Priest stat goals for tier 10


So there is this new patch coming out soon and with it comes the new tier of raid instances.  The Ice Crown raid will bring with it tier 10 (T10) gear and in theory T10 raiding challenge.

Some of you might be looking for a guide post or target for your stats.  So as a healing priest where should my stats be at for the start of T10?

These are all unbuffed stats.  They are all targets, and you might be over or under them, but I provide them as a general indication of size.  For discipline spec priests tier 10 will look like this:

  • T10 – Spellpower: 2600, IFSR MP5: 350, Spirit: 900, Int: 1300, Crit: 28%, Haste 15%

This leads to discipline stat progression looking like this:

  • Heroics – Spellpower: 1200, IFSR MP5: 200, Spirit: 500, Int: 800, Crit: 12%
  • T7 – Spellpower: 1400, IFSR MP5: 230, Spirit: 600, Int: 900, Crit: 14%
  • T8 – Spellpower: 2000, IFSR MP5: 320, Spirit: 700, Int: 1150, Crit: 20%, Haste: 15%
  • T9 – Spellpower: 2200, IFSR MP5: 350, Spirit: 800, Int: 1200, Crit: 25%, Haste 15%
  • T10 – Spellpower: 2600, IFSR MP5: 350, Spirit: 900, Int: 1300, Crit: 28%, Haste 15%

Based on the well geared holy spec priests in my guild i’m going to say tier 10 for holy looks like this:

  • T10 – Spellpower: 2800, IFSR MP5: 420, Spirit: 1100, Int: 1200, Crit: 25%, Haste 16%

Tier 11

I’m just going to throw this out there as a guesstimate of what our stats will look like at the end of T10. i.e. at the start of T11.

Discipline T11 – Spellpower: 3100, IFSR MP5: 350, Spirit: 1000, Int: 1450, Crit: 32%, Haste 15%
Holy T11 – Spellpower: 3400, IFSR MP5: 420, Spirit: 1300, Int: 1300, Crit: 25%, Haste 15%

I’ve got more to say, but this was turning into a giant wall of text.  I’ve split it so expect a post on:

  1. Spell power >= Base heal
  2. Gear/stat inflation
  3. Stat simplification in v4

Or perhaps several posts 🙂

Gobble gobble.


21 Responses to Priest stat goals for tier 10

  1. Steve says:

    Thesee are the start of ICC? Yow, I am just at the t9 #s, and only 20% crit. Of course I am in T9.10, not 9.25 or 9.5

  2. exanna says:

    Good stuff. I sort of stumbled here. One of you articles popped up under mine- as possibly related. Seems like you been doing this a while. I am new to blogginf, but I am enjoying it. When you get time, peruse me 🙂

  3. Overdoze - stormreaver says:

    Bob! what happened to more than 11% haste being a waste? is 15% the new number?
    Ive been trying to keep haste at 11% and crit at 29% while pushing everything else into Spellpower>Mp5>Intellect.

    should i change some stuff up?

  4. Overdoze says:

    i was having a hard time getting upgrades without throwing my 11%Hst/30%Crt out of wack…but using enlightenment staff was a major help to maintain those numbers with the high amount of crit and haste on it.

    I actually just changed the ilvl 232 enlightenment staff to the 232 1h/oh and gemmed some haste to keep my 11%H. I was up at like 33%Crit and 14% haste, and i thought that was overkill and i just moved things around becasue i was afraid that i had too much wasted stats.

  5. Overdoze says:

    looks like i need to raise haste 70 points to 433 haste rating and stick with that….
    looks like the staff returns until i replace my belt and neck

  6. BobTurkey says:

    @Steve – yep the start of ICC. They can be reached without doing any Trial of the Grand Crusader 25.

    I’m wearing only one ToGC 10 piece (Legwraps of the Demonic Messenger []) and i’m currently @ Spellpower: 2530, IFSR MP5: 348, Spirit: 979, Int: 1564, Crit: 32.58%, Haste 17.71%. I could easily (easily he says!) get some more spell power if I could ever get a trinket upgrade from Egg of Mortal Esssence [].

    @Overdoze – Yeah 11% enough haste, but it can be hard to avoid getting more (see my response to Steve above). It also depends on your role somewhat. If you are tank healing, more haste can be more useful.

    Gobble gobble.

  7. Adam says:

    Hey Bob,

    Haste is always > crit, unless you assume haste cap with borrowed time up 100% of the time (which it isn’t unless you are spamming shields).

    The reason haste is always better than crit is because 1% haste is 1% more healing done per unit time, whereas crit is always less than 1% more healing done per unit time, since crits are worth only 150% (180-190% as disc) of regular heals.

    Since this is the case, why are you artificially capping haste at 15 (or 16) percent?

    Even if you are counting beyond GCD cap with flash heal when heroism is up and full raid buffs as the bar for the soft haste cap, you can always start spamming longer cast-time spells (like GH if you are tank healing, for example) to get back under the GCD cap while doing more HPS.

    As an aside, a couple months ago, I was at ~23% haste unbuffed and was actively looking for more. Now that a lot of BiS pieces are lacking haste, I am sitting around 18% and wish I had more :).

  8. Nizara says:

    @Adam: Haste isn’t _always_ better than crit. As holy you need some standard level of crit in order to proc Surge of Light and Holy Concentration. As long as you have enough crit to keep yourself from running out of mana you’re fine. It’s also a playstyle difference. I personally prefer haste because I’m already at nearly 50% overheal in my raids, I dont need more, and I never find myself thinking, ‘If only my spell crit my healing target would have lived’ while I find myself all the time thinking ‘If only I was 0.1 second faster my heal would have landed’.

    @Bob: My current flasked, food buffed, self buffed stats are at 3345 SP, 431 MP5, 20.66% holy crit, 18.02% haste, 1184 Spirit, 1234 Int as Holy…and I have _no_ ToGC25 gear. Almost BiS for everything else, though and a few ToGC10 pieces. My question is: are your targets for the start of the tier content or after you have all your tier gear?


  9. Adam says:

    “As long as you have enough crit to keep yourself from running out of mana you’re fine.”

    This is actually the statement that leads me to the conclusion that Haste is always better than Crit. Given the amount of regen we are already seeing in T9 gear, the extra regen from crit is nearly useless (or can be considered to have diminishing returns) when compared to haste. My comment was based on haste and crit as purely throughput stats, which is exactly what they are at this level of gear.

    You and I share opinions in this regard, which is why I appreciate your stat weights valuing haste as they do. However, you didn’t yet answer my question as to why you cap haste at 15% or so :).

  10. Nizara says:

    @Adam: I’m not Bob, but I’m going to take a stab at your question. The haste cap depends on a couple things. The first thing is if you’re Disc or Holy. Holy priests can utilize haste more because they get less haste from their talents and as such when they cast an instant spell their GCD isn’t down to 1 second in many cases.

    The second thing you have to do is look at which spells you’re casting. When you play if you find yourself casting more instants than cast based spells, ie more Shield, PoM, CoH, Renew than you case Flash Heal, Greater Heal, Penance, and Prayer of Healing then you’ll get less use out of haste than you would crit.

    The real answer is that there’s a common belief that as a Disc priest, casting a flash heal, you will in many cases hit the 1.0 second minimum GCD if you stack too much haste. Many people believe this haste to be around 11% so you see that number a lot.

    There’s also some arguments around if really taking your Flash heal from 1.1 second cast time to 1.0 second cast time is worth it with your ping up around 0.3 seconds.

    All in all it’s not really a clear cut issue to iron out and maybe Bob could add it (Haste vs. Crit) to his list of posts he has coming up.

  11. BobTurkey says:

    Interesting comments.

    @Adam – The targets are for the end of tier, however they intended as target numbers at which you should be able to comfortably move to the next tier of raiding. They are not the maximums. They are also all unbuffed.

    15% haste is not suggested as a cap, rather as an approximate number which you should have at this leavel of gearing.

    Regarding haste vs crit, there are a lot of variables to consider in this discussion including spec, role and personal preference.

    In an ideal world 1% haste provides more throughput than 1% crit, however there are a couple of caveats.

    1) Latency often effects you ability to apply more haste but only has a minor affect on crit.

    2) This completely ignores mana. Additional healing from haste requires additional mana, additional healing from crit does not.

    My models usually value crit>hate because they consider both throughput and mana regen. My 3.2 theorycrafting stuff fairly heavily biases throughput, but still crit is more valuable than haste.

    There is no definitive answer if haste or crit is better, especially for holy priests and it mainly comes down to personal preference.

    Personally I find myself more restricted by the global cool down and latency than my spell cast speed or the size of my heals.

    Gobble gobble.

  12. Avalonna says:

    Mr Turkey shares my views on haste for disc, except he says it way more eloquently that I can. It’s like fountain pens to finger paints.

    Cluck Cluck.

  13. Steve says:

    “@Steve – yep the start of ICC. They can be reached without doing any Trial of the Grand Crusader 25.”

    @bob: Um, you have more than one ToGC25/HToC10 piece on 🙂

    You have 4 T9 245 and since VoA 25 has never even dropped a healy piece of gear for me (seriously, not once, every damned week, not one piece dropped, let alone lost a roll for) I’m finding it impossible to get that gear. Poo 🙂

  14. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah now I do. This was written two weeks ago. 🙂

    I know what you mean about VoA25. It dropped both 245 gloves and legs for shadow priests in my first two weeks in there! At that point my off spec was the only shadow priest in the guild, so I had 245 off spec pieces and only 226 main spec pieces. Of course thats been remedied now.

  15. Steve says:

    heh. I’m having a hell of a time deciding how to spend my first trophy. I am in 232 T9 Gloves/Legs, 226 T8 helm, and Triumph 245 Shoulders, with 245 chest from ToC25.

    While the helm is a nice upgrade, so is the 245 helm, and replacing my chest or shoulders with 245 t9 would swap haste (at 17%) for crit (at 22%)

    I have 140+ Triumph, just not sure if I want to burn them now or wait for 3.3 and see what drops.

    We just got to twins on 25 man, so not really hoping for much 245 gear before we get into ICC10, again 25 is unlikely.

    A good problem to have but I am so hesitant to burn it atm because I am not hitting any walls.

  16. sriggins says:

    I see has updated for some gear (partially) but they have the cowl listed much higher than the hood. Hmm

  17. sriggins says:

    Oh haste and crit, shows the fail of the pawn at times 🙂

  18. BobTurkey says:


    I’ve had a look at your armoury and to tell you the truth its not a big deal where you use it. I suspect you might have already used the trophy to upgrade your head, but if you haven’t I’d probably upgrade the 232 version of your Legwraps of the Demonic Messenger to the 245 version of Zabra’s Leggings of Triumph.

    @sriggins – Yeah i’ve seen that. I’ll have 3.3 gear lists out first thing in the New Year.

    Gobble gobble.

  19. Steve says:

    Thanks for taking the time! I did upgrade the helm, bought the igniter and swapped out my 232 t9 for the Demonic Messenger.

    I lost 2% haste, picked up 2.5% crit, and some of each other stat. So a good day!

    — Vamp

  20. Steve says:

    So am I nuts or is this just dreamy for 50 frost:

    I know there are likely better in 25 man, but that one, with spirit over mp5, seems better for disc due to the yellow socket. Crit heaven?

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