Writers block


I kinda have it ATM.  Usually I can just pick a topic and then crap on about it for a bit, but i’m running low on inspiration.

I think this has partially come about because i’ve finished leveling my warrior to 80 and i’ve come down off that excitement high.  I mean that must be the case because i’m thinking of doing stuff like changing one of Turkelife’s specs to shadow for some DPS variety.  I’m even considering doing some of those tournament daily thingos in Ice Crown.  I’ve never actually done any of them, but they look terminally boring.  Just another grind *shudder* That reminds me my Son’s of Hodir rep is still only Revered…  I have this gut feeling that the Argent Tournament is going to be a fair bit busier post 3.2 but I just can’t get excited about doing the dailies before the next rush.

What else have I been up to?  well Highbourne seem to be starting to get their raiding back up to speed.  We have been doing a couple of nights of Ulduar 10, which was a nice change, but that was more to keep people entertained.  There is however some more serious sounding noises about getting the 25 mans back on regularly, which would be good.  I’ve started really enjoying Flame Leviathan, which is a bit wierd.  I normally hate vehicles but I quite enjoy driving the demolishers and choppers.

I’ve been grazing on the auction house.  Some of it was buying gear for the warrior (now pretty much finished), but mostly it was another expression of my real life interest in arbitrage and investment.  I’ve been practicing the various AH tricks like buying Eternal Fires for 28-30g and selling Crystalised Fire for 5-7g.  For a long time i’ve run the Mycah’s Botanical Bag market, making them for about 120g and selling them for 300g.  I’m still in that although i’m current choking a couple of competitors to death with undercutting.  They turn up once in a while and then leave after a while.

I’ve been stocking up on Titanium Ore to either prospect or sell post 3.2.  The price of this is rising from about 8g ea to now about 11g each.  I’m kinda expecting it to go silly post 3.2, but if it doesn’t i’ll prospect and cut gems from it.

I’ve also been doing the enchanting trick for the longest time.  Mainly this was buying Wrath greens and blues at about 12g or less, disenchanting them and then selling them.  I’m always amazed when people list these on the AH with a buy out of 6-8g.  More recently these have become volume markets with the use of the Stoneguard Band/Shadowmight Ring trick.  Now I can generate near unlimited quantities of Infinite Dust @ 3g and Greater Eternal Essences @ 9g.  Unfortunately others must know this trick as the prices of both these hover down near these levels most of the time.

I’ve done some trading in Frost Lotus (buying in the low twenties and selling in the mid thirties), but the transaction fee for these is fairly steep.  Likewise for Moonshroud, buying it at about 80g and selling when the price rises back to about 100-110g.  Moonshroud also has a fairly steep listing cost, but because of the low volume this is less of an issue.

Hmmm, this turned into a bit of an auction house post…  Told you I could crap on about just about anything 😉

I’m starting to look forward to 3.2 now.  Not so much the new instance, which i’m sure i’ll see soon after its out, but more for the other changes.  Emblems of Conquest in Heroics/Naxx, cheaper flying and epic gems are the biggies.

OK, enough rambling.


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