First impressions of 3.2


Ok, i’ve been lucky to be able to play a fair bit 3.2 landed so I thought i’d share some random observations.

Well there was the usual fluctuating lag everywhere, especially in Dalaran and some craziness entering instances.  Some people were getting stuck in instance portals or were being rejected.  Several times we had 20 raiders enter and 5 get stuck outside, trying to re-zone in after a wipe.

The population online has increased as only a new patch can do.  We’ve gone from 13 raiders online to 31 last night.  We spent a couple of hours learning the new Trial of the Crusader in normal 25 man mode.  By the end of the night we had Icehowl to 50% and Gormok’s fires of disconnection attack was killing more people than anything else.  If we could survive the first couple of minutes where he throws the fire without too many people getting DC’ed in it we generally made a decent attempt of it.

Our general strategies were…

Gormok the Impaler

I’m not really a fan of this fight, but it is challenging.

  • two tanks on Gormok to spread the Impale love around – this is pretty healing intense.
  • tried to get the ranged DPS to macro “/tar Sno” and using it to remove the snobolds.  It sometimes worked…
  • try and keep one or two of the DC’ed people standing in fire alive long enough for them to log back in or the fire to dissipate.
  • fire resist is helpful

Fire worm and acid worm


  • We settled on burning down the acid worm as his paralytic poison is annoying.  The acid worm apparently (sometimes?) enrages afterwards bit this was pretty tame if he did
  • tanks were positioning the two worms nearish each other as best as they could
  • As soon as the tanks got agro the rest of use were spreading out about 15-20 yards from the worms to make the job of running to the fire worm to remove the paralytic poison a bit easier.  There is probably some strategy about having someone focus on getting the fire debuff and break out the greenies, but we haven’t tried that yet.
  • be aware that the worms often have 3-5 seconds after surfacing where they just sit there and the tank can’t re-establish agro.  If the DPS hit them full on at this point the tanks might have trouble holding them.
  • run away from the tunnelling worms
  • Misdirecting to the tanks can help
  • both fire and nature resists are good


This guy is awesome!  Think of a white, shaggy king kong with big horns.

  • Spread out and stand nearish the wall if possible.
  • If you get named as the target of his charge in the raid warning emote then immediately face to the side and press your run key to run along the wall.  Stunned?  Keep holding down the run key!  You will initially be stunned, but if you don’t dodge his charge you will take more than 40k damage and you will (usually) enrage Icehowl.  When he gets angry Icehowl hits like a freight train which pretty much one-shots tanks with all the other random damage happening.
  • frost resist is good for his ice breath

I read from Honorshammer’s post that the 10 man version looks a lot easier.  In 25 man we were generally avoiding about two charges per 25% health removed compared to two charges in total for the 10 man version.

Overall not a bad raid although I definitely prefer Ulduar for its scenery and giant robots!  Actually it sounds like we were lucky to not go to Ulduar although i’d almost like to be a tourist and see XT-002’s new robot conga line.

I also ran both the normal and heroic version of the new 5 man instance Trial of the Champion (yes it has a very similar name to all the other new instances).  This meant jousting for my first time ever, which was crazy and kinda fun.  This was a fairly easy instance and drops epics left, right and center.

In fact I ran about ten of the heroics yesterday.  I just lucked out on the drake from Culling of Strathholme 😦 and Emblems of Conquest were raining from the sky with about sixty dropping through the session.  It was fun to run them again though.  Gearing to tier 8 level with a mixture of T7.5 and T8.5 is definitely going to be the new gearing standard and is fairly easy to obtain.

I must check out the new VoA boss sometime.

Anyway my writers block is busted and I have plenty of ideas now 😉

Gobble gobble.


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