Jump packs!


Need I say more?  The title could almost be a post by itself.  If you haven’t seen the Gunship Battle fight in Ice Crown, make sure you do.

But make sure you schedule 15 minutes for raiders to just enjoy their jump packs. Oh and make sure you have a bear druid for one of the funniest sights so far in WoW.  Shields Up! has a picture if you haven’t seen ‘rocket-arse-bear’ yet. 🙂

We got there and the raiders all put their packs on and starting experimenting.  We started on the ship, but before long people were in the rigging, rocketing to their death off the side and generally having fun.  Then our tree changed to bear form.

I almost injured myself laughing at rocket-arse-bear springing around the place.

Anyway i’m getting ahead of myself.  Last night we downed Lady Deathwhisper (25) after a few more wipes.  We tried a few strategies such as trying to stack the adds on the boss using various methods, but went back to just standing on the starting side, breaking into groups and doing the bizzo.

Before that though we had the trash and something interesting happened there.  Well interesting to me as a part time shadow priest.  The hunter accidentally pulled both the big groups in the middle of the room.  That’s about 18 mobs from memory…  Cool downs on the tank (+ 6 healers on one target spamming) and we lived.  The interesting thing was guild chat.
Never before have I had guildies telling me to go easy on DPS. 🙂  Sure it was AoE, but I was doing 20k DPS and 7k more DPS than the best of the mages!  That was over a two minute pull.  Shadow priest buffs, Glyphed Mind Sear and all the threat reduction talents all came together.  I’ve got a screen shot i’ll try and get up because, as anyone who has played a shadow priest knows, we don’t top meters.  Until now. 🙂

Heading to Gunship Battle we got to see the Nibelung in action.  That Val’kyr looks cool and appears to do about 800-1k DPS by itself.  Strangely there is no internal cool down ATM so you can have more than one up at a time.

Gunship Battle, after the afore mentioned 15-20 minutes dicking around, was fun but a bit easy.  We two shot it mainly because we didn’t realise the significance of the debuff the tank on the enemy ship gets.  Second time around I joined the boarding party and had a ball.

DoT up the Below Zero mage and maybe Mind Blast her, then put Vampiric Touch and SW:P on 2-3 rocketeers (the ones the melee will reach last).  After that put the same DoTs on about 5 riflemen.  If the melee DPS don’t have time to get to the riflemen before returning to your own ship, you can easily DoT them up on the second trip also.  Two rounds of DoTs is enough to kill them.

I think encounter this needs about a 50%-100%  health buff for the enemy ship to make the fight longer.  The rockets need to do a little more damage too maybe, even in normal mode.  Things were just getting interesting on our second attempt and suddenly I was teleported somewhere.  The defending raiders on our ship informed us that yes we had apparently won.  T’was a wierd way to end a fight.  Corpses get teleproted too.

So far Lord Marrowgar has been a bit easy, but probably appropriate for the first boss of the instance and Lady Deathwhisper is tuned just perfectly for us.  Challenging but possible.  Sadly I think Lady Deathwhisper will get nerfed after much QQing. 😦 Gunship Battle probably needs a buff as per above.

Finally we had three attempts on Deathbringer Saurfang the last of which he was about 30%.  DBS is quite a simple but challenging fight.  The Blood Beasts spawn mechanic makes it quite interesting.  Sure they are easy to kill, but every hit on a raider brings a wipe one step closer.  We kinda used the boomkin tanking method, but it doesn’t really work that well.  They are fairly resistant to AoE so the boomkin looses agro fairly easy.  We’ve ended up in more of a free form, kill the nearest and if ones after you and gets close start kiting.  We still froze/trapped/snared them but it was more of a free-for-all.  That worked quite well (I think).

We’ll get DBS down fairly soon.   Maybe tonight.

Gobble gobble.

PS Perhaps I should have put a warning like, “this post is in random thought order” or something at the top of this post.


4 Responses to Jump packs!

  1. Nigel says:

    They lowered Marrowgar’s melee recently too, making the encounter a bit friendlier on the tanks.

    On a side note, this raid, especially DBS, makes me want to change my PvE spec back to Disc. The shields are just insane when used on people with Boiling Blood. That being said, all of my experience so far is in 10 man.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Shields are always insane 😉

    Come join the Cult of Disc

  3. Nigel says:

    I did yesterday, though I also accidentally wiped out my PvP disc spec in the process :(. Healing Heroic Halls of Reflection was so much easier and it feels good to be disc again. The strange thing being that I had gone back to holy because every healing priest in the raid had gone Disc.

    I went back and added your 3.2 disc scale to Pawn and when running some numbers on gems, ended up with a question. If going purely off scores from the stat values, apart from gemming to meet the meta gems requirements, should I ever use a gem other than a Runed Cardinal Ruby. It seems like that gem just outscores the others by a large enough margin that the socket bonuses to make up for it would have to be unreasonably large.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Based purely on the stat weights make everything a Red Cardinal Ruby.

    I don’t do this (I match socket colours) but the all red method is probably slightly better min/maxing.

    Gobble gobble

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