Amazing discovery of the week


No i’m no going to tell you unless you click through.

Ok good.

Iron Boot Flasks don’t have uses!  Sure they have a 1 hour cool down but they don’t get used up.  Amazing discovery, eh?

The short back story is that I bought one to get the But I’m On Your Side for 10 and 25 man some time.  So last night was 25 man time.  We were doing I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim and we get the Runemaster down to his last 10% and I pop my flask and go all hard and dwarf-like.  We’re successful and I do some serious ‘I dance like a cossack’ Iron Dwarf dancing.  Yay me!

Anyway so i’m thinking i’ll have to remember to get another one for the 10 man version and then I notice that I still have the other one and its just on cool down.  Yay again!  I guess that explains why the vendor wouldn’t sell me two the first time I was there…

Another exciting thing is I think they were doing I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim to start the Algalon quest chain.  So me thinks we will have a crack at the celestial being some day soon.  Should be awesome to see, and with a bit of luck, to kill Algalon.  Plus I should get a chance to see and kill Yogg-Saron. The guild has killed him a few times but that was mostly before my time.


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