This isn’t directly Wow related although it does affect you readers because it affects us writers.

When you create a blog which achieves any kind of decent readership you also attract leeches of various types.  This post is primarily about the type of leeches who duplicate blog posts and then pass them off as their own.

Although this gives me (and most other bloggers) the shits I have been just ignoring it, but Miss Medicina’s recent post on the topic, got me to thinking I should put my opinion out there and provide readers with instruction on how you can legitimately copy my work.  So here goes.

If you want to republish any of my posts you need to credit me as the original author.  Preferably note somewhere near the top of your post that I’m the original author and link to the original post which you are copying.  That’s it.  Nothing complicated.  Personally I can’t see why you would want to copy one of my posts in its entirety and re-post it instead of just linking to the original unless you were hoping to attract readers to your website.  This applies to blog posts, forum posts, ‘wow guides’, etc.

I realise some are screen scraping my work, usually using an automated process, and I have little hope that they will magically stop because I ask them to.  I’m happy to ignore them as they are the “junk mail” of blogs anyway.

Sorry for the gloomy nature of this post, but I felt this needed to be said.

Gobble gobble.


3 Responses to Leeches

  1. khenna says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been plagiarized. That’s what happens when one is too lazy to do the work on their own, and too selfish to not give credit where credit is due.
    Just to inform you however, you’ve got probably the most stellar reputation (for healing data) in the cummunity. I see SEVERAL sites quoting you (giving you credit-I may add) for being an “authority” on the subject of healing/priests (I don’t play a shammy or Drood, so I don’t read thier stuff).
    Take heart friend, people know who really comes up with the info and I will always tell my friends/guildmates to come here for the REAL SCOOP! Keep up the good work, we appreciate it, believe me.

  2. xeonio says:

    Heya Bob, are you talking about that pingback on one of my posts? I saw that and thought it looked weird. I’ll delete the pingback though cuz that is really shitty. I tried to take a look at that blog but its REALLY weird. If you click on the comments from one of those links it brings you BACK to your site so I thought that maybe it was yours somehow /shrug.

    Its not just that one post that looked like urs either… it looks like a complete duplicate of your blog just with a different name on the header. The pingback gave me an IP but no email address if you want I can get you that (not sure if its helpful).

  3. BobTurkey says:

    @khenna – Wow thanks for the compliments i’m flattered.

    There is no problem with people quoting me as long as they give credit. Its the complete copy and past jobs that look identical to my posts but which are on a few other websites and they don’t even link back to the original or even mention me as being the original author that gives me (and other writers) the shits.

    @xeonio – No, no, not pings, they are fine. Its the copy+paste stuff thats annoying. I delete any pings that come back from the plagiarising websites. Pings from other genuine websites, like yours are fine. Encouraged infact 😉 I find half my interesting stuff by following links and pings on other poeples blogs.

    Thanks for the comments.

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