Links to good stuff and a short story of self congratulation to follow.

Tell me its not true! Llyra @ Healing Way is calling it a day 😦  Go visit and read up on her stuff before it evaporates from the interwebs.

There are still crazy people out there!  Check out Xel’s Smite Leveling Guide.  I actually leveled 59-80 as Discipline and it worked fine.  Easier than Shadow?  Probably not.  Feasible?  Definently.  T’was just a bit slower than Shadow, but healing instances was a lot easier 😉

Maintankadin forums has a very interesting post about Faction Champions and how the threat in this fight works.

Speaking of Faction Champions, curse you ToGC 10 Faction Champions!! 🙂  Can you guess what i’m gonna say? My short story goes like this.

My guild has been doing ToGC 10 for a few weeks now with a couple of clears under their belt.  I’ve missed all of them mainly due to being on holidays.  Thursday night we attempted ToGC 25, but gave up after an hour of wipes on the beasts. WTB better DPS.  Main issue was not enough big DPS types.  We had two healers off spec DPSing.  My 4.5k DPS just doesn’t cut it in this fight.  We got to Icehowl after Bloodlusting vs the worms, but we were about 40s behind the enrage timer…

Anyway ToGC 10 forms and i’m healing.  We have an alt paly tanking and about 4 or 5 people who’ve never one the ‘hard mode’ version of Trial of the Crusader.  Me and the tree, who hadn’t done it before, were excited for a bit of a challenge, but after smashing Northrend Beasts without too much trouble we were a bit disappointed.  Lord Jaraxus gets smashed in short order.  The first attempt on Faction champions one of our main interrupters dies early.  Finally a healing challenge!  We end up wiping it up and we get it fine on the second attempt.

Twins get smashed with only me dying.  I turned to change auras and took one step towards the portal and realised six orbs were converging on me.  Three of each colour.  Dodge them and get killed by the channeled death or grab the aura and suck up three orbs or the wrong colour.  Lesson learned, three orbs of the wrong colour kill you 😉

Anub gets smashed, just.  Both the other healers died in phase three, but we did enough to one shot him.  Achievement spam!!  Followed my much back slapping and the realisation that we accidentally cleared it with 49 attempts remaining!  Curse you Faction Champions!

Gobble gobble.

PS 3.3 to go live 24th November.  You heard it here first 😉


7 Responses to 49/50

  1. Windsoar says:

    I loved leveling as disc — went from 1-80 that way… I may get around to trying it shadow next time around.

  2. Overdoze - stormreaver says:

    Xel is a good friend of mine. shes in my guild

  3. Xel says:

    Thanks for the shout out Bob 😀

    Wow 3.3 already? Times goes way too fast when you are on retirement these days um…

  4. Derevka says:

    *Shakes Fist* curse you faction champs!

    You’ll get it next week! Good luck sir!

  5. CranberrySpirit says:

    3.3 to go live 24th November?
    It’s that sure? I thought it will go live on December~
    What is your sources about this?

  6. […] My sneaky little call for 24th November being the Ice Crown go live date is starting to look better and better (if I do say so myself). […]

  7. BobTurkey says:

    Your welcome Xel.

    It’s my gutfeeling CranberrySpirit.

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