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I’ve been getting a few requests for posts on specific topics in my comments recently so I thought i’d throw the floor open to all you readers.

Leave me a comment with stuff you want to know about or general areas/topics (WoW related).  Otherwise i’ll just stick to random posts as it takes my interest.

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  1. eplandslide says:

    I healed Ony 25 last night, and it was my first 25 man in Wrath in a situation where I really had to be on my game. The only other 25 I’ve done is Naxx in a situation where everyone was well geared and I really didn’t have to do much.

    My job was healing the OT picking up the large adds (not the whelps), and I found myself (disc spec) basically popping my cool downs as soon as they were up and spamming flash heal the rest of the time. In fact, I was basically spamming a heal the entire fight. Mostly I did this because I was so nervous and didn’t want to let the group down (they were another guild, and me and a bud were filling out two holes in their raid). As it turns out, we 1-shotted Ony (despite the fact that the OT needlessly taunted Ony with 5%; she immediately fire-breathed in his direction and took out half the raid).

    On my unit frames (I use VuhDo) it looked to me like my healing target was just about topped off the entire time, with a few exceptions (like the fears). I was surprised to see that I’d healed him about 600k. I was not surprised to see, however, that 70% of my healing output was overheal.

    I guess my question (finally) is: how do you adapt from 10 to 25 man? Is there any difference, even though fights are the same? The hits seem to be SO BIG compared with 10 man. My sense is that you just have to spam heal …

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Good question eplandslide. I’ll post on this before long.

  3. eplandslide says:

    Thanks BT. I like reading your blog a great deal — sensible, insightful, enjoyable to read and well-written.

    As part of your answer, I wonder if you have any sense of the difference between being buffed in a 10 man raid versus a 20 man raid. My mp5 on Ony 25 was approaching 950 (and something like 600 while casting), with a ridiculous mana pool (26k). It felt like I was never going to run out of a man. And sure enough, I pumped out about 2 million HP with some mana to spare.

    Given these enormous jumps in mana pool size and regen in 25 man raids, my sense that healing here means chain-healing seems reinforced…. looking forward to your response!

  4. jessebel says:

    My question is: is it worth taking the t9.5 2nd set bonus for a discipline priest?
    I assume that the bonus empowers DivineAegis for only 3% (10% x 30%).
    Maybe it’s better to choose gear with better stats over the 3rd and 4th t9.5 piece?
    Like: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=49482 ( + http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47604, instead of T9.5 head and chest.

  5. BobTurkey says:

    Hi Jessebel,

    Try this; https://bobturkey.wordpress.com/2009/08/28/priest-4-piece-t8-5-vs-2-piece-t9-5/

    Read the comments too as I discuss the 4 peice T9 bonus there.

    Gobble gobble.

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  7. piricu says:

    I know it’s a bit old, but I’ve been having a bit of a dilemma here about my healing.

    I am a disc priest, decently geared, self buffed I’m around 2450 spellpower, 25k manapool, 35% crit, 400 haste. I need more spellpower, hehe.

    Typhically, as should be, I’m assigned to tank healing. We have a lot of priests in our guild, and recently I did a 2 holy priest + 1 disc priest ToCr10.
    Well, short story of it is that I was pulling 2300 HPS (I usually do around 1700-2000 and never go oom) – I was healing /both/ tanks, and partially on the raid the entire time, and had to use cooldowns for the first time.
    Now, I looked at the healing charts at the two holy priests and saw that one was doing 2500, and the other 1800. I thought these numbers looked really low, and wasn’t sure how to bring it up, so I never have…
    One of them was a my GL alt, and the other a close friend. Their primary healing was off of GH, Renew, and PoM.
    I’ve never played a holy priest, I don’t know what it should look like, but I feel like I was doing a little more then my fair share against two raid ehalers (35-40% healing, without absorption counted) —

    Can you tell me what healing meters are supposed to look like for a disc and holy priest, average 232 gear, in a 10 man environment? Raw healing- no mitigation taken into account.

    I hope my guild will someday understand disc priests and my mitigation, as for now they constantly seem to ask me to go holy. I refuse, don’t want to now, or ever!

  8. BobTurkey says:

    @piricu – I’m not a good person to comment on meters as I very rarely look at them. However for raid healing holy priests I was surprised to see this:

    “Their primary healing was off of GH, Renew, and PoM.”

    I would have expected to see CoH, PoM and FH as the top three with Renew about 4th.

    re: not understanding disc – you could try showing them some World of Log or other log parses of your raids which include mitigation and healing.

  9. Piri says:

    That was my assumption aswell, so I was very concerned to see them like that. CoH is 6 sec CD for 5 people, smart heal, as far as I know.. and they seem to focus on the long heals.. and I am not sure about anyone else… but in a raid environment I don’t wait for that long to cast a heal off on someone if they’re down 4k+ health.

    Heal sniping, I guess but I don’t wait for their Gheal or whenever they get to healing, I cast Fheal and Penance if I feel it’s needed.

  10. Nizara says:

    I’m a switch hitter. I run ToC heroic 10 and regular ToC 25 mostly. In the 10 mans I usually 2 heal it with a mostly 245 geared holy pally as a disc priest with a shadow priest providing backup support as holy and my switching to holy for the harder to heal fights like Twins.

    Self buffed as holy I’m at 3200 spellpower, 21% holy crit, 580 haste and 360ish mp5 while casting.

    When talented, my gheals run about 1.4 second cast time with Serenditpity and 2.0s without. That being said, in a 10 man setting I could see where a holy priest would be using gheal to back you up on the tanks.

    In a 25 man raid, I never cast gheal. It’s all CoH, Renew, PoH, and PoM with some flash heal. I took all the talents out of anything to do with gheal and used the points to beef up my renew. The initial heal from renew (Empowered Renew) runs around 15-1600 and it ticks (with the glyph) for 2800. If you’re in a situation where you know the raid isn’t going to get topped off immediately by another raid healer and isn’t going to take fatal damage soon then renew is a great tool.

    That being said, depending on the fight I put out about 2800-3000 HPS and never run out of mana between the BE racial, shadowfield, hymn, and pot.

    I suppose my point here is that if you see a holy priest who’s top heal is gheal and they’re not on the tanks specifically then there’s room for improvement.

  11. Piri says:

    Seldomly do we ever put holy priests on tanks, it’s not that they can’t do it just fine, simply that I do it better. I also feel (just tossing this out there) that fights like Twins were made for disc. Bubble everyone in circles, PoM popping around, renew when needed, I love the fight! — at least on 10 man. 25 I can hardly stay connected.

    I might have a twinge of hero syndrome, I don’t enjoy seeing 2-3 people with a deficit of health, so I top them off. The holy priests can do that with one slap of the CoH. I don’t know if they wait for full 5 people to get low or something, but it drives me crazy.

  12. Nizara says:

    @Piri After playing the last couple weeks as disc in many situations I can completely agree with you that a disc priest on a tank is much better than a holy priest on a tank. The shields and mitigation go a very long way to reduce the spikes that come with tanking. There’s really no contest.

    On regular 10 man Twins, also being disc isn’t a bad way to do it. There aren’t that many balls floating around and it’s easier for people to avoid them. I switch to holy on heroic 10 because it’s much more likely that someone is going to eat a couple balls. Even if they come 3-6 seconds apart the first ball and the environmental AE damage is going to eat through your shield. If everyone is standing close enough together you have quite a bit of time before you can reshield them after it’s gone because weakened soul is still up on them.

    As holy you have a lot more throughput. At least I do. I can ‘circle’ renew to deal with environmental damage and CoH to deal with serious spikes. PoM in both specs is bouncing around nicely. Flash heal is ALWAYS free and instant whenever I need it and I PoH if everything else is on cooldown.

    This healing strategy keeps the group I’m healing and the tank on my side completely full for most of the fight. I tried it as disc once and I couldn’t keep up with the incoming damage.

  13. Piri says:

    I agree entirely on the thoroughput part; and truthfully I should be one to speak! I’ve never played holy nor do I have interest to.
    As for the spikes and such during that fight, penance and flash (which is just over 1.1 seconds) can easily pick that up, and the twins themselves do so little damage it’s easy to heal the tanks and the raid.

    Thankfully.. this week my holy pally was back ❤ I heart holy pallies!

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