Blog smack down – Gevlon vs Marko


In the red corner we have Gevlon the goblin, poster of interesting, radical, but often difficult to follow posts (not always WoW related) about sociology, the economy and his view of the world.

In the blue corner we have Markco, Master of the Gold Guide.  Markco’s Just My Two Copper blog alternates between attempting to sell his WoW gold guide and posting some very good gold making tips.

We pick up the brawl as some of the proverbial smelly stuff has hit the fan.  Markco has approached Gevlon to host links to his gold guide.  Gevlon has outted Markco in his usual blunt style and now the fight is on.  Supporters are lining up on both sides and one of Markco’s comments on Gevlon’s blog has been deleted.  It appears Markco threatened to sue Gevlon…

Tobold has been dragged into the fray.

Viewers are eagerly awaiting the next punch from Markco on his blog.

Exciting interwebs drama or just another blog post to ‘mark as read’?

Gobble gobble.

PS. Yes I know this isn’t my usual genre, but i’m feeling contrary this morning.


4 Responses to Blog smack down – Gevlon vs Marko

  1. Well, I at least learned a few new emotes due to the drama. I had no idea about *popcorn* and now I’m intrigued.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    *gets popcorn*? As in i’m getting my deck chair and my popcorn so I can sit and watch what happens?

  3. rulez says:

    It’s just “/popcorn” :P.
    Don’t tell you really never saw that before? It’s all over internet forums since way before the word “blog” even existed :P.

  4. Windsoar says:

    I can’t decide whether to *popcorn* or just *mark read.*

    Decisions, decisions.

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