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3.3 sounds imminent with next 8/12/2009 a likely date for arrival.  Personally they couldn’t have picked a much worse date, as i’m going to be AFK almost immediately after this, but I doubt Blizzard take my preferences into account when they make their decisions.

Anyway, I was on the train into work this morning and I got thinking about this cross server LFG thing coming in 3.3.

Cross server LFG sounds pretty good to me.  Anything that makes it easier to find groups and form them up is probably a good thing IMHO.

I assume this is probably going to be cross-server but within the same battle group.  As I understand it a battle group is probably a group of servers in the same general physical location.  The cross server part, if it were extended outside the battle group could result in some players experiencing connectivity issues (read lag) as players from, for example the US and both Europe attempt to play on servers physically based in the US. Or similar.  Or maybe the geographical distance isn’t an issue, I don’t know.

Anyway thats not really related to my next point. 😉  The nifty ‘teleports you straight to the instance’ part of it has me curious. What happens when you form up a group, across servers, and the players run out of the instance.  Do they get teleported back to their starting position on their own server?  I guess they must.  Or do they appear at the instance entrance on their own server? I guess the group leader could then reset the instance and somehow restart the instance, resulting in everyone in the group getting teleported to the same instance (now reset) again.

But that wasn’t the bit that had me most interested.  I assume you can use party chat to talk to other party members.  Even if they are cross server.  So we are going to have direct cross server communication, in real time.  I’m sure that has some sort of impact that is significant.

Can you trade to other party members still?  I assume so.  Does this mean you could form your group, ask one of your party members what the prices of key goods are on their server.  Depending on their answer, get them to buy them in bulk and then trade them to you once you get teleported to the instance.  Is this going to have any lasting effects perhaps some minor smoothing of variation between servers? Probably not.

Or do you get teleported into the instance the instant you join the group?

If you are in an instance and drop a mobile mail box, can you still only mail the people on your home server?  I assume so.

When you die and become a ghost, which server to you rez on and have to run across to get your body back?  Probably your own I assume.

I probably should have done some research into the cross-server LFG before writing this but, meh, thats my prerogative 🙂

Gobble, gobble.

PS Hi Jedah if your reading this.  Yes is a strange name for a blog about being a healing priest, but I like it 😉  The gear list you want is in the top posts list on the right.


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  1. theta says:

    I hopped on the PTR just to try out the cross realm instance. It was awesome. I transferred over my heroic instance geared alt shaman and entered the queue as a healer. It took about 3-5 minutes to get into a group and when you were ready it ported you right to the instance. It worked very well. Very impressed with it.

    As for some of your questions:

    If you run out, you get ported back to your server. I never tried to go back to the instance, so I’m not sure if there is an easy way to get back. I remember seeing a post that you could leave the instance to repair, get reagents, etc but I never figured out if you could just port back. When you leave the group, you port right back to where you were standing when you entered the instance.

    As for trading, I think you can only trade summoned items, though I never tried to trade anyone.

    When you get put into a group, you get a popup message that you have been placed in a group. When you accept it, you get ported to the instance.

    When you die, I’m not sure which server you are on. I saw other party members, but there were only two servers we could have been on. I assume I was on my server.

    It’s really no different than cross realm battlegrounds. You get into a queue, join and get ported to the instance. It was really cool to see it work.

    I really did like the new ‘dis-enchant’ option for drops. If there is an enchanter in the group, then when something drops you can choose to need, greed or DE the item. If you select DE and win the roll, you get the shards/dust. Very cool!

    The one thing that really had be worried about the whole process was my gear. How would other players react to my ilvl 200 blues and emblem epics? I was pleasantly surprised that everyone I met was pretty nice, except for a few here an there. It was overall a better experience than I thought it would be. We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out on real servers…

  2. BobTurkey says:

    We need disenchanters tax imho 😉

    Thanks for the information. That answers many of my lazy musings.

  3. Hikari says:

    Bobturkey is my favorite blogger.

  4. rulez says:

    You really should read the patch notes ;).

  5. lols says:

    I doubt it will drop on 12/12. Major content patches historically come out on Tuesdays. 12/12 is a Saturday.

  6. Mordil says:

    Just for the lag issue : distances matters.
    In fact, one of the main part of “transmission time” is just propagation time. Propagation speed in optic fiber is aroud 200 000 km/s. For a transatlantic distance (around 6000 km), that’s just a straight 30 ms you add in each way, so it’s in fact 60 ms round-trip lag. It’s not that big, but it’s not negligible.

    I just took into account propagation, but you must add all the queuing and serialization time at each link, with an increased number of links for cross-continent paths. This is a guess, but I would add another 100 (or so) ms for this additional part. I tried to play on European forums from Australia. That’s possible, clearly. But you get a non negligible lag that I don’t have in Europe, and my connection was not the problem for it.
    For these reasons, I agree that this cross-realm instances are most likely in the same battlegroup.

  7. Malford says:

    Bear in mind that WoW Europe & WoW US are pretty much separate games, even if this new cross-realm LFG went beyond just your own battlegroup the furthest the info would have to travel would only be another part of Europe or the US. The whole of WoW Europe, for example, is run from 8 datacentres in France (3), Germany (4) & Sweden (1).

    However it would still make sense to restrict it to battlegroup only if, like you say, all those servers run from the same data centre. That way the data centres only need to be talking to the players and the login servers and not to each other as well.
    In fact I just had a look at my own battlegroup, Reckoning/Abrechnung, and right enough they’re all on the same server (Paris 2). So it would make sense I guess.

  8. BobTurkey says:

    Yes I should Rulez. My reading went something like… nothing interesting happening with priests…done. 😉

    Thanks for the explanation Mordil.

    WoW Europe & WoW US spereate games? How so? But otherwise yeah I agree.

    Gobble gobble.

  9. Malford says:

    By “separate” I mean that if I took a laptop with me to the US and it had the european version of WoW installed on it, I still wouldn’t be able to play on US servers.
    The difference is very minor I agree, although I can remember back in the very early days when we were a patch or 2 behind you lot (WoW wasn’t released in Europe until 6 months or so after the North American release and it took us a while to catch up 😀 )

  10. I have the same reaction to patch notes. Anything cool for priests? No? Bah.

    I swear that I *used* to read everything. Maybe that’s why I got burnt out on it. I am looking forward to LFG changes as well, but not enough to actually read all the damn notes.

  11. Napps says:

    I still think the cross realm LFG is going to be great for recruitment. Think of all the possibilities!

  12. bakunin says:

    @Napps, that’s a good point. A lot of comments focus on problems of pugging, but I’m sure we’ve all met and recruited great players through the process as well.

  13. If only more than 44 people would hear this.

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