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Well I guess now i’ve published my theorycrafting/stat weights for 3.2 I might as well push the other 3.2 posts out too. 🙂

As you can probably guess this is my suggested list of gems for healing priests for 3.2. It is aimed at the tier 8.5+ geared priests as it is heavily spell power focused. Less well geared priests could probably safely use these although I do have a 3.1 version of this post published also.

For the well geared priests spell power is king as critical rating and haste rating suffer from diminishing returns.  Gearing for mana regen is pretty much irrelevant as mana pools are large and mana regen, even 100% inside the 5 second rule, is generally more than satisfactory.

To this end red gem slots become increasingly valuable. Runed Cardinal Rubies will be *the* gem for 3.2 and i’m expecting them to command outrageous prices for most of patch. I’m pretty sure most of the other casters will also be chasing Runed Cardinal Rubies.

My lists below ignores Jewelcrafting BoP gems. If you’re a JC I assume you can figure out what to cut your three Dragon Eye’s as. I have also listed at least one rare gem for each slot in case your gemming on a budget.



  1. Insightful Earthsiege Diamond


  1. Epic – Runed Cardinal Ruby (+23 SP)
  2. Epic – Luminous Flawless Ametrine (+12 SP +10 Int)
  3. Rare – Runed Scarlet Ruby (+19 SP)
  4. Rare – Luminous Monarch Topaz (+9 SP +8 Int)


  1. Epic – Luminous Flawless Ametrine (+12 SP +10 Int)
  2. Epic – Brilliant King’s Amber (+20 Int)
  3. Rare – Luminous Monarch Topaz (+9 SP +8 Int)
  4. Rare – Brilliant Autumn’s Glow (+16 Int)


  1. Epic – Royal Dreadstone (+12 SP +5 MP5) Edit: Based purely on stats the Royal Dreadstone is better than the Purified Dreadstone for discipline.
  2. Epic – Purified Dreadstone (+12 SP +10 Spi)
  3. Rare – Purified Twilight Opal (+9 SP +8 Spi)



  1. Insightful Earthsiege Diamond


  1. Epic – Runed Cardinal Ruby (+23 SP)
  2. Epic – Purified Dreadstone (+12 SP +10 Spi)
  3. Rare – Runed Scarlet Ruby (+19 SP)
  4. Rare – Luminous Monarch Topaz (+9 SP +8 Int)


  1. Epic – Luminous Flawless Ametrine (+12 SP +10 Int)
  2. Epic – Potent Flawless Ametrine (+12 SP +10 crit)
  3. Rare – Purified Twilight Opal (+9 SP +8 Spi)


  1. Epic – Purified Dreadstone (+12SP +10 Spi)
  2. Epic – Royal Dreadstone (+12 SP +5 MP5)
  3. Rare – Purified Twilight Opal (+9 SP +8 Spi)

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14 Responses to Priest gems for 3.2

  1. hanzi23 says:

    Hey Bob! thx for all the work !!!

    If we take into consideration the next patch stats weighting, why are you still advising tu use an Insightfull Earthsiege Diamond as meta ?

    If we set the meta gem on auto-pick in lootrank with the 3.2 stats weighting, the 25 spellpower/2% intellect is selected…

    Why is that? And why is the first one better?

  2. BobTurkey says:

    The auto-pick on lootrank ignores the special effects on meta gems. So it correctly picks the +25 SP as being better than +21 Intellect.

    For the record here are the calculations for Insightful earthsiege vs Ember Skyflare Diamond

    Insightful Earthsiege Diamond
    * +21 Int (=24 MP5 for Disc and 17 MP5 for Holy)
    * +80 about MP5 from proc effect (=80 MP5 for both Disc and Holy
    * Total stat weight = 104 (Disc) and 97 (Holy)

    Ember Skyflare Diamond
    * +25 SP (=50 MP5 for both Disc and Holy)
    * +2% Int based on the stats linked at the top of the post only grants 30 Int for Disc and 24 Int for Holy. So equivilent to 34 MP5 stat weight for Disc and 20 MP5 for Holy.
    * Total stat weight = 84 (Disc) and 70 (Holy)

    So The Insightful is still far better than the Ember.

  3. […] the comments on my gems for priests in 3.2 post I was asked about meta gems for priests.  Specificially which was better Insightful Earthsiege […]

  4. blakkeyez says:

    Hi, thanks for the work put in. Keep it up. When using your own statweights with wowhead’s filters it gives better results for using the 12 spellpower and 10 haste (Reckless Ametrine) rather than 12 spellpower and 10 intellect* for yellow slot gems as was suggested here. Any comments on this? Am I doing it wrong?

    Here is the gems ranked:;wt=123:103:24:61:96:23:22;wtv=2:1.1337:1.0278:1:0.8959:0.8403:0.2

    * The 12 spellpower and 10 crit (Potent Ametrine) is also ranked slightly higher.

  5. BobTurkey says:

    That would make sense for Holy priests blakkeyez as both crit and haste have hgher weightings than Int.

    I choose the 12SP and 10 Int version for a couple of reasons. Firstly I probably based the choice off my Disc priest stat weigthts 🙂 and secondly because it is based on my personal cheat sheet for gems. At the tier 8+ gearing level I personally prefer intellect to crit/haste.

    I have about 27% crit and 14% haste unbuffed so i’m a bit biased about having more of either. I’m also still getting used to being throughput focused rather than regen focused.

    On that note last night I ran out of mana first the first time since 3.0.2 on XT hard mode. It was a strange feeling have mana pot, shadowfiend, and hymn all on CD and bumping along the bottom of my mana pool. Very strange.

    Not that that has anything to do with your comment 😉

    Gobble gobble.

  6. blakkeyez says:

    Thank you for that answer. It makes sense to me. I will gem for slightly more haste for a while and see what happens, sometimes when one is experienced one can feel what is lacking without looking at numbers too 🙂

    If you are the least unsure about how to gem I would also agree on that intellect is a safe solid choice. Some fights can really drain your mana pool in Ulduar. Especially when you run hard modes since they don’t allow you to go with that many healers unless you got some extra pro dps. And if you are low on gear you are definatively going to need mana in a way you didn’t when dealing with Naxxramas. On the other hand I disagree slightly with the medium length of fights that was suggested here, 8 minutes. I checked wws/wmo-logs for our runs from starting out in Ulduar until now and noticed most fights run between 4.5 to 6.5 minutes, the exceptions being Yogg-Saron, Mimiron, the Northrend beasts (in Coliseum) and early takes on Freya. This should mean a bit lower emphasis on mana. With this in mind, in case any player new to Ulduar reads this, my tip would be to start out with the intellect or spellpower-and-intellect gems suggested and turn to haste/crit later on when you have more on your gear and are able to switch in different trinkets or other gear pieces depending on the fight (tip no#2 the new intellect trinket from normal 5-man trial of the Champions if you cannot get hold of Pandora’s Plea/Spark of Hope – great even for things like General Vezax hard mode where you cannot get mana back).

    Oh and Bob, you accidentally put the blu spellpower and spirit gem in the yellows 😉

    Good luck with your hard modes

  7. BobTurkey says:

    LOL I did too!


  8. xorda says:

    1.Epic – Purified Dreadstone (+12SP +10 Spi)
    2.Epic – Royal Dreadstone (+12 SP +4 MP5)
    why you prefer that Purified Dreadstone by a Disc priest ?
    your own preference table said
    5 MP5 > 10 spirit

  9. BobTurkey says:

    Yes 5 MP5 > 10 spirit, but Royal Dreadstone only has 4 MP5.

    4 MP5 = 4 * 1 = 4 < 10 spirit = 10 * 0.4138 = 4.138

    So 10 spirit is worth marginally more. I also prefer spirit as it is more useful than MP5 to both Holy and Shadow specs, for when I wear a piece in two specs.

  10. xorda says:

    click on it
    you wrote 4 but it is 5

  11. Steve says:

    Hey bob! I’m in some 245/232/226 gear, sitting at 2200 sp, 19%crit and 19% haste.

    I’ve found the haste helps a lot on the flash heal spams. I have plenty of mana (1400+ int, 24800 mana, 380 mp5 casting)

    Should I drop some +int/crit/haste gems for pure SP?

  12. BobTurkey says:

    @Xorda – Oh, yeah, you’re right. I’ve got 4 written everywhere, but it is now 5. I guess I forgot to update it when they did the MP5 increase in 3.2. Thanks.

    In which case you are also right that the Royal Dreadstone is better than the Purified Dreadstone according to my stat weightings. i.e.

    5 MP5 = 5 * 1 = 5 > 10 spirit = 10 * 0.4138 = 4.138

    I’ll edit the post.

    @Steve – If I were you I wouldn’t change anything if you are happy enough with your performance as is.

    Your crit and SP are a little lower than i’d go for, but you have plenty of mana and mana regen. You’ve just geared more down a mana regen path than a throughput path. Unless you feel you are having issues with throughput I wouldn’t change.

    Do you find yourself unsatisfied with the size of your heals (sounds like a dodgey advert)? Probably not and with your ample mana/mana regen you probably have endless mana.

    Gobble gobble.

  13. Nizara says:

    @Steve – Are you holy or disc? At 19% haste and with all the haste talents that disc has, anything over 11% haste is marginal at best. The issue stems from the fact that you’ll be casting faster than 1.0 second flash heals and clipping the GCD.

    I’ve also found that flash spamming as disc is difficult to do if you’re casting shield, mending, and penance while keeping renew rolling on your target. I get 1-2 flash heals in before my cooldowns start becoming available again and more often than not I’m tossing extra shields around instead of flashing because my healing target isn’t taking enuogh damage. YMMV.

    If you’re holy, then I’ve found haste works much, much better. 1.0 second prayer of healing spam is amusing.

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