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I’m no WoW money making expert, but the other night I heard some guidlies complaining about lack of gold and needing to farm it and I was reminded that people actually farm as their main in-game income source.  I thought i’d share some things I do to make money.  Personally I spend about 10-20 minutes about 4-5 days a week (about 1-2 hours per week) doing various AH activities to earn gold.  From this I earn 1-3k per week.

I don’t use all the strategies below all the time but switch between them as needed or whim dictates.  I’m generally using about 5 or 6 of them at once.

General strategies

Generally you can buy a lot of your source mats cheapest over the weekends, especially Sunday, as the AH is flooded with sellers.  You can generally sell smaller volumes of the high profit items during the week.  High volume, low profit stuff sells best for me if I list it Thursday or Friday night.  The high volume stuff continues to sell well over the weekend but the profit margin usually fades.

I don’t cancel auctions except those created in error.

I don’t use Auctioneer currently (one day i’ll check it out and perhaps replace AHSearch and AuctionLite), but one tool which I find very useful for watching multiple commodities is Market Watcher.  An addon like AuctionLite or Auctioneer allows you to easily list multiple auctions of the same item type and also buyout/bid in bulk.

The strategies that work for you will depend on your server.  Some will make a lot more money than i’ve listed, others will be already over populated.

Greater Cosmic Essence and Lesser Cosmic Essence – Buy GCE, split them into LCE and then relist.  On my server I can generally sell about a dozen LCE each day, listed in 4 groups of 2 and 4 groups of 1 for 50-200% profit on each (GCE 10-15g, LCE 4-7g).
Regular 60 gold profit per day.

Greater Eternal Essence and Lesser Eternal Essence – These and many of the other pre-Northrend enchanting consumables can also be bought as Greaters (or Lessers) converted to the other type and relisted.  The advantage of many of these enchanting materials is that they have little or no cost to list.
Regular 40-60 gold profit per day.

Eternals, especially fire.  Buy Eternals, break them into Crystallized bits and relist.  occasionally you can actually make profit the other way.  I can generally list 2 x 4, 4 x 3, 4 x 2 and 4-6 x 1 of the crystallized version and they will sell.  Profit margin is usually about 100%.  Eternal Fires are often around 20g and Crystallized Fire around 4g.
Regular 60 gold profit per day.

I buy Moonshroud under 80g and sell when the price is over 120g.  I also have a Moonshroud spec’d tailor.  When the price gets really high (140g+) I even sell my back up stock from my tailor and re-purchase it when prices crash.  This is a low volume market with a longer cycle period between high and low.
Sporatic 200-500g profit about once every two weeks.

I buy Titanium Ore at 13-14g and sell when the price rises back to 17-18g.  Doesn’t sound like much but its 60-100g profit per stack.  I can generally get 5-15 stacks at a time.
Sporatic 600-1,000g profit about once every week currently.

I buy Frost Lotus in the weeks before new content patches.  Pre 3.2 these were selling for about 19-22g and are now selling for about 45-50g.  Be careful as these have a high listing cost.  An upside from these is that if I buy a lot and prices aren’t rising fast enough I just send them to my alchemist to make flasks with for raiding.
1,500-2,500g profit about once every 12 weeks.

Make use of your professions


Make Mycah’s Botanical Bags for about 120g each and sell about one per day for 250-300g.  I make the Primal Mooncloth myself or buy it off the AH if the price is low enough.  These sell because they are 24 slot and the 32 slot bag costs at least 900 gold in materials to make.  Many people aren’t willing to pay 1k+ gold for a herb bag but will 300g for a slightly smaller one.  There is also a barrier to entry as you have to be revered with Sporeggar to buy the pattern.  This market basically financed the others and has been good money for 12 months.
Regular 120g per day profit.

Buy unprocessed cloth and convert it to bolts.  There is often a big price difference and these sell in big volumes.  I haven’t used this method for some time mainly because the time/profit ratio is too low.  It takes some time to make bolts (although you can mostly AFK through it) and the profit is low per trade.


Transmute cheap epic gems (about 60g each) and either sell (around 130g) or cut and sell (prices up to about 200-250g).
Regular 100g per day profit.  Master Transmuter will make you a bit more money but even non-transmuters should be doing this for easy money.


Buy uncut gems and cut them to whatever offers profit.  Currently the market is pretty variable, but good profit can be made.  As above these are currently around 130g to buy uncut and then sold for 200-250g.  Profit in this market will decline until the next content patch, but should remain viable.  Currently most epic gems can be cut into something for 50g profit.
Regular 100g per day profit.

Buying ore, prospect the ore and sell the gems.  I don’t do much of this anymore as it is fairly well known and harder to find good enough profits here.  Your server might be different.  A similar option is buying ore and refining it to bars and selling the bars.

Jewelcrafter + Enchanting combination

Make Shadowmight rings from one Eternal Shadow and one Eternal Earth with your JC.  Mats cost about 9-10g per ring.  Disenchant the rings.  You get an average of at least 3 Infinite Dust per ring with 4-5 common and 1-2 Greater Cosmic Essence fairly commonly.  ID sell for 3.2-4.5g each, GCE 10-15g each, but see LSE above.  I don’t do much of this anymore as it takes 10-20 minutes and the 50-100g profit isn’t worth the play time.  The disenchanting is the slowest bit.
Regular 50-100g per day profit.

Tailoring + Enchanting combination

Buy cloth, make bolts, then make low cost tailoring greens.  Disenchant them and sell the materials.  This is similar to the JC + enchanting combo above.  It can take some time to find the right market, and this takes some time to make bolts and greens then disenchant, but there is fairly easy money to be made here.  I don’t use this method anymore for the same reason as above, the disenchanting takes too long when you do it in bulk.

There are many other trade skill combinations although many include the slow disenchanting component.

Using five to six of these methods I easily make 500-700 gold each day working it about 4-5 days a week.  So about 2,500 gold per week for 1-2 hours work.

These are only the tricks I use or have used recently.  There are many, many more.  More ideas can be found on the expert’s blogs like Gevlon’s Greedy Goblin and Markco’s Just My Two Coppers.

One more suggestion.  If you look into something, like Eternals, and find little profit in them check back every few weeks as the markets vary greatly.  I can make a lot of money in one area for a few weeks and drive the price right down.  I can then leave the market for a few weeks and come back to find to opportunity to make big profits return.

Good luck.


2 Responses to Making money

  1. sparklefreeze says:

    Hmm, my guild GM is an avid AH trader. He’s once told me he makes about 30k a week from selling gems, artic furs, gylphs and leg armor. But the down-side is really a huge investment of time and effort to stick your head in the AH every spare minute you got online to watch the market and look for cheap deals etc.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    You could spend more time than i’ved outlined above and make more money, however IMHO gold only has so much value and once you have a reasonable amount having more isn’t overly useful (other than bragging rights).

    This post was more to try and show that there is easier ways to make money than grinding dailies.

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