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This isn’t directly WoW related.

For a while now i’ve considered putting advertising on this blog.  More specifically moving off the free WordPress and on to paid-for WordPress or similar.  Then putting ads of some sort on this blog.  So far my natural laziness has been winning the battle of progressing this idea.

Part of me is interested to see what sort of income I can make blogging (if any) and seeing as I have about 3-3.5k readers it might be feasible now.  Another part says I could jazz up the look of it and add stuff like support for WoWHead links, which I can’t do ATM.

The main blog I read where I notice adverts is Just My Two Copper run by Markco.  I find this very mildly annoying.  Not enough so i’d stop reading his blog.

What do you guys think? Hate advertising with a passion?  Don’t care?

Gobble gobble.


6 Responses to Blog advertising

  1. zigizi says:

    I certainly wouldn’t stop reading if you added a few tasteful ads. I think you’re right about the particular blog you mention, in that the ads overpower the site. I enjoy your blog and you put a lot of effort into it; you deserve to recoup some of the value of your time back. Just don’t lose your soul in the process 😉

  2. leneliesvoice says:

    If the adverts are discreet I am all for it. I will have to agree with Zigzi please don’t sell your soul. More than likely you are getting ripped off and just need better representation go get a fair market price for your soul 😉

  3. Tamarind says:

    Hmmm, if you had your own site I wouldn’t have to log into my old WordPress site in order to be able to leave you a damn comment =P So, yes, you should totally do it 😉

    I probably wouldn’t stop reading a blog I liked because of adverts – they do irritate me a small amount though.

  4. barnacletubber says:

    I think you and the comments so far have been spot on. Ads are a part of life and commerce, and you certainly deserve to be compensated for the time and effort you put into this blog. As long as ads don’t actually interfere with reading and navigating the blog site, they are fine. One way or another, I’ll continue to check and read your blog regularly. Go for it, Bob!

  5. […] for the feedback in to my post a few weeks back about advertising.  Thanks for the support.  I’m pretty sure i’m not going put adverts on the site.  […]

  6. kwilliam71 says:

    I say go for it… all the work you do on this site should earn you some bucks. Just try to stay away from inline text ads and other things that severely interfere with reading.

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