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Raiding has taken an unexpected turn the last couple of weeks.  Anub was released as the last boss of the Trial of the Crusader raid and there was much excitement.  Sadly last week, and so far this week, ToC has been a disappointment in the 25 man version.  Extreme lag has resulted in Northrend Beasts and Lord Jarraxas being actually challenging (but not in a good way) and the Faction Champions are unplayable.  Five second (5000ms ping) lag has turned ToC 25 into a strange stilted dance of electronic figures who teleport from location to location around the arena and die randomly. 😦

Last week we wrote it off as first week teething problems for the new boss and broke into 3 x 10 man raids two of which cleared the joint.  The 10 man groups had normal lag mostly and the game was playable.  Fast forward to this week and once again the excitement of starting a new ToC 25 raid quickly turns to anger and despair as unplayable lag terminates the raid after a narrow victory over Lord Jarraxas.

So we’re back in Ulduar…

Last night was clearing the keepers and then having a few shots at General Verax in hard mode.  Amazingly we cleared his trash in near text book style without a single wipe.  When not doing hard mode the trash is usually more dangerous than the boss.


OK, so I wrote the kinda semi rant above with the idea of finishing it up this morning and posting it.  Then last nights raiding happened.  ToC 25 had about the normal lag and although we didn’t one shot everything it was quite smooth.  Well except Anub.  On the last boss I fell out of the healing zone.  No idea why but I lost focus and basically caused the 3rd and 4th wipes all on my own.  Very embarrassing.  I hate doing that, especially twice in a row.  Basically I let the off-tank die in the first wipe and then let him die twice in the second wipe. 😦  A complete balls up.  I hung my head in shame.

5th attempt the raid leader very sensibly replaced me OT healing and assigned me to raid and we downed Anub fairly easily.  This is quite a fun fight for a healer with the regular heavy damage in phase 3 a challenge without random number deaths occurring.

One thing which probably helped with the raid, and certainly reduced my latency was installing Leatrix Latency Fix.  This simple change reduced my normal 350-400 ping down to 250-270 instantly.  I’ll probably post more on this later.

So following Toc 25 we head back to Ulduar.  After some delay we decide to call the raid half an hour early rather than attempting General V hard mode and his trash.  Good for me as I need the sleep anyway.  I log over to my bank toon and am about to exit the game when my raid leader pops into my vent channel and asks if I want to heal a quick ToC 10 clear.  No rest for the wicked.  I kinda of reluctantly accept thinking I can always sleep another night.  We form up, summon and zone in.  Its a mix of raiders and a couple of alts and what not.

Blam! Toc 10 cleared in just under 1 hour. It was amazing.  The raid leader was the laid back sort and we had all done the fights before, so other than a bit of discussion pre-Faction Champions we just got on with it.  One wipe on the champions otherwise very smooth.

Thought out both 10 and 25 clears one common theme was in the loot.  Caster DPS loot dropped from pretty much every boss with some dropping multiple caster DPS pieces.  I picked up a couple of upgrades including a new off-hand with hit rating which was an upgrade for my healing spec!

Anyway better post this before I fiddle with it too much more.

Gobble gobble.


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  1. jebussthepriest says:

    Congrats on the offhand turke 🙂 I’m going to try that Leatrix Latency Fix! I’ve got 30ms but I’m going to see If I can get that a little lower =)

    keep up the good work man =]

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks. I’d kill for 30ms ping.

  3. xeonio says:

    30ms?! Do you live next door to the Blizzard servers?

  4. 1ucerna says:


    Hope you don’t mind me posting this in a comment (or asking at all), but I could not find your email address.

    This is kind of related to ToC (even if only in the initialism)… I was wondering if you could help evaluate my recent difficulties in Trial of the Champion 5 man Heroic.

    Some Background:
    Lucerna on Azuremyst-EU

    Quite recently hit 80, dual spec’d into Discipline (after levelling with Shadow) so I have never tried Holy healing. With my guild I can heal all the 5-man heroics, mostly only shielding/PoM on the trash. Never have a hard time or run out of mana. No deaths unless someone makes a mistake or is not paying attention.

    The Problem:
    Trial of the Champion 5HC, took about 16 wipes yesterday. Myself (Disc Priest), 1 DPS DK, 1 Tank DK, 1 DPS Pally, 1 DPS Rogue.

    Grand Champions: Mounted stuff was fine. Ran out on dismount to get the champions lined up so we could buff etc. We got Deathstalker Visceri, the one with poison clouds and stacking DoTs. Pre-shielded/PoM, penance/flash healing the tank shielding/renewing the rest whenever possible. It seemed I either let the tank die trying to save the rest, or let the rest die trying to save the tank. In the end we had to get the pally to off-tank Visceri, while the tank and other dps killed the healer and melee. By that time Visceri had less than half health so dps did not have a hard time killing him off.

    Argent Confessor Paletress: Not sure what went wrong here. Couple of times had forgot to remove the +90% cast time debuff from myself before casting, letting someone die. Others she killed me with holy fire/smite during fear, resulting in a wipe. Eventually got her + add down though.

    The Black Knight: First two phases were easy, no deaths. Third phase though, I simply could not out heal that hit-all party members spell (did not have the throughput or mana), especially when it hit myself, so I ended up dying which resulted in a wipe. Swapped the rouge for a mage at this point (with higher dps). Waited for cooldowns. Managed to get him eventually with 2 Armies of Death, and myself using Divine Hymn, with only the tank alive.

    Absolutely no cloth or trinket dropped, so was not worth it, but boy was it an experience and a half.

    Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong and a point in the right direction to fix it would be great.


  5. BobTurkey says:

    Hi 1ucerna,

    No i don’t mind you asking. I’m too lazy to have another email address to manage and check.

    Gear looks fine for the job.

    re:Grand Champions – all melee DPS would have made this harder. Off tanking the rogue away from the rest sounds an excellent idea. Your healing method sounds like it was a good one. i’m not sure if there was much as a healer you could change there. If in doubt keep the tank alive and let the DPS die.

    re:Argent Confessor Paletress – I haven’t done this fight for a while but I remember spending half the fight unable to cast. Very annoying watching people die. An add on like Decursive helps with highlighting dispellable stuff, but I assume you’re probably using something to make this aspect of your role easier.

    Not a lot of advice I can offer here. The main issue i’ve had here (besides the fear thing) is weak DPS making this fight longer than need be or them continuing to DPS the Confessor when the add is up. Add needs to die first and as fast as possible. Don’t forget Fear Ward, although the long CD limits its usefulness.

    re:The Black Knight – yeah phase 3 is a DPS race to kill him before he wipes the raid. Once again weak DPS will make this a lot harder for the healer.

    First thing is to try and minimise the damage to the party from Desecration in P2 by having the tank move the boss around and out of this. If the party is near death going into P3 your job is going to be a lot harder. Healing options limited mainly by the global cool down. PWS the lowest health person then cast Prayer of Healing (PoH). Penance lowest health person, then shield someone then PoH again. You probably don’t have time for Flash Heal. After the first or second cast of PoH would be a good time to cast Divine Hymn. Try and keep Prayer of Mending on cool down as it will generate a lot of healing in this fight.

    Blood lust in P3 is helpful too. Shadow Protection or paly aura to increase shadow resistance is useful.

    I must go back and try this one again. I haven’t done it of ages.

    Gobble gobble.

  6. 1ucerna says:

    Thank for so very much for your reply, we are about to try again hopefully it will go better this time, wish me luck 🙂 – I’ll let you know how it goes.

    P.S. managed to heal pug with high dps in ToC HC with only one death and no wipes, so perhaps it is not me? (We didn’t get the one that poisons)

  7. 1ucerna says:

    Okay, did a guild run with higher DPS members, same tank, no deaths, no wipes, we got the poison champion at the start, but not the healer, so that made it easier. Didn’t get Argent Confessor Paletress either, so step 2 was easy as well.

    I think the dps (~[2.3k, 2.8k, 3.2k] vs ~[1.9k, 2.3k and 2.8k] last time) made all the difference, was not near running out of mana for the whole thing, and did not have to use my Divine Hymm.

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