Tumble weed

The posting frenzy has subsided 🙂  Things have been a bit quieter in-game the last week, I mean how excited can you get about Twin Val’kyrs?  Sure the black and white water balloons look good when they pop, but other than that?

*Tumble weed rolls past*

A few things didn’t help the situation either.  I’ve been raiding pretty full on the last few weeks so when wednesday night rolled up and we had 44 raiders online looking for 25 slots I whispered the raid leader and said, i’m keen to raid but happy to stand down if need be.  So he did!  So I missed the first half of the raid.  He was nice enough to call me in for Faction Champions…  So I made the guild first kill there as I posted about previously.  Also the afore mentioned Twin Val’kyrs guild first.

I sat out the Ulduar 10 hard mode raid and the ToC 10 raid I was in was unable to kill the Faction Champions.  A few issues there but thats another story.  I was completely off my game for ToC 10 anyway and I died on both Northrend Beasts and Lord Jarax.  Just one of those of nights.  I’m looking forward to the next reset so I can re-focus.

Instead i’ve been working on Loremaster of Kalimdor. Wow!  This is a lot harder than the other Loremaster titles.  I’ve finished pretty much all the normal quests and still need 55 to finish. 😦  I’ve started on the instance quests and some of the more obscure ones like the old dungeon tier gear quests.  It does mean I will get to run most of the old world dungeons one more time (or the first time in some cases) before they revamp the place in the new expansion.

I also picked up World Explorer which was a bit easiler than I expected.  I thought exploring the night elf and space goat starter lands might be a bit of a challenge but at level 80 it was cake.  No one in Darnassus gave a fig about the flagged priest running through their capital city and the guards, other than netting me once we’re pretty useless.  Even netted they couldn’t force me off my mount. *shrugs*

I had forgotten how much easier it is questing as a DPS than as a healer.  I haven’t been shadow since the mid-50’s and its nice for a change.  I’ve even pulled some respectable DPS (about 3.7k) in heroic dailies and a couple of raid fights.  My shadow gear is a mix of everything from T7 to T8.5 and i’m debating if I should bother putting any effort into improving it or just sticking with picking up off-spec stuff in raids.  Think i’m too lazy to bother.

Mana is a joke as shadow.  I have 3 points in Focused Mind and none of the other mana regen talents besides Meditation and my mana bar never goes below 80%.  I could take those points out but the only place useful to put one is Inner Focus…

Anyway, until next time… gobble gobble.


4 Responses to Tumble weed

  1. sparklefreeze says:

    Hey lol, I had an equally rubbish ToC 10 this week as well.. 😦 and I picked up Explorer the week previous too! Loremaster’s next on my list, coz I’m not so sure if old world quests will be around after the expac comes and tears Azeroth apart. Oh btw, I quest as Disc partly becoz I dun have 3 specs to switch among and also becoz I have enough crit on my Disc set to make DPS not suck for questing.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Are you stalking me? 😉

    Questing as disc is fine, but questing as shadow is faster 🙂

  3. Hikari says:


    Holy is hilarious.

    Faction Champions, equal parts hilarious and sadface… ever notice how quickly priests die on that fight? 😦 It’s like they made this raid about us but we’re dead!

    Or I’m just paranoid.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah warlocks and priests seem to be favorite targets of the champions.

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