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Ok, one more post on this topic before I move on (or perhaps get moved on).  Previously I posted about AoE tanking heroics on my baby warrior.  Well I think he’s grown up and this is going to be some thoughts on where he is at and where he is going.

Firstly I dropped the Glyph of Sunder and returned to Blocking.  The extra sunder appears to have been generating a bit more threat but nothing really outstanding.  I have nothing quantitative to prove this but thats my feeling after tanking half a dozen heroics with it.

I think a significant chunk of the ‘trouble with AoE tanking on a warrior’ is actually lack of experience and perception.  OMG!  I was about to say i’ve tanked about 20 instances in the last few weeks, but it’s actually a few more 😉  Pug Checker tells me its more like 40!  I had thought it took me about 20 clears of normal Trial of the Champion to get The Black Heart, which I finally got over the weekend, but it as actually 29.  It dropped three times in those 29, the first two I lost the rolls on.  I’d be lying if I said I loved the last ten of those runs.

Anyway i’ve a bit more experience tanking now, and although i’m far from an expert, i’m comfortable with my ability to generate AoE threat.  Some of this better gear, true, but a good amount of it is that I am just now more used to the Thunderclap + Shockwave + Cleave ‘rotation’ and i’m better at clicking runners and taunting them straight back.

I’ve tanked heroic Trial of the Champion a couple of times and it is probably the hardest of the instances so far.  Despite being very familiar with it phase 2 of Black Knight, where he summons all those adds, it can still get ugly.  In normal they die fast enough and/or the DPS aren’t as strong.  In heroic the adds take longer to die and/or the DPS are ripping them off me.  I can hold them for about a dozen seconds with Challenging Shout, Thunder Clap, some Cleaves and Shockwave, but after that it can get messy.

It was the first time I tanked heroic Trial of the Champion that I realised that I can actually tank heroics. 🙂  Before that I was like, “is it an easy heroic like Utgarde Keep? No.  Hmm, better just DPS it.”  Having a well geared druid guildie healing me, probably gave me confidence too.  Once I did that one I started just assuming I could tank heroics and so far so good.

One of the strangest was tanking heroic Nexus with three 6k DPS guildies.  I’d get about three global cool downs before the target would evaporate in a cloud of dead bits. 🙂 It t’was surreal.

Trial of the Champion is a great bridging instance both for fresh 80’s in normal mode and for better geared 80’s preparing to raid.  Especially in normal mode, where you can run it half a dozen times in a row, you can get a number of good upgrades out of it, and it’s not overly challenging.  My first hand experience with this instance as me quite curious about the new 5-mans appearing in 3.3.

Moowall is now ready.  He really needs to raid to get better gear now.  I’m happy with his set up now The Black Heart has finally dropped.  He can sit quietly until 3.3 arrives and he can get mass Emblems of Triumph from heroics or the occasional raid, where I can fit it in.  I’m still also glad I chose a warrior with lots of buttons instead of one of the other classes to tank with as I think he’ll keep me learning for a while yet.

It’s quite a noticable change gearing him now too.  Initially its was ‘everything = defence’ just to get to the 535 heroic defence cap.  Now he has 546 defence and i’m putting in expertise and hit gems.

It’s amazing how some people think.  I’ve had to convince the leaders of 5-mans that yes I am tanking with Black Knights Rondel.  Yes I realise it’s not a ‘normal’ tanking weapon. Yes I do realise the Peacekeeper Blade is what I ‘should’ be using.  Hello!?! Until the Peacekeeper Blade drops Black Knights Rondel will actually do the job just fine.  In fact it is a better weapon for generating threat, which seems to be more useful in heroics anyway.  Perhaps I should run around with my old Hammer of Quiet Mourning equiped, after all its a ‘proper’ tanking weapon, and sneakily equip the Black Knights Rondel at the first pull.  Some people!

Gobble gobble.


6 Responses to More on tanking heroics

  1. Mintz says:

    Tbh i dont even know why you’re bothering gearing up another char….CHRISTMAS IS COMING MR. TURKEY!

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Fun? 🙂

    What do you know i don’t? Am i getting a fully geared prot warrior for Christmas?

    Oh, oh, make it a fully geared level 80 druid. Pleeeeease! 🙂 I wants one!

  3. Abi says:

    I think they might be referring to 3.3 supposedly coming out Dec 8th or 15th, giving us all the free T9 quality loot in the world (minus the free part).

    That’s why I’m trying to get my DK tank to 80 with the quickness lol.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Oh 😦

    Well my warrior is actually perfectly placed for that now. 🙂 I have my Black Heart from normal ToC and I have all the EoC gear for the slots that can’t be upgraded with EoT stuff.

    So i’ll be tanking heroics non-stop for a few days following 3.3 to get myself to a T9 level. Who knows after that.

    Gobble gobble.

  5. Mintz says:

    Sigh no no no it was a simple (and probably bad) joke!

    Christmas + Turkey? No? 🙂

  6. BobTurkey says:

    Ah yes.

    Yes I get it.

    Yes it was bad 🙂

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