The i’m back post

This is it.  I’m back.  Random stuff to follow.

*turns on the light*

Hundreds of emails to read.  Other personal stuff to catch up on.  About 5 posts all trying to write themselves im my head.  UI stuff, some topics mentioned in comments, a post about quitting probably.  Definently more warrior posts.  There are about hundred (no exaggeration) posts needing reading in my feed reader and that is after i’ve culled most of the low quality stuff.

Happy Beltain!

I go away for a week or so and 3,000 people still read my blog.  Wierd.  I assumed people would visit less.  I guess they are reading older stuff.

Wow! I’m big!  Tobold’s recent post just made me realise this is actually quite a popular blog.  I don’t say this to brag.  It just is.

Another wierd thing is I pugged ToC 25 and won the roll for a trophy (I missed the guild raids this week).  Thats not overly wierd, but now I have two trophies in my bags and only 50 odd emblems…  Even weirder is that one of our officers, who was in the pug, knew that I had them when I mentioned it to him.  Philbo you stalker you!

Thanks for the feedback in to my post a few weeks back about advertising.  Thanks for the support.  I’m pretty sure i’m not going put adverts on the site.  No noble intentions, i’m just too lazy to organise it 🙂

A shout out to Llyra’s new GridStatusChainWho addon.  If you’re a resto shaman and you use Grid you might find this useful.

Web healing circle thingy? Hmmm.  *adds to to-do list*

There are still 70 posts needing reading and i’m opening half and marking them as ‘keep unread’…  BBL. Gobble gobble.


8 Responses to The i’m back post

  1. Christine says:

    Welcome back bob, yes the webring is a huge hit and all thanks to Miss Medicina, even my guild is also answering the questions and does help a lot too.

    By the way my blog on WordPress i deleted it, but to be able to logged and post here i need to logged from wordpress (weird) but anyway, drop by my new blog @ Thanks!

    looking forward more on your upcoming blog posts. ❤ you blog too. take care!

  2. tensten says:

    Thank you muchly, Bob. I’m thinking it’s a little unfair of you have “post about quitting probably” in the middle of a comma clause without further explanation. But I guess we sit and wait. I hope you’re not pulling a BRK here.

    — Llyra

  3. hamacus says:

    First off welcome back! Second there must be somthing in the air because I have a guildy that writes what I think is a very good/ entertaining/ informative blog that was voicing concerns on the frequency/relevence of his blog updates.

    Is this because there is not a lot of new things in the game right now? Maybe. I have been playing WoW for over 4 years now and it seems there are always lulls before the release of any major patch. Hence not a lot to write about.

    That said, I still think people like the comfort and info provided by our favorite blogs. Sometimes it’s just to see what others are up to. Not to mention the fact that new players get directed there by readers like me. Keep up the good work and keep blogging.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    @christine – i’ll check out the new blog. I’m looking into the commenting issue.

    @Llyra – You liked my curly surprise? 🙂 No i’m not quiting yet. Its more a post about how to quit a guild if your the guild leader/office/raid leader.

    @hamacus – Thanks. No i’m not feeling morose about posting or anything. I’m actually enjoying playing and have some ideas for blogging. I was genuinely surprised that the visitation stayed high, but now I think about it t makes sense. Most people seem to visit for gear lists, how to gem and enchant posts, not for reading my latest fluff 🙂

    Gobble gobble.

  5. overdozed says:

    Hi bob,
    i play a pve disc priest on Stormreaver (overdoze) and i read your blog every day since my return to wow this June. Proving discipine is an an asset to my guild has been a uphill battle. Had it not been for your blog keeping me at the top of my game, i would have probably been forced to go holy again many moons ago. Thank you for everything you do on this site and our under appreciated spec.

  6. BobTurkey says:

    O_o Thanks overdozed. What a nice thing to say! 🙂

    I’ll be here a while yet.

  7. Dahk / Khadgar says:


    Love your site, thanks so much for all the relevant info you publish. It is an immense help to the community.

    I was wondering if you had a chance to look at the dual purified trinkets from Onyxia. I would really love to know your thoughts on whether they are worth it or not.

  8. BobTurkey says:

    @Dahk/Khadgar – My first impression is definently no for a single, but yes if you can get the pair. I’ll add them to the 3.2 trinket list.

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