Power Word: Shield and Grid

30 August 2009


If you are a discipline priest and Grid user you might find GridStatusShields worth looking at.  I don’t use it myself as i’m not sure how useful the additional information is, but some people like more rather than less.

According the the description is displays an estimate of the amount of Power Word: Shield, Divine Aegis and even Valanyr procs (Blessing of the Ancient Kings – I wish) on the target, within Grid.

I have Grid set up to display a white dot in the top right of the unit frame if the player has the Power Word: Shield buff.  I have Grid display a yellow dot in the same location if the player has the Weakened Sould debuff.  I have the priority of the the PW:S buff set higher than the Weakened Soul debuff so the latter doesn’t display if the player has an active shield.

This means I can tell when the player is shielded, when they are not shielded but have the Weakened Soul debuff and when they have neither.  I’m am unusually clueless when they have a shield (which lasts 30s) but no Weakened soul debuff (which lasts 15s), but this doesn’t seem to be an issue.

If you don’t use Grid or this makes no sense to you, then just nod politely and keep walking 🙂

Gobble gobble.

Priest 4 piece T8.5 vs 2 piece T9.5

28 August 2009


The scene: You’re a healy priest swanning around in your nice four piece tier 8.5 healing garb, but the latest fashion is T9.5, ‘I look like a warlock’, uniform. What do you do?  Do you retain last years fashion and stick with your four piece tier 8.5?  Or do you get with the look and don some new tier 9.5 threads?

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Faction champions in 25 man

27 August 2009


This was going to be my thoughts on the new Twin Val’kyrs boss in Crusader’s Coliseum.  However there isn’t really much to say about them.  The mechanics I quite like, but its just not hard enough.

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Holy priest gear list for 3.2

26 August 2009


Following up on the discipline priest gear list for 3.2 we have the holy priest version.

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Stuff i’ve been up to recently

25 August 2009


Rambling comments about general stuff.

Firstly we dutifully visited the new ‘boss’ in Crusader’s Colosseum in both 10 and 25 man versions.  The Factions Champions in 25 were pretty bloody hard.  We managed to down three champions at one stage, but couldn’t finish the job due to attrition.  We wiped on them for a few hours before giving it up.  With 2.4 million health they take at least 20+ seconds of concentrated fire from the entire raid to kill one.  This assumes no healing and that people aren’t busy dispelling and crowd controlling.  This is quite a bit.  I think we’ll see about a 30-40% nerf to their health to bring them down to more like 1.5-1.8 mil.  As it currently stands Faction champions in 25 feels more like heroic than normal.

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