An update on BobTurkey

25 February 2010


Hello all!  I’m still here 🙂

As you can probably gather my posting rate has dropped right off this year.  I’ve gone from 8 hours at work in front of a PC + about 2 gaming to just 3-4 hours gaming.  Without the enforced period in front of a PC at work i’m finding it pretty hard to make time to write blog posts, but never fear, i’m still reading and managing comments.

What have I been up to?  Well after the big bang of getting the 3.3 gear lists out i’ve kinda lost interest in a lot of the gearing/theorycrafting side of the game.  Besides the time thing above I have also been healing a lot less.

My main Turkelife now spends 50% of her time as shadow DPS.  Our guild is lucky to have a core of about 7 excellent healers and another half dozen capable healers and alts.  At the start of Ice Crown we had no shadow priest and a part-time Boomkin.  I was asked to DPS more and more as shadow because I wasn’t needed to heal (many of the healers don’t have strong DPS sets, or have one at all).  My 3% hit debuff on bosses was also needed.  So i’ve been shadow a lot.

I know quite a bit about shadow priesting now, but I have no plans to try and theorycraft shadow dps at all. has some excellent stuff on shadow DPS and as a stat weighted scale which I use.

I have also done something I never bothered with as a healer and that is looking at the top shadow DPS to see what they are doing.  Between WoW Meters Online and armoury profiles I have learnt a few things and push out very respectable shadow DPS (7-8k).

Raid progression-wise we have done fairly well.  10 mans we just started working on the Lich King. 25 mans have stalled a little due mainly to internet connection issues with two of our main tanks and the fair weather raider syndrome (the raiders that turn up for phat loot Wednesday night when we clear 6 or 7 bosses, but don’t bother showing up once we work on any progression fights).  25 man we farm the first wing, Festerface, Rotface and Blood Council, but are currently struggling with anything else.

I have also been putting a little time into gearing my prot warrior and enhancement shaman to T10, both of which are fun to play.  The druid I was so excited about got to 72 but has been put on hold.  The sheer noobness of people leveling toons has scared me away from leveling by instances as I repeatedly run into DPS who literally don’t know what Omen is and DPS queueing as a tank to get a group faster and then being unable to execute their role.

So where to next?  Well i’ve kinda chilled out a little and am enjoying the game more as a game now and not worrying about min/maxing so much.  I will blog a bit, but I won’t be going back to my ‘every second day’ posting schedule anytime soon.

Thanks very much to those who commented and offered support or encouraged me to write.  Between yourselves and a few comments by guildies you have basically encouraged me to get off my lazy arse and write more.

Gobble gobble.

PS If there are any burning issues you want me to write about leave me a comment and i’ll see what I can do.


3.3.2 has landed

3 February 2010


Just a quickie.  A new patch is available for download now.

The new patch releases Frostwing Halls with Valithria Dreamwalker and Sindragosa.

Toravon, the new VoA boss is out.  He drops T10 pants and gloves (same as the T9 one did).

Heroics have had everything that might slow you down removed, except the trash mobs.  Rumour has it they will be removed also in 3.3.3 🙂

Gobble gobble.

Edit: Title fixed to the correct version 😉