Lazy links


Lots of interesting things on other peoples blogs ATM <insert real life excuse here>

Worth a look:

  • Miss Medicina is still going on about priests.  I think she’s just about covered the entire class now and todays post is all about gemming priests and enchanting them.
  • Spot Heal has a decent FAQ on Discipline
  • Hikari @ Lowered Expectations has a nice walk through of the Pit of Sauron
  • Druid QQ from Lume the Mad.  An interesting read for priests.  I was under the impression druids were currently pretty much on top healing-wise ATM, but Lume thinks otherwise.  Grass is always greener, etc.
  • wantedpriest has and interesting post about T9 vs tailored stuff, which is a decision I know many priests are facing

Something less lazy when I catch up with life.

Gobble gobble.


2 Responses to Lazy links

  1. tensten says:

    Trying to ask a question about another website, but the comment system keeps eating them. I’m going to try this split apart. We’ll see if that works.

    The website is available at the standard port 80 protocol with a url that starts with genericwow and then has a dot com followed by slash blog slash.

    Is that you? They have most of your content. Prowling around the top level directory, I can see a guild page there, but the information on it is pretty old. And doesn’t match your server.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    No that is someone ripping off my (and many other peoples) content. They screen scrape my content and then present it on that website as their own work.

    Sorry about eating your other comments. The reason the other comments were swallowed is because I have black listed the URL.

    Gobble gobble.

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