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No post today I don’t think.  I’ve spent my blogging time updating the gear lists including the trinkets.  Links to these are in my Top Posts box to the right.

Game time is a bit restricted ATM to to real life.  The weekend was spent in Stratholme (the original) farming for my Devout Bracers.  Why you might ask?  Cause i’m getting desperate for quests for my Loremaster of Kalimdor and this starts a chain of about seven.  Took me entire days play more-or-less (about six clears) for them to drop.  On the upside I did make exalted with Argent Dawn.

A very nice instance that, with some well thought out ideas like the skeletons breaking into the Crimson Hand area after you kill the guards for them.  Some weird drops too.

For my Loremaster I need 35 more quests, but I only have about six in my quest log.  Not sure where the other twenty or so are going to come from…


3 Responses to No post today

  1. sriggins says:

    Make sure you’ve done the guy in the cave in 1000 needles, and use wowhead to find those npcs standing afar just waiting for you the find them. Desolace has several pat quests (the pat going north-south is different from the one going south-north!) etc

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Yep done the tauren in the cave in Thousand Needles.

    Desolace has several pattolling quest givers? That sounds hopeful. Don’t think i’ve done any from wandering quest givers in Desolace except the centaur who wanted me to go to Maradan or whatever the instance is called.

    Thnaks for the ideas.

  3. sparklefreeze says:

    Loves Stratholme not!! Been in there enough times to be exalted with the Argent Dawn 10 times over; all because of that bloody Baron’s mount. 😦

    Btw, it’s a cute instance except my blood boils now at the mention of it. Sheer frustration!! But it does have a couple of interesting drops such as the picolo from the rare Hearthsinger, the canon trinket from inside the scarlet building etc. Oh and there’s the quest for the tobacco that you pick up from light’s hope as well that I find quite fun. Also, the mailbox boss hahaz.

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