Lost in the gear wilderness?


Can’t wait for updated gear lists for 3.2, but want to know what’s good?  This might help.

Pawn is a nice little addon that does the same calculations as a stat weighting website like LootRank, but displays the weighting scores in the tool tip of your items.  This means that as fancy new gear is looted you can mouse over it and receive a single summary stat which you can then use to compare to your existing item(s).  If the Pawn score is higher then it is usually an upgrade.  Easy.

A few months back I posted a basic how-to-pawn which gave a little more detail on setting it up.  Its not that hard and once its done, other than perhaps updating the scale from time to time as the game changes, there is nothing else to do.

For all your healing priests out there here are my suggested stat weights in the Pawn format.

( Pawn: v1: "Discipline32": Stamina=0.2, Intellect=1.1483, Spirit=0.4138, RedSocket=46, CritRating=1.1851, MetaSocket=104.1137, HasteRating=1.0713, BlueSocket=28.1381, YellowSocket=35.4827, SpellPower=2, Mp5=1)

( Pawn: v1: "Holy32": Stamina=0.2, Intellect=0.8403, Spirit=1.0278, RedSocket=46, CritRating=0.8959, MetaSocket=97.6467, HasteRating=1.1337, BlueSocket=34.2779, YellowSocket=32.4032, SpellPower=2, Mp5=1)

They are taken directly from my 3.2 theorycrafting post.

There are some other suggestions for scales for other classes on the unofficial Pawn forums.



3 Responses to Lost in the gear wilderness?

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  2. nuclayer says:

    Hey Bob,

    I love your blog. It has become my “Shadowpanther” for priestly resources. Anyway, It took me a bit to find the pawn rating for Holy. I was hoping you could either add a link to this post or just post a quick reference for holy and disc pawn values. You list a Disc pawn ranking that is easy to find but this one is pretty buried. Thanks for all you do.

  3. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks nuclayer. The Pawn scales usually get published with my theorycrafting each patch.

    But yeah, i’ll add a link to this from my Priestly Resources page up top.

    Gobble gobble.

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