Priest information for French speakers

30 December 2009


If you speak French or know how to use Google Translate then you might be interested in this French website.  Prêtresse d’Elune is a well written priest blog which I discovered recently.   For those even lazier than I here is an English translation of the website.

Alehann, the author seems to be well read and even helped me discover Save the Lightwell another new priest blog (in English).   So check it out.

In other news things might slow down a bit here while I create a couple of gear list master pieces for you.  These take hours to do, but the discipline one is half way there so… soon.

Gobble gobble.


More on tanking heroics

28 December 2009


Whoa! This one got lost in the blogging system.  Hope it still makes sense!

Ok, one more post on this topic before I move on (or perhaps get moved on).  Previously I posted about AoE tanking heroics on my baby warrior.  Well I think he’s grown up and this is going to be some thoughts on where he is at and where he is going.

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Healing priest trinkets for 3.3

26 December 2009


This is basically a rewrite of my healing priest trinkets in 3.2 post with an updated stat weight model and the additional trinkets now available.

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Priest Theorycrafting for 3.3 – Summary (Part 6)

24 December 2009


Let us gather the various parts together and have a look at some of the numbers. This post also includes LootRanks and Pawn values.

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Priest Theorycrafting for 3.3 – Critical Rating (Part 5)

22 December 2009


There are three areas which are affected by Critical Rating. There is the base 50% additional healing which results from a critical and then there is then one talent for each of the healing schools which is crit based. These are Divine Aegis for discipline and Surge of Light for holy.

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Priest Theorycrafting for 3.3 – Haste Rating (Part 4)

20 December 2009


Time to look at haste. Haste is a trickier creature to calculate as there are two main aspects to it:

  1. More haste allows faster casting which means more throughput
  2. More haste also increases the chance that a spell will be cast just-in-time to prevent death. The so called ‘saving cast’.

The saving casts can not be quantified as far as I am aware as it is dependant on factors such as player skill and latency. We can however estimate the additional throughput that haste grants.

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Holy theorycrafting and armoury stalking

19 December 2009


Just a quickie.

I’m going to reconsider the holy intellect/spirit balance with an eye to taking a couple of hundred spirit off them and adding it to intellect.  I’ve been stalking a lot of holy priests and all have more intellect than spirit.  So the holy numbers will change before I do the gear lists.

I might also extend the fight duration out to 8 minutes from 6 minutes.  If I do this both the discipline and holy numbers will change slightly.

One interesting thing I discovered while checking out the holies is there is two main gearing methods  in use ATM.

Intellect stacking – Just like disc some holies are stacking intellect.  These guys tend to have similar intellect/spirit balances to disc priests.  For example 1500 Int and 900 spirit.  These players have low spell power usually around 2400.

Spirit stacking – These priests are behaving as I expected and stacking carrying intellect and spirit in about equal measures.  They tend to have about 1300 intellect and 1200 spirit.  These priests tend to have much higher spell power at about 3000.

Anyway watch this space regarding slight changes to stat weights.

Gobble gobble.