carefully to take full advantage of Mana Tide, etc, but I doubt there is going to be a new precedent in terms of mana consumption in 3.3.

    But I may be wrong 🙂

    Gobble gobble.

  49. […] I used two gearing theories. Firstly is the more throughput focused one I posted about in my previous posts on theorycrafting. The second idea is a more mana regen focused stat weight set. The mana regen stat weights use the […]

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