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Rambling comments about general stuff.

Firstly we dutifully visited the new ‘boss’ in Crusader’s Colosseum in both 10 and 25 man versions.  The Factions Champions in 25 were pretty bloody hard.  We managed to down three champions at one stage, but couldn’t finish the job due to attrition.  We wiped on them for a few hours before giving it up.  With 2.4 million health they take at least 20+ seconds of concentrated fire from the entire raid to kill one.  This assumes no healing and that people aren’t busy dispelling and crowd controlling.  This is quite a bit.  I think we’ll see about a 30-40% nerf to their health to bring them down to more like 1.5-1.8 mil.  As it currently stands Faction champions in 25 feels more like heroic than normal.

10 man was a completely different story.  Expecting a hard fight like in 25s we actually smashed the champions quite easily.  They only have about 240k health, which with 8 DPS is only about 6-8 seconds to kill.  I actually think these guys could do with a health buff up to about 400k health.  While i’m talking about buffs I think Lord Jaz could do with 3-5 million more in 25 man.  Currently he always dies just as things are starting to get interesting.  Faction Champions 10 dropped me a nice new sword.

One thing we are doing, which i’m enjoying, is hard modes in Ulduar.  I really like Ulduar as a raid instance and adding some extra challenge, especially to the earlier bosses adds a bit more fun IMHO.  We’ve recently done FL+4, Crazy Cat Lady and Heartbreaker and had a crack at a few others in 10 man.  Hodir HM and Steelbreaker Last will both be completed soon as we have gone very close on both.  I’m enjoying the 10 mans generally mainly because there is much less time waiting around for that person who has gone AFK.

Hmm what else?  Oh I got to see ZA, Gruuls and Mags Terrace for the first time.  We did an impromptu achievement run on the weekend and it was the first time in them for a late starter like myself.  ZA especially looks like it would have been a great instance back in the day.  The other two were a bit meh, but the trolls are funky.

I haz the shadow!  Turkelife pushed 3 and a bit k DPS as shadow and I enjoyed it.  During the achievement run above we had three healers so two of us DPSed most of the time.  Tell you what though shadow priests cast a lot of Mind Flays!

Turkelife’s also been working on her Loremaster of Kalimdor.  140 quests to go…  The old world is so much better with a very fast mount.

Gobble gobble.


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  1. zusterke says:

    My guild started pretty late as well and so we just had T4 on farm when ZA hit us. It was indeed quite fun back then. A lot of variety in the fights and a lot of mechanical challenge.
    MgT was pretty fun too, but it was a bit of a jawbreaker. The CC was hard to manage in those days and the smallest mistake would result in big incomming damage. For healers it certainly was challenging since, imo, they really were the backbone of the group and decided largely how many blows/mistakes the group could take. Of course, this also frequently led to the healers getting the blame for wipes.
    Gruul wasn’t my idea of a great place 😉

    btw, did you really get the 245 iLvl version from 10m? hmm.. I might want to take that into account 🙂
    Gratz on the dagger!

  2. BobTurkey says:

    No you are right. I actually got the ilvl 232 version

    This duplication of loot names with different ilvls is confusing. Mainly because i’m not convinced its genuine loot and I can’t test this until they allow heroic ToC raids.

    Gobble gobble.

    Ps Yes dagger, not sword, i realised that later. Big enough to be a sword though.

  3. zusterke says:

    It’s still a nice dagger man! Gratz! (and I hate the duplicate names as well.. man that’s confusing)

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