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I think you’re going to be getting a few posts about addons and my user interface (UI) in the near future.  I’ve been fiddling with my UI a bit recently and i’m still feeling the urge for more fiddling.  I find posts about other peoples UI generally interesting so perhaps this might be worth a read also.

This post is just a warm up and is mainly to tell you about a pair of great addons I have discovered of late.


This is awesome!  It is very basic and allows you to do something quite powerful.  You can enable/disable addons without logging out.  Testing out new addons and want to turn them on or off easily?  Been at the auction house and still got fat addons like Auctioneer enabled?  Getting disconnected in Onyxia 25 and want to slim down on addons?  Bored of starring at Recount and want to turn it off for a while?  This is your addon.  Just open the addon panel in the interface menu and enable/disable as you like.  Many addons require you to /reloadui (a button is provided to do this), but it is better than completely logging out and back in again.

Those guildies reading who keep logging on and off to disable/enable addons should get this. Much easier.

Ampere by Tekkub


See what I did with the title?  Tricky eh?  Stuf is a set of unit frames which appears to be a replacement (rewrite?) of StellarUF (notice the name?).  It replaces your default player, target, target of target, focus, pet and party unit frames with something very configurable and much easier to look at.

I have zero expereince with unit frames mods like X-Perl and Pitbull so I can’t compare but they would have to be pretty good to be better than Stuf.  Stuf is light weight and easy to set up.  The default, out-of-the-box, setup is very usable and requires very little/no configuration.  Conversely, if you like, you can configure pretty much anything you like about the unit frames through a mixture of option in the addons interface panel for most basic stuff through to actual LUA DogTags-3.0 (I think) if you want to do fancy stuff.

Originally I looked at some oUF UIs, like oUF_Nivaya, after seeing Llyra’s post on it, but it looked a bit complicated for me.  Stuf seems to be a decent compromise.

Things i’m immediately liking about Stuf (other unit frames can probably do this but the default can’t) includes visual representation of incoming healing on unit health bars.  This works both for healing and for DPS on enemy targets.  This shades the health bar of your target to show approximately how much incoming healing/damage is happening on the target.  This uses the standard libraries (LibHealComm-3.0 and LibRangeCheck-2.0) and is compatible with most other similar mods (they share data).

I’m going to write some more about Stuf at some stage as there is little to no information about it available.  This will probably be along the lines of how to install/setup and maybe a post about some useful but basic LUA code DogTags for displaying stuff in your Stuf.

I am not using the associated StufRaid, which are raid frames as I have Grid to fill that function.

Stuf by totalpackage

Gobble gobble.


2 Responses to User interface and Stuf

  1. modsandmood says:

    I must say i love Stuf!

    and as for Ampere… there is another mod that does exactly the same: Addon Control Panel ( Atm i am using that but i might give a shot to Ampere to see who is the best 🙂

  2. grendeljapan says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to get home and install Ampere. That is great functionality!

    Stuf looks pretty decent, but Pitbull4 (the current version) is solid without customization, pretty user friendly (more so than version 3 anyway), highly configurable, relatively light weight, and so on. If you are still in the early stages of experimenting with these types of mods Pitbull4 is definitely worth at least looking at (before you’ve crossed that line where you’ve customized it to a point where you don’t want to have to bother switching to a different mod).

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