Priest 4 piece T8.5 vs 2 piece T9.5


The scene: You’re a healy priest swanning around in your nice four piece tier 8.5 healing garb, but the latest fashion is T9.5, ‘I look like a warlock’, uniform. What do you do?  Do you retain last years fashion and stick with your four piece tier 8.5?  Or do you get with the look and don some new tier 9.5 threads?

So now i’ve been all creative (or at least made a sad attempt at it), the basic question is, when do i break my 4 piece tier 8.5 set bonus to start equipping tier 9.5 gear?

A few details to note are, that as per this post, i use T9.5 to mean the gear you buy using Trophy of the Crusade.  These drop in Crusader’s Coliseum 25 and Crusader’s Coliseum 10 heroic.  I’m still using T9, T9.5 and T9.5+ to identify the three sub-tiers.  In my personal opinion the basic T9 gear is mostly a waste of emblems at this stage in the game, but that’s another story.

Also I am referring to the 4 piece tier 8.5 set bonus which grants 250 spell power for 4s after casing Power Word: Shield.  This set bonus is very nice for discipline priests but pretty useless for holy priests.

All stat weightings are using my 3.2 stat weights as their reference point.  They are the usual MP5 equivalence values.

Ok on to the meat and potatoes. I started a very rough draft of this, but lost interest after doing the gear lists for 3.2.  Luckily Xefeas of Malevolent on Smolderthorn server has done the hard yards, which renewed my interest.  Xefeas posted his version (the original) on the official forums.  My stuff below is just a summary of his/her work.

4 piece tier 8.5 = 2522.  This includes estimates of the value of the two and four piece set bonuses.

4 piece tier 9.5 = 2821.  This includes estimates of the value of the two set bonus only.

So four pieces of tier 9.5 are better than four pieces of tier 8.5. This seems pretty self evident to me.  A more interesting question to me is, is two pieces T8.5 and two pieces of T9.5 better than four pieces T8.5.  I’ll just re-slice Xefeas’ post to determine this.  I’ve used T8.5 head and chest and T9.5 shoulders and legs.  This should minimise the pure stat advantage of T9.5.  I ignored gloves as Xefeas did because i’m too lazy to do more work than necessary on this. 8D

4 piece tier 8.5 total = 2522 as above.

2 piece tier 8.5 = 611 + 523 = 1134 (head and chest)
2 piece tier 9.5 = 465 + 629 = 1094 (shoulders and legs)
2 piece tier 8.5 set bonus = 28 (using Xefeas’ assumptions)
2 piece tier 9.5 set bonus = 340 (also using Xefeas’ assumptions)
2 piece tier 8.5 + 2 piece tier 9.5 total = 1134 + 1094 + 28 + 340 = 2596

Result = 2 piece tier 8.5 + 2 piece tier 9.5 is slightly better than 4 piece tier 8.5.

I expect given that the 2 piece tier 9.5 set bonus = 340 there is no way 3 piece tier 8.5 + 1 piece tier 9.5 could be Superior to 4 piece tier 8.5.  But lets check.

4 piece tier 8.5 total = 2522 as above.

3 piece tier 8.5 = 415 + 523 + 545 = 1483 (Shoulders, Chest, Legs)
1 piece tier 9.5 = 749 (head)
2 piece tier 8.5 set bonus = 28
3 piece tier 8.5 + 1 piece tier 9.5 total = 1483 + 749 + 28 = 2260

Nope, 4 piece tier 8.5 is quite a bit better than 3 piece tier 8.5 + 1 piece tier 9.5.

So what does this mean?  What’s the take home message?

If you are a Discipline priest and have 4 piece T8.5 don’t break it until you can get 2 piece T9.5.  If you are holy just upgrade as a soon as you get the better gear.

Thanks Xefeas.

Gobble gobble. 🙂


5 Responses to Priest 4 piece T8.5 vs 2 piece T9.5

  1. xefeas says:

    Very nice work! Thank you for taking it further, I thought it was a pretty interesting topic when I saw the gear first come out. I would’ve put more work into it, but I’m currently working on a Discipline Priest guide. I’ll let you have a read when I’m done with it. 🙂

  2. ankiofdraka says:

    Looking at Xefeas’ math I notice that he lists PoM as 20% of his healing, which I don’t see anywhere near.

    I see about half that … which, I think, would halve his value … putting 2pc T8.5 + 2pc T9.5 at 2426 vs 4pc T8.5 at 2522!

    So, for me, in theory, it’s not worth the upgrade at tier 9.5, but it probably will be with 9.5+

    Assuming I’m doing my math right … am I?

  3. ankiofdraka says:

    I would be curious as to the value of the Tier 9 4piece bonus, in case anybody else had already calculated that.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    No your math is right and 20% healing from Prayer of Mending is probably on the high side and 10% is more likely. However also be aware that the 4 pct T8.5 is based on 80% uptime for a buff that only lasts 5s after you cast PW:S. If your tank healing this is less likely to be the case.

    Anyway on the 10% PoM healing basis its not worth dropping 4 pct T8.5 (2522) until you can replace it with 4 pct T9.5 (2651 excluding 4 pct bonus, see below).

    re: 4 pct T9 set bonus of: “Increases the shield from your Divine Aegis and the instant healing from your Empowered Renew by 10%.” This depends if it brings DA from 30% to 33% or 40%. I suspect its 40%.

    @40% its valus is about 239
    @33% its value is about 72

    Gobble gobble.

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