24 October 2009

As the sign says i’m away.  Might be a bit quiet around here for two weeks (unless my blog gets hacked).

Any bets on 3.3 dropping while i’m away? (probably not)

*turns out the lights*

Gobble gobble.

Blog advertising

22 October 2009

This isn’t directly WoW related.

For a while now i’ve considered putting advertising on this blog.  More specifically moving off the free WordPress and on to paid-for WordPress or similar.  Then putting ads of some sort on this blog.  So far my natural laziness has been winning the battle of progressing this idea.

Part of me is interested to see what sort of income I can make blogging (if any) and seeing as I have about 3-3.5k readers it might be feasible now.  Another part says I could jazz up the look of it and add stuff like support for WoWHead links, which I can’t do ATM.

The main blog I read where I notice adverts is Just My Two Copper run by Markco.  I find this very mildly annoying.  Not enough so i’d stop reading his blog.

What do you guys think? Hate advertising with a passion?  Don’t care?

Gobble gobble.

Goings on

20 October 2009


Game time has been a bit quiet recently.  Wednesday night we cleared ToC 25 (normal), VoA and Onyxia 25 for an enjoyable nights raiding.  Once again I DPS’ed the entire night except for going discipline for dispelling vs Faction Champions.  I seem to be DPSing more and more on my priest.  Part of the reason is our raiding shadow priest (and his wife, one of our best healing priests) evaporated a month back and we have almost no Boomkins for some reason either.  The mages have been getting twitchy without a 3% hit debuff 🙂  So i’ve been pushing about 4.2k DPS in fairly decent item level 245 gear, which is nothing on the mages and hunters (about 6k), but apparently low DPS from shadow is normal…

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User interface and Stuf

18 October 2009


I think you’re going to be getting a few posts about addons and my user interface (UI) in the near future.  I’ve been fiddling with my UI a bit recently and i’m still feeling the urge for more fiddling.  I find posts about other peoples UI generally interesting so perhaps this might be worth a read also.

This post is just a warm up and is mainly to tell you about a pair of great addons I have discovered of late.

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16 October 2009

This isn’t directly Wow related although it does affect you readers because it affects us writers.

When you create a blog which achieves any kind of decent readership you also attract leeches of various types.  This post is primarily about the type of leeches who duplicate blog posts and then pass them off as their own.

Although this gives me (and most other bloggers) the shits I have been just ignoring it, but Miss Medicina’s recent post on the topic, got me to thinking I should put my opinion out there and provide readers with instruction on how you can legitimately copy my work.  So here goes.

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