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Game time has been a bit quiet recently.  Wednesday night we cleared ToC 25 (normal), VoA and Onyxia 25 for an enjoyable nights raiding.  Once again I DPS’ed the entire night except for going discipline for dispelling vs Faction Champions.  I seem to be DPSing more and more on my priest.  Part of the reason is our raiding shadow priest (and his wife, one of our best healing priests) evaporated a month back and we have almost no Boomkins for some reason either.  The mages have been getting twitchy without a 3% hit debuff 🙂  So i’ve been pushing about 4.2k DPS in fairly decent item level 245 gear, which is nothing on the mages and hunters (about 6k), but apparently low DPS from shadow is normal…

Thursday night we again cleared ToC 25 again up to Anub before a server reset.  This time I was unfortunantly on my elem shaman.  I used to like my shaman but these days I just can’t get into him.  Totems are cool and his DPS is decent as elemental.  His AoE is weak, but he switches single targets much better than my shadow priest.  I’m not a huge DPS fan and elemental is ok, just not my thing I think.  Healing-wise I just can’t get into resto shamans.  I just find it slow and dull.  No idea why although I guess I probably compare him to my priest. Probably doesn’t help that about six other raiders have shaman alts.

Anyway I did my thing for the guild and raided on him, but Thursday was kinda, meh.

Thats it raiding-wise.  Real life kept me away the other nights although Sunday I did get some time on my “current favorite” Moowall.  I have been mainly farming normal ToC 5 for The Black Heart.  Over about six runs it dropped once and the fury warrior won the need roll… At least he offered to heal some runs on his main priest some time so I could get one.

I’m still scared about tanking on him, although I think i’ve got Toc 5 down now.  I LFG’ed a few times to try and get into heroic UK but nothing came of it.  Its wierd being back at ‘heroic level’.  I mean on Turkelife i’m confident to heal anything but on Moowall i’ve got this kinda mental block about tanking heroics.  I must break it!  I mean i’ve got 29k health, 33% avoidance and 535 defence unbuffed, which is apparently heaps for heroics (I can get 540 defence easily enough by swapping gear).  I’ve even gotten rid of my 75 defence rating green shoes 😉 I will tank one sometime soon.

I did get into heroic UK yesterday but they needed a DPS so I loaded up my Arms spec.  The dust was thick in the air as I put on my warrior DPS gear.  The off spec of an alt is practically new ground every time I do it.  🙂 Arms DPS was quite fun and I did managed to get up to about 1.8k DPS anytime the targets stayed alive longer than 5 seconds.  I was reminded how much I don’t enjoy melee DPS with all the fiddling and repositioning continually.

So I ended up doing heroic UK, heroic UP, heroic AN and heroic OK.  I gotta get off my arse and tank these sometime.  There were deaths and a couple of wipes.  A shaman we picked up for H OK responded to requests to drop totems with “i’m too lazy”.  Lucky I wasn’t running the PUG other-wise I wouldn’t have been too lazy to drop-kick his arse from the group.  Heroic AN dropped Essence of Gossamer on Moowall’s first ever visit to make my trinketing decisions even more complicated and I got some badges, but not enough for anything useful yet.

I seem to be drifting a bit now Turkelife has run out of things to do and I don’t have much incentive to go too hard on Moowall as the heroics will all drop Emblem of Triumphs in 3.4 instead of Emblems of Conquest.  Emblems of Conquest are so passe at this late stage in the patch. 🙂

Gobble gobble.


5 Responses to Goings on

  1. Hikari says:

    I hate how there’s this gigantic lull always between patches after a few weeks…

    But then again, I haven’t been able to fully raid for about three months. 😦

    Also, tank stuff for me plz.

  2. khenna says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that sees a slightly low DPS in shadow spec. Although, you’re still pulling almost twice what I do (but I don’t have much over ilvl 213 gear in my DPS set). I always hear about “shadow priests MELT FACES”…the most I seem to do is give ’em a “irritating tan” =/
    If my DPS is put up against a mage or melee DPS of roughly the same gear score, my DPS is LLOOOWWW.
    Do you have a recommended rotation/gear list for shadow spec, or a link to someones? I know it’s not the intent of this blog, but as u yourself said, it’s becomming more common for us to have to switch (plus it IS fun).

  3. BobTurkey says:

    Tank stuff? Sure. 🙂

    My shadow gear is better than my healing gear due to lots of luck (thanks VoA). For shadow stuff check out http://www.shadowpriest.com. I will try and remember to post my shadow cheat sheet info soon.

    After my holiday.

    Gobble gobble.

  4. grendeljapan says:

    It is kind of a funny thing to transition to, but I just recently went through the same series of emotions going from dps specs on my DK and Priest to healing normal, healing heroics, and now and working through the same issues going to tanking and healing pug raids (i.e., VoA, Ony, etc.).

    ToC and H-ToC have some great options for starter tanking gear (as you’ve obviously been exploring), but don’t knock the conquest options entirely, since the BP is pretty easy to pick up and good tanking BPs (beyond the Rep one) are otherwise impossible to find. The cloak is also nice if you need defense.

    The one thing I found about engaging in this process is that H-ToC is quite a bit more challenging than most other heroics. If you get a rogue/war/other combo, you can see huge bursts of damage coming in that a lot of pug healers aren’t ready to handle. Your health, avoidance, and defense (535 is precisely what is needed to tank heroics without crits, although some pugs don’t know that) are all definitely good enough.

    Obviously, there are differences between tanking classes, but I’ve found that primarily focusing on my health pool (post defense cap) gives me the most comfort and survivability for heroics. Clearly, as I transition into more difficult content, avoidance will be important, and of course it IS important in heroics too, but health tends to be how tanks are evaluated. So, this focus on hp, for me at least, has improved my confidence in terms of survivability and has improved how “eligible” others see me as a tank. Your mileage may vary.

  5. khenna says:

    So true. I’m sure you guys have seen it too: You pug cause your ENTIRE guild is offline, my GS is around 2300+, so H ToC should be no problem…WRONG! I get some FAIL-tanks who’s wearing half greens/blues and doesn’t know how to hold threat. What happens? Me in my nice shiney raid gear, thinking I’m the Shizzle, can’t keep him up and…we wipe. Then we wipe some more…I start feeling like I’ve got malaria (I’m wiping so much-Eww).
    So yeah, gearing out of ToC for tanking is great, however, make sure you’re geared for ToC before going in (general statement, not directed toward you guys).

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