First impressions of 3.3


OMG! Thank the Blizzard gods for finally making Shadow DPS competative!! In mostly item level 245 gear i’ve gone from about 4.5k DPS to just under 6k!  Sure we’re still 700-1.3k DPS behind the real DPS, but at least now I won’t feel like a fill in DPS every time i’m asked to do it (not that I mind DPSing for a change).

Anyway, thats my biggest impression so far but it’s not the only one. 🙂

The addon pain, oh the pain.  Actually it wasn’t too bad.  x-perl was borked until about halfway through the raid when half the guild logged off to go get the updated version.  I don’t use it but several others in the guild do.  All my main stuff mostly worked.  Power Auras had a few issues, but I think half of that was my out of date version I was using before.

Did you know you can type /logoff to log off if you don’t have a little game bar visible?  I discovered that last night before I updated Bartender4 (which also fixed the horrible changing spec issues too).

As soon as I realised I was actually going to have to update my addons I just:

  1. Opened File Explorer
  2. Navigated to my Wow addons folder
  3. Open Firefox
  4. Google each addon and if its been updated in the last month download it.
  5. Unzip them all and copy to the wow folder.

The worked a treat and I got some new features like triggers based on specs in Power Auras Classic.

Lets talk about Ice Crown.  NPC’s inside the instance for repairing is nice.  I love the new portal animation and sound when people use the internal navigation system.  I bet Lady Deathwhisper enjoys the fast access to her chamber each morning when she comes to work.

we set up our 25 man raid with lots of excitement.  We have a number of old guard raiders so there was some caution approaching the first trash.  The Damned, which explode, were fine and seemed appropriate.  Then there is a huge pull from the middle of the room.  About 10-12 mobs.  We discussed CC and applied some, which mostly worked.  We accidentally pulled one of those giant skeleton warriors.  I don’t think i’ve heard raiders sounds so excited as when they saw this giant unexpected skeleton turn up in the middle of a pull we were expecting to be hard.  DPS switched to the huge skeleton and the CC kinda worked, but then they were all dead, then someone said it.

“I can’t believe we can just AoE the trash in here”

It’s true.  From then on we just line-of-sight pulled the groups and AoE’ed them to death.  T’was quite a let down actually. 😦  After that the trash was cleared quickly and we arrived at the first boss, Lord Marrowgar.  He looks pretty cool I must say.  Strategies were discussed (again) and we finally pulled.  We were slow targeting the Impaled people and stood in a little too much bad.  His whirlwind was a joke.  I expect it will be buffed soon.  Even us clothies were mostly ignoring it and focusing on dodging the real danger, the blue flames.  I was DPsing and died at the end of the first whirlwind at the agro wipe.  I didn’t realise that Lord Marrowgar’s reach is about three times the size of his hit box.  I was about a third of the way across the room when he sabre lashed me…  We eventually wiped.

Round two.  One death and he’s dead.  I know he’s the first boss in the instance, but he’s a bit of a push over.

More AoE trash pulls.

As expected Lady Deathwhisper is a great boss.  Complicated, challenging but possible.  This was my pick as being the best of the fights in the first wing and I wasn’t disappointed.  We wiped for a couple of hours eventually getting her mana shield to about 6 million.  A fun fight with lots going on.  Melee learned to avoid Cult Fanatics (eventually) as they are melee immune and cleave for one-shot deaths or close to.  Casters eventually learned that doing 1 damage to the Cult Adherants is bad news.  A learning experience.

Another first impression is that the raid was remarkably stable.  We had about 4-5 players with DC issues, but compared to ToC launch, where we couldn’t raid the first night of a patch due to DCs, this was little league.

Being a DPS for the night and curious abut the new shadow priest changes I had Recount on.  Wow! Frightening DPS.  We’ll be seeing 8k easy, maybe 9k, by the end of Ice Crown.  A few DK’s, mages and rogues were doing around 7k DPS and thats before upgrades from Ice Crown.

We finally wound up the raid and I headed over to check out the new random heroics thing. New interface is easy.  Especially as a tank or healer.  Click random heroic button, after selecting your potential role and Blam!  Instant group ready to start a heroic.  I guess the huge number of people online helped too.

There was a server reset count down that started just as we got to Trollgore in heroic DK.  I figured we’d not make it, but didn’t say anything.  No one said anything, but the bear tank stepped up the pace.  When I figured no one was going to pike I started helping by pulling the next group as soon as the bear had agro on the current one. 🙂  We made it with 2:45 to spare.  A H DK run in about 13 minutes. 🙂  Then I left the group and blam!  I was back in Dalaran.  Quite good really.  The time between me deciding to do a random heroic and getting back to Dalaran after it was about 15-16 minutes.  It would have taken my 5 minutes to fly out there in the ‘old days’. 😉

You should have seen the main inn in Dalaran after the instance server was reset. About three hundred toons all hearthed in within a couple of seconds.  Dalaran came to a standstill.  Very funny! Well, was for me who was going to be anyway 😉

I must break the greed habit.  Click the shiny new disenchant button not the greed one ok?

Best patch yet in terms of the new raid actually working and generally not too many DCs.  No major stuff ups that i’m aware of except perhaps the Emblem of Frost bug, which I assume was patched last night when the instance server was reset.  (I logged in last night to discover a guildie has been running heroics all day and is at 25 EoF before we even start on Ice Crown!)

So thats my first impressions.  Generally really good.  My only real complaint is Lord Marrowgar was a bit easy and the trash was a bit of a waste of space.  Hopefully the trash in the later wings is more like Ulduar. i.e. requires some thought.

Good luck all.

Gobble gobble.


12 Responses to First impressions of 3.3

  1. Hikari says:

    I have yet to make my post, but I ❤ ICC.

  2. Hikari says:

    And by that, I mean my first _real_ one.

  3. Cranberry says:

    Will you do another gearlist or something theorycraft numbers for us about 3.3 patch *blink blink* Prefer holy and disc.

  4. Waterwings says:

    Hey nice post,

    i must say i agree on most of ya findings,

    my guild had totaly no issues in icc25,

    1 shot marrowgar 2 shot lady then the gunship, omg that was a laugh, we wiped a few times since we had the oldschgool instance lag which is usualy there when something new comes out but outside of that it was rofl faceroll..

    We got to the 4th boss. wiped once, then we read the tacts online.. oh.. so we have to nuke the adds.. oke

    ezkill loots achievement everyone happy..

    The instance looks great, its a bit harder then ulduar, but i cant wait for ICC heroic, since this.. is too easy;)

    Now i’ve read some of your theory crafting, and i realy suck in that,

    Now in my shadow gear i pull about 6-7k dps in a fight that gives me no dmg buffs,

    This is with 2 crap trinkets, [eg no toc25 anub trinket]

    1x crit + sp procc trinket
    1x togc10 hm dps trinket

    Now those trinkets are far inferior to other trinkets lying arround for shadow so i must say that shadow has become 1 of the most overpowered dps classes for single target dps.

    Now back to the important part,


    Holy is my love holy is my game, i got 747 haste 3.1/3.2k sp in my holy gear, and there is 1 thing i realy hate about icc, WHERE THE HELL IS THE HASTE GEAR? the t10 set, 2 items haste 3 items crit.. i rofled, We priests… our healing is so much depending on haste, and.. there is no haste on the gear! whats that all about? so i was thinking, i think that for us priests, we will have to stay with mostly TOGC25 gear, since thats the only place where you can find oldfashioned stamina/int/spirit/sp/haste gear.. Seriously what was blizzard thinking when they made icc loot?

    they wanna put priests back to crit? get lost.. its useless once you get above 30% in raidbuffs.. [theoretical spoken]

    So whats your opinion on these matters?
    Catch me ingame or by mail:)

    -Waterwings, Laughing skul EU

  5. Derevka says:

    I’m starting to really like 3.3. Good post.
    BTW – Greed and DE are the same priority in rolls. So if you roll DE and someone else rolls greed you both get the same priority int he chance at the item. But if you roll greed, you’ll have to DE the item yourself! :-p

  6. Oredain says:

    Long time reader, this my first time posting.
    This first wing seems incrediable easy. I knew 3.2 would bring shackle back to my spell bar and reminded our holy priest to set his up too. It was a good thing we did that cause The raid started freeking out when we sprung those skeletons from the traps. We ended up preventing a wipe because they were sprung while we were in combat, we had to react quickly. 2 dk’s dpsing went to FP and grabbed the mobs that were being tanked, each shackled a mob and the tanks picked up the skeleton. Then something happened that took everyone by suprise, Tyrion sent in the calavary.
    Whole thing was very cool.

    After the raid ended we into smaller groups and gave ICC-5’s a try. All of these have been great fun.

    It looks like blizzard made a considerable effort with rLFG. So far so good. I have noticed a few issues, mostly social but a few design/mechanical.
    I have been reminded why I hate OC all over again. Taking the debuff is better than watching another group fail on the drakes or die to Urom.

    My biggest Peeve so far is afk/auto attack badge farmers. Most of the heroic dungeons are so easy they can be 4 manned but that doesn’t mean 1 person should put themselves on follow and breeze to easy badges. Btw never follow a priest. When I see someone following me I start looking for hich cliffs, jump and levitate. You mean you weren’t there to ask me or a mage for lev/slow fall? oops

    On 8 of my runs I have taken 2nd in damage usually just below the tank and first in healing. These are all social issues but the mechanics in place encourage this behavior. Something needs be changed to encourage some group unity.

    The time to kick a member needs to be avaible before the first boss. Not 15 minutes into a 20 minute long instance. Afking in an instance needs to give a 2 to 5 minute count down the player is dropped.

    Remember that this is only 4/12 bosses. I am sure more cloth with haste will be released. In my 25 man run Crushing Coldwraith belt dropped. My friend saw Ring of Rapid Ascent drop in his 25 man run and another friend a mage walked away with Soulcleave Pendent.

    Worst case senario you don’t build a t-10 set. Grab off set pieces with haste, because the set bonus looks like a must have. Serriously it is so absolute amazing that any holy priest who doesn’t get it, won’t be able to ever live with themselves. /laugh

  7. Nizara says:

    “Being a DPS for the night and curious abut the new shadow priest changes I had Recount on. Wow! Frightening DPS. We’ll be seeing 8k easy, maybe 9k, by the end of Ice Crown. A few DK’s, mages and rogues were doing around 7k DPS and thats before upgrades from Ice Crown.”

    Yeah, our top three DPS were over 8k for the night and sometimes already close to 9k. At the end of ICC I fully expect to see 9k and on some fights 10k.

  8. Nizara says:

    @Oredain re: rLFG

    I also feel your pain but what I’ve noticed more than that is people ninjsing the loot from the last boss more and more. It seems people think the cross server anonymity is enough that they can roll need on all the endboss loot and then leave the group after it’s handed out.

  9. BobTurkey says:

    @Cranberry – coming out now

    @Waterwings – some people love haste, some think its a waste of space. I’m somewhere in the middle. I have no special contacts with Blizzard, so i’ll discover the haste gear the same as everyone else 😉

    @Oredain – I haven’t participated in a party vote for kicking anyone yet, but i’ve grouped with a number of idiots already.

    Gobble gobble.

  10. Abi says:

    The Shadow Priest buff is very VERY awesome. I’m really enjoying my Shadow Priest again, even though I’m a tier and a half behind on gear, but I’ve almost caught up with the triumph stuff and a few pieces from the new heroics.

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