A post duel discussion in 4.0

Duel loser: “So how come you beat me so easily?”

Duel winner: “My stat was higher.”

Loser: “Your stat?  Which one? AP?”

Winner: “My stat nub.  We only got one stat now and mine was higher.”

Loser: “OK, guess i’d better get some new gears to get my stat up a bit.”

Loser: “So any good places to get better gears with the stat on it?”

Winner: “The new instances are pretty good.  They drop ilvl 350 gears with big stat on them.”

Loser: “I was thinking for doing heroic HM Ice Crown.”

Winner: “Naa do Deadmines or Shadowfang.  Gear in there has more stat on it”

Loser: “Deadmines? O_o”

Loser: “ok..”

Slightly confused loser hearths away.

Gobble gobble.

PS: Its a joke!  Well kinda. 🙂


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