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I had some of the most fun in ages the other night.  No it wasn’t the new Crusaders Coliseum raid or the new Trial of the Crusader 5 man, it was that old fashioned Ulduar raid, but with a twist.

Having given up on Thorim 25 with the new ‘feature’ where Iron Dwarves run through the shut gate to agro people in the tunnel we split into a couple of Ulduar 10 raids.  I was lucky to be invited the ‘hardcore’ group which decided to try some hard modes.

We started with Unbroken from Flame Leviathan.  This is a very easy hard mode achievement to get, especially in 10 man.  Firstly you don’t need to leave any towers up so start in easy mode.  Stay together, stick to the main concourse and stay away from the repair bays.

I was in a Demolisher as a gunner.  This is probably one of the more dull roles in this fight, but one of the more important.  I pretty much only fired the anti-aircraft gun.  That’s right no killing things unless they are flying 🙂  I was continually scanning the skies for helicopters and shooting down pyrite.  This meant that the helicopters hardly got a shot off (love the new targeting system BTW) so we had plenty of health for the boss.  It also meant the siege engines could use pyrite pretty much continously.  This means that the Siege gunners  could pick it up whenever they needed it and could use it on everything.  Any of the large trash mobs dies extremely fast with pyrite stacks on them.

On the boss I don’t think I inflicted a single point of damage.  I continually shot down pyrite and the boss dies extremely fast with 10 stacks of pyrite on him continuously.  I like the Flame Leviathan fight.  The vehicles are fun. 🙂

Next Heartbreaker from Xt-002.  From a healing point of view this was the hardest of the hard modes we did for the night.  First attempt I actually ran out of mana!  I mean I had shadowfiend, hymn and mana pots on cool down!  I think that is the first time since Wrath arrived i’ve literally not had enough mana to cast.  So the last 30-40% of the first attempt was pretty nasty, especially as the Fury warrior died right at the start so we attempted a 9 man…  Anyway second attempt we got an unlucky combo of tantrum and light bomb and we killed him on the 3rd.  Much rejoicing was done by all.  Fun and very intense.

Next we went for With Open Arms.  This was actually pretty easy.  With us not being able to kill the arms a few people died but the remainder easily killed the big fella before he could stone grip us all.  I don’t think this one is hard mode, but i’m no expert.  My part in this fight seemed to be mostly just kiting the eye beams.  I think they targeted me every time except once…

Next Crazy Cat Lady.  Pretty easy.  In 10 man she doesn’t have that many hits and I think she only got two fears off.  The interrupts from the pouncing started to get fatal but the DPS carried the day.

We had a crack at I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare.  After the first attempt we dropped back to two healers.  We had about four attempts with on this one resulting in him destroying the cache with 100k health left 😦  4-5 more seconds and we would have had him.  Unfortunately we accidentally killed him on that attempt otherwise I think we would have made it the next attempt.  Mass Dispel was quite useful in this fight for removing people from their frozen snares.

Finally we attempted Thorim.  Yes we’re slow learners 🙂  This is the one where Sif comes to help out her husband.  The first attempt there was no Iron Dwarves charging down the tunnel behind the tunnel group and we got him to 14%.  Unfortunately after that every attempt we had the iron dwarves run though the shut gate and attempt to kill the tunnel healer.  Our hunter did a good job of managing these and we made a few more attempts.  Healing the arena in 10 man is a holiday compared to 25 man.  We made a number of attempts but by the last it was getting late and we were getting a bit sloppy.

I was standing behind Thorims leg, which seemed to mostly work, but I think I might try standing out with the other ranged people and dodging blizzards.  Now I know hard modes are on the menu i’ll do some reading too.

I think we’d be better trying more hard modes with two healers.  The damage is insane but I think killing them faster is a better solution to trying to live longer.

Overall it was a lot of fun doing the hard modes.  It was also nice to be doing 10 man again instead of waiting for one or two people regularly in 25 man.  The management overhead in 25 man is more than 2.5 times 10 man IMHO.

Anyway enough rambling.

Gobble gobble.

BTW I like jousting.  There i’ve said it now. 🙂  But that’s a story for another day.


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  1. Kitts says:

    You’re my hero, Bob.

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