Healing 10 man vs 25 man raids


eplandslide posted a comment with a story about a 25 man raid s/he did recently and asked from some advice about making the transition from 10 man healing to 25 man healing.  This is my suggestions on the transition and some things to be aware of.

My impression of healing Normal 5 man instances is that they are fun and pretty easy.

Heroic 5 man instances scare the crap out of you when you first start doing them as a healer.  No more thoughts like, “hmmm the tank has lost 25% of his health, I guess i’d better top him up.”  Its more like a nervous first person shooter where the healer sits hunched over the keyboard twitching and mashing keys at the first sign of damage. “OMFG, DAMAGE!!!!!!! HEAL NOW, NOW, NOW. FASTER! BIGGER!”  But you get used to them and you twitch faster with practice 😉

10 man raids are kind a like double heroics 5 mans but with a difference.  The bosses take longer to kill and most importantly you are no longer responsible for healing everyone.  You can share the blame load with other healers who will vary from making you wonder what they are doing as you heal your arse off to making you wonder why your even there as they heal everything.

25 man raids are like school.  Some raiders are quite, some are noisy.  Some seem to be the popular ones and others play, but you know nothing about them but their name.  The teachers generally are trying to get the class to do something, but not everyone follows instructions.  Some wander off unannounced and then return at a time which suits them.  Others seem to have far too many beans and bounce around like they have ants in their pants.  Healing 25 mans is like being a soldier.  You follow orders (everyone is happier when you do it without question) and it consists of long periods of bordom followed by short moments of terror.

I know.  Not a very useful answer was it? Let’s call it a segway and move on.

eplandslide asked:

I wonder if you have any sense of the difference between being buffed in a 10 man raid versus a 20 man raid. My mp5 on Ony 25 was approaching 950 (and something like 600 while casting), with a ridiculous mana pool (26k). It felt like I was never going to run out of a mana. And sure enough, I pumped out about 2 million HP with some mana to spare.

Given these enormous jumps in mana pool size and regen in 25 man raids, my sense that healing here means chain-healing seems reinforced…. looking forward to your response!

Oh I totally missed eplandslides point… focus BobTurkey focus!

This is actually harder to answer than it looks, but the short answer is yes, more chain healing. 🙂

Depending on your context, and i’m going to assume normal 10 and 25 man raiding, you normally spend say 50% of your in-combat time healing in a 10 man raid and something more like 80-90% of you time in 25 man healing.  There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly there are are 2.5 times more raiders needing healing.  There is of course about the same additional multiple of healers, i.e. 2-3 in 10 man to 5-6 in 25 man, but with more healers comes more opportunity for over healing.

Secondly there is more damage in 25 man.  Sounds obvious but there is.  Everything hits harder and there is more of it.  E.g. Kologarn grabs 1 person in normal and three in heroic.  His Focused eye beam does about 2.5k DPS in normal and 3.5k in heroic. Etc, etc.

So even though you will almost always have more and a greater variety of buffs giving you more mana to heal with in 25 mans there is more healing to be done per healer.

Does that make sense to anyone else?

Gobble gobble.


6 Responses to Healing 10 man vs 25 man raids

  1. harteofuldaman says:

    Larger raids require more healing assignments. Often, a holy priest will be asked to “heal the raid”. Sometimes, “heal your group” and once in a while “keep the tank up”. Paying attention to orders from the healing leader becomes more important as raids get larger and content harder.

  2. ls says:

    eplandslide here (changed handle to “ls”). Thanks for this information. I’m somewhat relieved to hear that the short answer is “more chain healing.”

    I’m *also* relieved to hear that the difference between 10 and 25 is not simply a matter of scaling — or rather that the change in scale requires a change in skill (usually). What do I mean? I mean that, for example, healers have to react more quickly (as does everyone else).

    What I find most interesting in your response however, is your description of 25 mans as a social environment (i.e., school). I chuckled a bit here because I know exactly what you are referring to (been doing more 25s lately…). There are always a few slackers, a few loud types, a few clock-in-clock-out-all-business types, the raid leaders frantically trying to sort things out, healers begging for assignment clarity, etc.

    This is what makes WoW an interesting chat-room among other chatrooms, to pick up an old comment ….

  3. KiwiRed says:

    I’m exploring the reverse; going from 25-man to 10-man raid healing. I’m finding the 10-mans are more social than the 25-mans, as the 25-mans are by necessity more regimented (all that cat-herding, you know – because (insert sense of humour here) it takes a firm hand to keep all the peasants in line).

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah 10 mans are more social in my experience. I actually prefer 10 man raiding for this reason, but both can be fun.

  5. khenna says:

    25 man’s/men..whatever, seem to be nothing more than 25 people trying to annoy each other. My opinion is based mostly because I’m forced to PUG my 25 man raids, as my guild is relatively small. 10 man raids usally run smoothly, 25 man raids= there’s always 2-3 afk, or bio, or “sorry my kid’s blah blah”. That’s the reason I haven’t done many 25’s, hell, since conquest badges drop in heroics, I mostly stay in 5 man’s.
    Till last night. I healed 10 man Ulduar, well, me and 2 “trees”. It was kinda funny, as a disc priest I kept the 2 trees and the tank up, that was my asignment, CAKE! PLUS…I was the ONLY CLOTHIE in the raid!!! But the dreaded “curse of the PUG” got me again, no priest-worthy gear drops, and we wait an HOUR between bosses. Needless to say, my annoyance will keep me out of raids for a while longer now. =/

  6. BobTurkey says:

    Heh heh, yeah pugging raids sometimes sucks. OS25 and VoA25 pugs runs were often like that. Worst thing was the impatience of everyone which led to pulling with only half the raiders there, pulling when the healers had low mana and other stupid things.

    Conversly my first ever Ulduar 10 run was in a PUG (back in the first few weeks it was out) and we killed FL, Razor, Ignis, Kologarn and the cat lady over a couple of hours. The RL gear checked people and we lucked out with a bunch of intelligent players. So sometimes it works 🙂

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