Silly season


Here it comes. The silly season.  Not sure what your RL Christmas is like but mine usually involves way too much eating, drinking and driving places, all baked in by too much sun and pickled in a good dose of salt/chlorine.  My hair usually looks more like a toilet brush by the time New Years has passed.

So posts might be a bit intermittent over he next month.

I have been working on a bag of posts for 3.3, which I can now guarantee is not dropping on 24/11/2009 🙂   When it will occur I can no longer speculate having used my one guess per patch voucher.  This bag is the usual range of theorycrafting, gear lists and other stuff people seem to come visit me for (I know you don’t seek me out for my random rambles like this one).

There are some changes coming too over the next few months.  I blog at work and I retire in under two weeks.  I will have to figure out how i’m going to maintain the discipline to keep writing next year when i’m not anchored in front of a computer 40 hours a week.  I’m thinking the post rate will slow down some perhaps.  Probably with less random rambles and just the useful stuff.  Not sure yet.

I won’t mysteriously disappear though.  When I eventually stop i’ll let you know 😉  There is some interesting points-of-view on that post if you read the comments.

In game we’ve picked up our pace again after a few weeks of just farming.  We downed Northrend Beasts in ToGC 25 last week and i’m hoping to tickle up Lord Jaraxus this week.  We’ve been knocking over Faction Champs using the ‘tanking’ method.  It works and I think it will help us significantly in ToGC 25 Faction Champions.

In ToGC 10 we’ve gotten close to a clear run with a 49/50.  We are improving overall and a wipeless run should be possible before long.

I wasn’t a part of it, but some of the guildies went very close to picking up Firefighter (10 man) the other night.  I’m hoping we will knock that over very soon and then have a good session on Algalon before long.  More specifically i’m hoping to be one of the healers for Firefighter and Algalon.

On the auction house front i’m making good money (about 100g profit each) on Sapphire Spellthread and selling at least 3-4 a day at the moment.  I’m also stockpiling as many as I can as i’m expanding demand to significantly increase once 3.3 arrives.  Ditto for Frost Lotus.

Gobble gobble.


5 Responses to Silly season

  1. Arrelliana says:

    Yea I feel the 3.3 patch lull hitting me too… kinda bored stockpiling stuff and decided to hit the warlock alt for a while and dish out some pain.

    Since you used your guess I will state emphatically the patch will drop on Tuesday.

    Still loving the blog.

  2. nuclayer says:

    Based on the last post and this post, it is starting to sound like a getting ready to leave scenario. It reminds me of those guild members who pull all their alts out first and say, “I am not going anywhere just cleaning up some alts”

    I agree though, if it wasn’t for the fact that I worked a computer all day, I probably wouldn’t do half the reading or writing I do.

    I am not sure I am prepared to loose my Bob Turkey resource. It will be a sad day when it happens.

  3. Christine says:

    Hmm bob! dont be thingking to go away now! hmmph! /poke
    anyway, I know you love blogging, but I think you are just worry about the game and the time you have as well on writing. But i can relate of what your trying to say here, all i can say is just take it easy! =).

    Patch is coming up soon for Icecrown. but damn! its hard to catch up sometimes on the content coming too soon. >.<

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks for the support all.

    Who knows nuclayer. Probably not for a while yet.

    The aim of this post was more to say don’t panic if I don’t post for a week because I will be away from the keyboard with al lthe usual Christmass stuff.

    Plus it is a bit of a filler as i’ve been too busy to play much recently and don’t have a lot to say ATM.

    Gobble gobble.

  5. Kyle says:

    Congratulations on your retirement! And if you do ever close shop, I hope your know you’ll be deeply missed by the Priest community. I tried my own theorycrafting stats once… it wasn’t pretty. Then again math and I never did get along. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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