Defeating ten mechanics


Turkelife vs a team of crazed grease monkeys?  Naa, but Wow related.  Click through to follow my tenuous link.

Monday night just past we had various combinations of raiders available but not enough un-saved to raid anything 3.2. So the suggestion of Ulduar 10 hard modes came up.  This is a perennial favourite of the guild when we run out of other stuff to do.

I missed the first few kills for a variety of reasons as Crazy Cat Lady, Hodir and Thorim were downed in hard mode.  The first I have and the second two seem to be the easiest of the keeper hard modes to get. So I wasn’t too worried.  I mean Hodir HM with item level 245 geared raiders should be a slaughter.

So anyway I was just pondering what to do with the remainder of the evening when I get, “Turk you there?” in guild chat.  It turns out one of our holy priests had just had his net capped and was having connection issues, so he subbed out and I joined the raid.  It was an eclectic mix with a DK and paly tanking, paly, shaman and priest (me) healing and wierd DPS.  Two rogues, a fury warrior, a ret paly and an elem shaman.

Notice something?  One ranged DPS. No druids, no hunters, no mages 😦  Interesting times.

So we head over to Freya to Knock, Knock, Knock on (her) Wood.  I’d never seen Freya+3.  Never seen Freya+1 for that matter. It was crazy.  Killing healing trees, killing mushroom trees, killing detonating lashers, killing three elemental adds at the same time, standing under mushrooms to cast, running away from the player with the lightning debuff, getting rooted to the spot, dodging sunbeams, green nature mines and the worst of all, ground tremors.  The pain, the pain.  Plus everything hits harder (60% more magic damage, 50% more physical damage and another +75% physical damage from Freya herself) and has more health.

So many game mechanics (more than 10) to manage and mostly avoid!  Crazy fight!

First few wipes we learned the fight and discovered our problem.  Notice the lack of AoE damage capability in the raid composition above?  Sure there is some but its mostly melee.  Guess how close you want to be to detonating lashers when they explode?  Not melee range I tell ya! 🙂

About the 7th attempt we click.  It was surreal.  The healers were working pretty hard, but the only way to do the exploding lashers was to stack them on Freya until they were low and then spread out.  Then, while the healers were in some sort of magical place healing their arse off, the rogue raid leader runs around and kills them one at a time.  It was one of those moments that seem to stretch on and on.  Rogue says, “Killing a lasher”, then kills a lasher and takes damage, healers top him up, rogue says, “Killing a lasher”, then kills a lasher and takes damage, healers top him up, repeat about 10 times and they’re dead.  Meanwhile the rest of the battle continues.

And then its over.  No deaths, perfect execution, and huge achievement spam. 🙂  I forgot a screenie as usual.  Must look at that addon that automatically captures screenies of achievements someday.  It was awesome fun!

I’d love to say we wandered over and did Firefighter, but we didn’t.  We did about four attempts and almost got to the end of phase 2, which isn’t too bad considering this is supposed to be the hardest fight in the instance.  Its been a while since i’ve been in a  fight requiring me to almost continually spam Prayer of Healing to keep my group alive.

Most hadn’t ever seen the fire and I have to say it is special.  It is actually like real fire in that I was mesmerised watching it creep forward as I slowly kited it around the edge of the combat area.  I found myself watching it creep rather than concentrating on Grid.  Admittedly it was getting late and I do love fire 😉  I think another half dozen wipes with the same raid group and we’d get it though.  They were pretty sharp.

So, yeah thats it.  I have to say Ulduar 10 hard modes are probably my favourite raid still.  Small group, so less overhead, a beautiful instance and a nice challenge from hard modes.  I’m not sure if i’ll get Glory of the Ulduar Raider before they remove it, but its fun none the less. A Rusted Proto-Drake would be nice as I don’t have any proto-drakes yet. 🙂

Game on!


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  1. Napaeae says:

    I do enjoy when a group of people just click and make an encounter seem so effortless after a bunch of wipes. I believe the team work involved in achieving goals is what makes WoW so special.

    You’ll get Firefighter your next time in I’m sure. 🙂 Our 10 man group is currently working on this too but just haven’t had time recently to go back in and learn it properly.

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