Moowall hits 80


Ding 80! Right that’s done.  As I have posted a few other times leveling a prot warrior is quite easy and an enjoyable experience.  So it is with a mix of excitement and sadness that my prot warrior reaches the current level cap.

I’ve been looking forward to 80 for a few weeks now mainly because I have been accumulating some nice gear for Moowall over the last six months and i’ve been keen to try it out.  Over that time period I have also been enjoying making use of the auction house to make some easy gold.  This was one of the main vectors which allowed me to start 80 with a running jump gear-wise.

Recently I purchased Tempered Titansteel Helm off the AH for about 650 gold.  It looks a bit corny on, with its big dragon wings on the side, but it is one of the best helms available to a prot warrior freshly at 80.

Moowall is still wearing his heirloom leveling shoulders.  I’m yet to find a decent replacement yet.  I had the Tundra Pauldrons but I foolishly sold them for some reason. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

A month or so ago I purchased a Durable Nerubhide Cape for about 400 gold.  This is another crafted bind-on-equip which is excellent for new tanks.

On his chest is the Ivory-Reinforced Chestguard from the Kalu’ak.  I will be upgrading this as soon as I reach revered with the Wyrmrest Accord.

Feeling rich I recently also purchased a Burning Skull Pendant from the AH for about 140 gold.  This one is a world drop, which was surprisingly cheap.  There were three for sale when I bought mine.  It’s blue, but about as good as Moowall can get until he does some heroics and can make himself a Titanium Earthguard Chain.

On his wrists Moowall is wearing a ‘welcome to 80’ present from Turkelife.  The Bracers of Dalaran’s Parapets will be very hard to replace anytime soon.

Likewise his gloves are another present from Turkelife.  She won those in a PUG on a free roll somehow.

On his waists and legs are some quest greens.  Nothing to see here, move along, move along…

His boots are his lowest item level piece, but not too shabby.   I can’t remember where the Boots of the Unbowed Protector came from but they aren’t bad for item level 155.

Being a jeweler Moowall is wearing two of his own creations on his fingers.  The Ring of Earthen Might I got the plan for last night and the Stoneguard Band is awesome considering it stupidly low materials.  Moowall could make the Stoneguard Band in his sleep having made about one hundred of them in his time.

His trinkets are self made also.  Figurine – Monarch Crab and Figurine – Ruby Hare both have two gem slots and the use effect for the crab is awesome.  These are going to take quite a bit of work (or luck) to find replacements for.

Moowall is wielding a Hammer of Quiet Mourning now.  This was on my to do list and I didn’t get around to it until I hit 80, but now im glad I did.  I was using the Warsong Punisher, which I thought was pretty decent but the hammer seems to be much better.  It might be less so than I think because I equiped a lot of level 80 requirement gear around the same time.  Moowall easily soloed Rageflipper, who made mince meat of both my enhancement shaman and priest.

Paired with his hammer is a Titansteel Shield Wall.  Another item i’m not expecting to replace for a long time.  Perhaps Crygil’s Discarded Plate Panel might be the next upgrade.  Although it looks to be more of a side-grade to me.  His shield cost him about 640 gold off the AH.

Lucky last we have another tank favorite, the Armor Plated Combat Shotgun.  Another AH purchase at about 730 gold.  I’ve seen a warriors in Ulduar still using this, so I don’t think he’ll find an upgrade anytime soon.

So with all this phat-loot he is almost defence capped at 466.  It doesn’t look too hard to hit once I get my enchantments on.  He needs to work on revered Revered Argent Crusade for a head enchant.  Shame i’m only friendly ATM.  I working on it along with honoured with Sons of Hodir for a shoulder enchant.

Being a diligent researcher i’ve equiped a standard Austere Earthsiege Diamond (+32 stam and +2% armour) in my meta gem slot, which is about additional 0.5% physical damage reduction and about 15 AP…  Exciting? No not really.  I wonder why more tanks aren’t using the Effulgent Skyflare Diamond for +32 stamina and -2% spell damage?

Moowall has been dual spec capable for a fair while and has been experimenting with Arms.  Now he’s 80 i’ve polished up the keybinds and Power Auras, and allocated final talent points in his Arms spec.  I have also started to more seriously start on an Arms spec gear.  I found the standard Blizzard equipment manager pretty useless but Crossdresser and EquipSetUpdater are very useful addons for juggling dual specs and gear.  I’m thinking of investing in a Titansteel Destroyer for my Arms spec, although that might be over capitalising my new level 80 (this makes Moowall sound like a house).  I’m aiming for being able to do instances as tank or DPS and I don’t want to be one of those DPS you see doing sub 1k DPS at level 80…

Anyway enough rambling for now.  I’m sure there will be more posts about warriors in the near future.  Probably at least one about what a tanking noob I am.  Maybe I should see if I can tank a pug raid with only a couple of instances tanked under my belt. 🙂


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