Priest information for French speakers


If you speak French or know how to use Google Translate then you might be interested in this French website.  Prêtresse d’Elune is a well written priest blog which I discovered recently.   For those even lazier than I here is an English translation of the website.

Alehann, the author seems to be well read and even helped me discover Save the Lightwell another new priest blog (in English).   So check it out.

In other news things might slow down a bit here while I create a couple of gear list master pieces for you.  These take hours to do, but the discipline one is half way there so… soon.

Gobble gobble.


3 Responses to Priest information for French speakers

  1. Alehann says:

    Thanks for this post 🙂 I discovered your blog only few weeks ago. I don’t know how I could miss it, your theorycrafting work is so helpful.

    And good luck for your gear list !

  2. feebis says:

    I love how seamlessly Bob Turkey fits into the French language :P!!!

    It looks like an interesting blog, however my French is a little rusty!

  3. […] found Bob Turkeys post on a French blogger Priest Information for French Speakers which helped fuel the fires for ideas for this […]

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