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My sneaky little call for 24th November being the Ice Crown go live date is starting to look better and better (if I do say so myself).

Wow.com have a couple of useful posts about the 3.3 patch which are very relevant to raiders. With an influx of more detailed information about a major patch usually comes a patch soon after.  But anyway on to the posts…

Firstly, there is a post quoting a blue post on the official forums outlining exactly how the Ice Crown raid is going to be released and how it’s going to work progression-wise.  The short version is that it will work pretty similarly to how Trial of the Crusader does with content slowly released over time and the heroic mode being restricted until all the raid is live.

I’m not going to repeat all that’s in those links but this bit is interesting, “Over time, after all bosses are defeated, players will begin to get a buff, making defeating bosses easier”.  That’s new 😉

Secondly there is a post about the Tier 10 purchasing plan.  It’s not well explained but it appears that you buy the base item (think T9 from v3.2) using Emblems of Frost.  You then need to wait for a tier token (think T7 and T8 tokens) to drop, presumably from a boss.  You then return to the vendor trade in you base item and the token and get the upgraded version.

This has some interesting side effects.  Firstly for T10, if you buy the base item it will no longer be wasted if you get a chance it upgrade to the T10.5 version.  This is a great idea.  Chunks of the more serious raiding community completely avoided the base T9 gear because it made more sense to save the Emblems of Triumph and wait for your trophy to arrive.  This way you can get your base item and then upgrade it when you get the chance.  This means more incremental upgrades for raiders.

Another side effect, which probably isn’t that important, is that there will be less surplus base tier gear getting disenchanted.

The prices have inflated to help deal with all extra emblems from the new raid weekly quests.  Quoting from wow.com, “Gloves and shoulders can be bought for 60 Emblems of Frost, while the Helm, Legs, and Chest can be had for 90.”

Game on!


11 Responses to Tasty Ice Crown info

  1. Abi says:

    I definitely like the idea they have with the way T10 will be purchased. Buying the item and upgrading it with a token of some sorts sure beats buying T9.. then rebuying T9.

    I’m hoping 3.3 doesn’t come out on the 24th because I still have some levels to go on my DK to hit 80 and want to milk the heroic farming for Triumph emblems >.>

  2. BobTurkey says:

    I think there will be a lot of people farming heroics for EoT for weeks and weeks after the release. One special thing about T9 is that you can buy everything almost for emblems. So you can get upgrades to T9 for most slots.

    I’m expecting to see a lot of players running around in full T9, but with item level 200 (or less) weapons a week or so into the new patch.

    Gobble gobble.

  3. Avalonna says:

    I sure hope it’s not the 24th! We have a small roster, and alot of our raiders will be out of town or unavailable for family obligations.

    I’m all for making gear accessible, but I’m slightly bothered that my toons that just hit 80 are currently running around in 4 pc 232/245 with less than 2 days /played at 80. And Brewfest/Hallows End trinkets. Gear progression is part of the game, and I really find the concept of buying all my gear boring!

    That sure sounds crabby….sorry!

  4. BobTurkey says:

    I think they are removing gear progression largely. Maybe they should just stop gear progression all together. Guild Wars has no real gear progression and it still managed to hgave some end-game challenge.

  5. nuclayer says:

    I can’t imagine they would release the patch on the 24th.

    Of all people Bob, you should know – Turkey Holiday (Pilgrims Bounty) starts next week and it is also Thanksgiving in the States. The top U.S. guilds would have to cancel Holidays to get worlds firsts.

    Also, The major content patches are almost always correlated with Arena Seasons. Right now we are in our 12th week of Season 7. The last 3 seasons have been 17 weeks long (the shortest). The last season, officially started 3 weeks after the last major patch.
    It was 2 weeks to finish and 1 week of no arena. This points to a December 1st release date.

    Whenever it is, it will be pretty exciting 🙂

  6. Kiramaren says:

    I felt pretty bad deleting my t9 shoulders last night for t9.5 its only a slight upgrade /sigh.

  7. Derevka says:

    11/24 is too early. Many of the encounters (and the zone in portal itself, lawl) are way too buggy to go live Tuesday. I’m banking on 12/8 or 15.

  8. Napaeae says:

    It better not be the 24th!
    /glares angrily at Bob


    The purchasing plan sounds interesting, I didn’t bother wasting emblems on the base gear this time around so I think this change is a good idea.

  9. Percy says:

    No chance its the 24th.

    Mid December? Maybe.

  10. BobTurkey says:

    Heh heh. This got people excited. 🙂

    I don’t remember this holiday in WoW, but i’m not really into the holiday events so much.

    “The top U.S. guilds would have to cancel Holidays to get worlds firsts.”

    They might still have to do that if the release is just before Christmas…

    The last patch came out about 3 or 4 weeks before the end of the arena season. I remember because I kept asking, “is the new VoA” boss out yet?” for weeks before he was.

    Either way, we will know soon enough.

    Gobble gobble.

  11. Ferenczys says:

    It would be nice if Blizz would take this tier philosophy and make it retroactive. Let people purchase the token to upgrade the previous emblem’s level of tier gear to the current emblem level.

    So for instance, if you shelled out the 58 Emblems of Conquest for T8, you could buy the upgrade token with Emblems of Triumph to bump it into T9. I’m casual, so I’m maybe getting my Tier numbers wrong, but you get the idea.

    Allow me to make up some numbers for a minute. Even if it’s at a slight discount (say, 40 emblems of Triumph for the token vs. 60 for the piece itself), it would be a boon to people who purchased the earlier gear, but for a new player it would still be more efficient just to save and buy the newest tier item rather than perform the upgrade path (60 tokens for new, vs 58 for old + 40 for upgrade).

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