Skipping tier 9?


Am I the only discipline priest thinking about skipping tier 9 all together?  I’ve been running the numbers on when to upgrade from T8.5 to T9/T9.5/T9.5+ and it’s not that appealing.

It depends on your role somewhat, but if you are mainly raiding in a role where you are throwing a lot of shields, and thus benefiting from the T8.5 4 pct bonus a lot, there isn’t a lot of incentive to upgrade.  I’m probably casting PW:S about 50% of all casts.  I’m rarely focused on tank healing and often raid shielding.  So the 250 extra spell power most of the time is nice.

The tier 9, in whatever flavour, isn’t really an upgrade until I can get 4 pct T9.5 (the stuff bought with the Trophy of Crusade).  That’s quite a long way off.  My guild uses the loot council loot distribution system, which focuses on upgrading Officers, then Core Raiders then normal Raiders.  This makes sense as you want the upgrades to go to those who are going to be making use of it the most.  As a normal Raider (i’m new to the guild) this puts me about number 15-20 in the pecking order of a 25 man raid.  I’m slightly advantaged by being a healer, but not hugely so.

So the upshot is that i’m not going to be seeing 4 x Trophy of Crusade anytime soon.  I can see maybe getting one or two by the time Ice Crown arrives in 3.3, but probably not four.  I’m going to have Emblems of Triumph coming out my ears, but few trophies.

I’m thinking I should be passing the trophies in preference to others and focusing on upgrading the other slots.

What are you other disc priests doing?


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  1. virika says:

    Hi Bob!
    I was going to skip it, too! I was planning on picking up Trophys when my 10man team runs Heroic Trial but we gave it a go last night. Let me just say, after that, I may have to rethink my strategy. (it was very humbling) Alternatively, I might at least wait until I have enough to buy all 4 peices of T9. I already picked up the Heartmender Circle.

  2. ankiofdraka says:

    You did the math for (2pc 9.5 and 2pc 8.5) vs (4pc 8.5) but have you done the math for the (2pc 9.5+ and 2pc 8.5) vs (4pc 8.5)?

    Right now my 4pc set bonus for 8.5 is given through Chest, Hat, Gloves and Pants. I do not have the shoulders from Yogg (though I could acquire them if need be).

    So, if I can snag two trophies, I can go shoulders with the first, and then chest (biggest upgrade ‘points’ wise by my math).

    And, by my math, that may actually be worth the upgrade.


  3. xeonio says:

    I was considering getting t9 for a Holy off-spec but I got the pattern for Merlin’s Robes last night so I’ll probably save my triumph badges to buy Crusader orbs in 3.2.2.

    Set bonuses aside a lot of the gear that drops normal is pretty good. The upgrades aren’t huge but its an option.

    Not sure if you are doing Heroic 10man but it drops Trophies as well, that’s another option for you getting your trophies early. If I do upgrade to t9.25 then it’ll be because I got trophies from 10man heroic.

  4. soren19 says:

    I’ve been caught in a dilemma lately and I’m not sure what to do about it. Firstly, I’m a holy priest, and I’m looking to buy a shoulder upgrade. I wasn’t sure if I should go for the higher stat shoulder piece or start a tier 9 set bonus even though the stats are considerably lower. COuld shed any light on this for me?

  5. sparklefreeze says:

    I can’t be bothered with T9 as well. When I look at the emblems needed for T9 and T9.5, it just makes no sense to me to invest in T9 even when I know Trophies aren’t gonna be dropping in my path anytime soon. Besides, with my current gear at 2 piece T8.5 & ToC 10 gear atm, I’m more than capable of healing whatever content out there; even the heroic versions.

  6. BobTurkey says:

    @virika – I think you’l find more practice with heroic will be more useful than slightly better gear. Although the better gear might help your self confidence with the fights. I bought that ring too. Actually I bought both EoT rings as other than off-spec I have nothing to spend them on ATM.

    4pc 8.5 = 2552
    2pc 8.5 (head+shoulders) + 2pc 9.5+ (chest+legs) = (611+415+28) + (715+704+170) = 2643

    This is based on 10% healing from PoM.

    So yeah if you can get it 2pc 8.5 + 2pc 9.5+ is better if you can get the two tokens from Toc 25 heroic.

    @xeonio – Merlin’s Robe is very nice. If I can get my 8.5 gloves from somewhere i’ll be dropping my 8.5 chest for this robe.

    @soren19 – Pauldrons of Revered Mortality ( is nice if you want a non-tier shoulder piece.

    @sparklefreeze – yeah thats pretty much my thoughts.

    Gobble gobble.

  7. leneliesvoice says:

    I think your point is valid and given do you as a raider want to invest in building the set with no guarantee that you will have the 4 piece before 3.3 comes out.

    I think it highlights the inherent problem with loot. So often about the time we get it all together and done the way we want it, either Blizz changes the way stats work or releases new content and gear to go with it.

  8. xeonio says:

    Edit to my earlier statement… my group killed Northrend Beasts on 10man heroic and he did NOT drop a trophy. They might only drop from Anub’arak in 10man heroic (not sure yet). =(

  9. BobTurkey says:

    I believe the T9.5 trophies only drop from the tribute chest at the end of the ToC 10 heroic raid. The fewer wipes you have the more trophies that drop. You start with 50 attempts I beleive and you get one trophy per 10 complete attempts remaining. So 4 trohpies of you clear it with 10 or fewer wipes.

    Same for the T9.5+ trophies in Toc 25 heroic.

    Gobble gobble.

  10. Abi says:

    I want 2T9 for my Demonology set but for my Priest, I’m not really interested. I’ve kind of grown in to the T8 bonuses.

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